Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Jindo
Size: Large (over 20 kg)
Colour: White
  • Walks well on leash

Update (January 21): I received some very sad news today. On Saturday night, Athena somehow climbed over the fence into the next kennel and got into a fatal fight with the other dog. We will miss you sweetheart. I hope you are in a better place.

Update (January 3rd): She's still waiting for someone to take her home and out of this freezing cold.

Update (November 11): Athena got out for a walk today! She did great. It was easy to get her collar and leash on and she hopped out of her kennel like she's done this a million times. She walked great on leash :) :) :) Check below for some pictures of her beginning her first walk in 9 months! (And who knows when the last one was before that??)

Update (October 21): She's really the best of both worlds; she can be calm and just sit with you for as long as you like, but she also loves to play and will paw at you to play with her. She's a lovely girl, that should probably go to a home with no other dogs, or a home where she can be separated from the other dog at first, as she's used to having her kennel all to herself and her food/water bowl all to herself.

Update (September 28th, 2012): Ah, I have totally fallen behind on updating! Athena is a playful girl deserving of a good home. She's not used to playing though so she has a tendency to nip, but very lightly. But I'm sure that is a problem that could easily be resolved. Please consider making her an addition to your home.

Update (August 22nd, 2012): Athena is still waiting for her forever home. She has gotten through the harsh summer and maintains her spirits. She needs exercise as she's gained a few extra pounds but she does love to play. She is a lovely girl, who with the right own and proper training, could make an excellent trip. Please take a trip to the shelter to pay her a visit :)

Athena is a sweet girl, who knows how to "sit" in Korean and loves people. I believe she gave birth before. Her left ear has been damaged somehow as it's bent a little weird. She is alone in her kennel so I'm not sure if she's good with all dogs; however, when we took her out for a walk, she paid little attention to her canine companions, and showed no aggression - I think it's more so that she may be the one bullied, not the other way around.

She walked really well on the leash, was actually very low-energy; I guess because of the hot weather, and the dogs are not used to getting exercise. She needs to lose a bit of weight, but is still a beautiful and happy girl nonetheless :)

Please consider Athena! She is awaiting her forever home with a loving owner/family.


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Athena has a cute habit of jumping up when you go to leave and hugging you! She also is very quiet, unlike the other dogs in the second outdoor area. She never attempts to escape and we have actually left her cage door wide open for about an hour once when we were raising the level of her enclosure. She only notices the door insofar as its where we come in and out of. I think she may be potty trained as she only goes in one area of her tiny cage.

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Athena's still waiting for a family to call her own. She is really a people-dog; she loves when there's volunteers everywhere. However, I'm not sure she would too well with another dog, solely because she has spent years in a kennel alone.

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a few new photos of Athena; photo credit: Ben Robins

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out for a walk :)

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Athena lookin' all spiffy in her winter sweater ^^ But it's still way too cold for these poor dogs to spend the rest of this bitter winter outdoors; I'm so worried for them!

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I am so sorry to hear the sad news. Thanks to everyone who helped make her time at the shelter as happy as possible.