Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Dalmatian
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Black & White
  • Good with dogs
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

This girl is so in need of a permanent home. She lives with two other dogs in the shelter but they are very food aggressive and Bbomi is so passive that unless a volunteer sits in the cage with them she wont eat. Sometimes when we go in, she is so desperate for attention that she wont eat too!

She has a few issues but nothing that couldnt be solved with a loving family, such as her claws are super long, her coat is super dirty and she needs a good teeth clean! You don't have to worry about her being noisy though as she has had surgery to remove her vocal chords :'( her pathetic wheezy whisper of a bark shows how much she loves attention though.

She is a delight to walk. She waited patiently for me to open her cage door and only got out when I asked her to. She didn't pull at all and was happy to sniff every thing. Unfortunately we are no longer allowed to walk the dogs, so unless she gets a new forever home Bbomi will be stuck in her enclosure. She's not very active which goes against what you hear about Dalmations, which makes us think she might be older but the shelter told us 5 years (although we were unsure whether that was her age or how long she had been at the shelter). She would do well in an apartment so long as she got a walk every day- It wouldn't even have to be a super long one as she really isn't much of a runner, more an explorer.

Yangju shelter insists on a home visit before the dogs are adopted and if she is not spayed will arrange the operation for you and you can collect her one month later :) The adoption fee is set by the shelter and covers the many costs that the shelter has, it does not include the cost of spaying.

Please consider this loving girl, she lives in a tiny outdoor enclosure with two other bossy dogs. She is a favourite at the shelter, as everyone is so shocked to see a dalmation, but while people have shown interest she is still waiting for someone to take her home forever.


Special Thank you to Sofia Dyachkova who has organized Bbomi's health check so she is now up to date on vaccinations, heart worms negative and received deworming treatment.

She will still need dental treatment at some point, and adopters should remember that she has been devoiced.Bbomi was rescued from a man who kept her in his bathroom almost 24/7 and abused her for barking. This is why she was de-voiced. Poor Bbomi, she has been in the shelter for at least 3~4 years. We estimate her age to be 5-7 years.

Adoption Fee: ₩60,000
Location: Yangju - 양주
Living Situation: In a shelter


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What a beautiful girl! Hope we can organize her health check.

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Her Korean name is bbomi, and she's been living in the shelter for a long time :/

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Omigoodness I wish I could take her! Dalmations are wonderful companions. I have had 2 growing up. Best personalities ever! If I could afford to take care of two dogs I would love to take her but on my and my husband's income it is just not possible right now. I hope that she finds a forever home soon. <3

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I think she is older than 5. She will need major dental work, but the cost of dental work in Korea is VERY reasonable!!! She did have a heart issue and WAS on medication for it, but she is off of the meds but the person I was talking with was unsure of what her heart condition was. Her temperment is AMAZING. She was the only dog in the shelter (large breed) who knew what to do with a collar and leash as she was once a loved family pet. She was so excited to get it on and jumped right out of her pen. She literally stopped to smell the flowers. This was her first walk out of her pen in YEARS. It is quite sad that the only thing she sees every day is the dirt. No color, no simple things that we take for granted like the grass and flowers. She really needs to get out of there. I cannot believe she hasn't gone crazy since she is not able to do the simplest things that we would consider a basic right for dogs - such as go out for a walk.

Sofia! That is amazing you would sponsor that! All of the dogs at the shelter get a monthly HW preventative, but she has been there for a very long time.

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Do you think Yangju would let you place dogs with other rescues in the States? I have had success placing an afghan hound and a few bullies. Usually the rescues in NAmerica are more apt at advocating for specific breeds. One french bulldog rescue I worked with explained it this way, they typically have 100 applications per one dog available for adoption, she said so "we have a large base to select the best and right home for the animal." They also do follow ups etc etc.

Just a thought, I hate to think Perdita would sit in an enclosure the rest of her days until, and if she is adopted. <3

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I'm going contact the following Dalmation rescue groups on Perdita's behalf:
*Dalmatian Rescue of Southern California, Inc.
*Save the Dalmations and Others Canine Rescue, Inc
*Dalmation Club of Northern California
*Antelope Valley Dalmation Rescue

There are MANY more rescue orgs, but I'll start with these and see if I can get a response...

