Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Large (over 20 kg)
Colour: White
  • Good with dogs
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update (September 28th): Juno is looking more and more like her old self! Her fur is growing up after the summer shave. I hear she may have an overseas adopter so fingers crossed. She really, REALLY wants to be in a home. She absolutely craves attention and loves to shower everyone with a million kisses.

Update (August 22nd): Juno's fur is slowly growing back. She really is a very beautiful dog who absolutely loves everyone. She can lick and lick and lick and lick and lick for forever ha ha. She craves attention and will let you know it when you are in another kennel with other dogs and not giving her love. She gets that look on her face like, "hey, what gives? what about me?"

Update (July 21st): Poor Juno is still waiting for a home to call her own. She would love to get out of the heat, and snuggle with her human(s). She has the best face, it makes you happy just looking at her. She is so affectionate, and really craves attention and as long as you are in her pen, she will stay right by your side, begging for a rub behind her fuzzy little ears.

Update (July 8th): Beautiful Juno got a haircut; she looks a bit silly, but doesn't seem to notice and is still happy as ever :) Everytime I go in her kennel, I am showered with love from all 3 dogs, but Juno is the most affectionate. She is such a sweet dog, and all she wants to do is give you kisses and hugs. She has the most beautiful face, and looks just like a polar bear. She is such a lovely-tempered dog, never aggressive, and always with a smile on her face. I am sure she would be such a wonderful pet...for you?

Juno may be a Samoyed, but I'm not positive because she doesn't have an all-black nose. She is a very sweet dog, and must've been someone's pet at one point because she knew what going for a walk was and willingly had a collar and leash put on. She shares her kennel with a German Shepherd and a medium-sized mixed breed; all females and gets along with them just fine.

Juno is a very happy dog, and loves to get hugs and will stand up and put her paws on your chest until you give her some attention. She's very friendly towards everyone and is eagerly awaiting a forever home! Please consider Juno :)

Adoption Fee: ₩60,000
Location: Yangju - 양주
Living Situation: In a shelter


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Juno's Korean name is 백곰이 Baek-Gomi - Little Polar Bear ^^
Consider fostering or adopting this Little Bear! This shelter dog deserves some love ~

This summer in Korea is extremely hot. 백곰이 Baek-Gomi was shaved to make it a little easier.

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Polar Bear? Or Lion?

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Even though Juno looks really funny with her new haircut, her spirits are up as always. As a teacher, there's always that one class that you just love because all the students are super well-behaved. I think of the kennels as classes ha ha, and Juno's kennel is the class that I love. The 3 dogs in there are all so friendly and affectionate, hardly ever bark, are completely non-aggressive, and just big cuddly bears. I think Juno would make SUCH an amazing family pet; she is so sweet and gentle and all she's looking for is someone to love her.

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Baek-Gomiiiiiii is going to Canada in 2 days. Today was the last time I will see her. It's bittersweet, but I am so so SOOO happy this wonderful, amazing, beautiful dog is going to her forever home. Good luck Baek-Gomi, you so deserve an amazing life. Have a safe trip to the other side of the world, you are one lucky dog. Goodbyeeeee!

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Hello from Juno!