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Yes, I think they are starting to move in a better direction for their shelter and they are definitely at a minimum opening up a conversation. I am currently their first westerner to have one of their dogs and their first foster parent. They told me they are open to allowing my foster to be adopted to a rescue group and overseas.

There is a Pit there that I think really needs the help of a rescue group. She came into the shelter a happy sweet gal, in fact her name is Happy, but after being locked away without a lot of human socialization, no toys to keep her mind busy and no exercise she has literally become very aggressive - rightfully so. She started to pick fights with the dogs in her pen and was then moved to her own pen by herself and now she has to be chained up in her pen when volunteers are there, because she has become aggressive towards people. She literally got a hold of the edge of a volunteers shirt when they were switching out her food bowl and she ripped it. I want to get a trainer in there to evaluate her and then see if we can't get some breed rescues to help out.

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Pits are really hard to place in the States because an overpopulation of them already exist there, you may have more luck in Canada, however they tend to have more breed laws than the States. :/ But for an unique breed like a Dalmatian, I would say your chances are pretty good. I tend to look in California first because that is where the most available flights are and rarely is a transfer needed.

you are doing good hunt :D

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We would like to thank Michael H. for sponsoring Bbomi's health check.

Bbomi is heartworm negative, up-to-date on her vaccinations.
Please consider adopting beautiful Bbomi!

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Beautiful Bbomi ~

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Bbomi's rescue story:
Bbomi was rescued from a man who kept her in his bathroom almost 24/7 and abused her for barking. She was de-voiced. Poor Bbomi.
Her age is difficult to estimate (shelter stuff is guessing she is 5~7 year old), but she has been in the shelter for at least 3~4 years.

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I'm so glad that Bbomi got a clean bill of health! Since she is now up to date with her shots and heartworm negative, would it be possible to talk to the shelter about an international rescue? Several of the organizations I contacted are willing to take her if we can arrive for her travel~~~

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Not sure about the specs here, but at some point between now and January, I plan on being in California. If a rescue group in California was going to take her, I would be willing to be her currier, and - should things not work out - it sounds like I live very close to one of the rescue groups.

Please keep me in mind, and let me know if I can help!

Correction: I live close to at least two rescue groups!

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My husband and I are interested in adopting her, however we live in Changwon, which is about an hour from Busan. I see that it says the shelter requires a home visit, but I'm not sure how that's possible. Do you think they would be willing to visit our home in Changwon?

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That's AWESOME, StephiPie! I don't volunteer at this particular shelter, so I'm not sure---but I hope someone gets back to you quickly. In the meantime, I'll try to see what I can find out...

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Hi StephiPIe, sorry for the delay in getting back to you! Unfortunately, Changwon is quite far, and I spoke to the shelter manager last night who thinks it would be very difficult, as they prefer to keep it in this region so that they can do the required home visit :S There is currently someone else who is interested in adopting her who lives just a few stations away, and someone else who is interested in fostering. It's not impossible (for you to possibly adopt I mean), but the shelter is strict on their policies; I can put you in touch with one of the adoption coordinators if you'd like.

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Bbomi's potential adopter is coming to the shelter this Saturday to meet her. Fingers crosssed for the lovely girl :)

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Poor Bbomi's paw got injured in a fight with one of her kennelmates. She needs out of that harsh shelter environment. Her potential adopter visited her today and fell in love; if all works out with his own dog, Bbomi may have a family very soon!

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Bbomi's potential adopter visited her again today with his own dog to see if they got along, Bbomi was nothing less than a lady. She has no issues with other dogs, no aggression whatsoever, just loves to be around humans. She's also fantastic on the leash!

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This is SO wonderful to hear! I've been checking in on Bbomi's profile--the overseas Dalmation rescue groups I've talked to are still interested in her welfare :) When I mentioned a potential adoption going through, a woman named Beth from Dalmatian Rescue of Colorado was thrilled. She wants to help by offering her advice/tips about the dalmation breed to the future adoptive family, so please keep this in mind and let me know if the adoptive family wants her contact info :)!

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Unfortunately the adoption is not going to work out :(

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she is our bbomi :)
she is really good with other dogs, she is my puppy's favorite friend :D
it needed a month until she wants to play with the puppy. few days ago the korean lady who has taken care of her when she was in the shelter visited us to meet bbomi, and she looked like she missed the lady.
i have some pictures of her.

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Nice to see her in a loving home!

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I love seeing these pics as well! I'm so happy she found her happy ending/new beginning~~~