Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Female
Breed: Beagle
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update (December 15) Yeon-Ee was adopted yesterday and will have FOUR human siblings to play with :) Wishing her an amazing life ^^

Update (December 11): Finally, FINALLY!!!! Yeon-Ee is going home to her forever family this weekend! I am so overjoyed!!!!!! This wonderful girl has no place in a shelter where she can't get the attention she deserves. YIPPIEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Update (November 19): Good things could be happening for Yeon-Ee soon :) :) :) :)

Update (October 31): I didn't walk her personally but when I dropped by this past Sunday to pick up Midori, I saw a volunteer walking her and another beagle and she was SOOOOO excited to be out and SOOOOOO excited to see me and was all wiggly. Yeon-Ee really is a great little puppy but she needs someone who can devote a lot of time to her and she needs a lot of exercise because she just loves, loves, loves to run!

Update (October 21): Yeon-Ee has too much energy to be pent up in a kennel all day. She is starting to take her frustration out on her kennelmates. She is very dominant, even though she is very small for a beagle, and craves being the centre of attention. Yeon-Ee should go to a home where she is the only doggie and she needs an active family who will let her run off her energy so she's not so wound up.

Update (September 29th): Poor Yeon-Ee, still waiting. She is one of the most beautiful Beagles I've ever seen! If you're a beagle lover, please come by and get to know this energetic and sweet little girl! Give her a chance to show you how wonderful she is!

Update (August 22nd): I can't believe this beautiful girl is still waiting! Yeon-Ee is a wonderful bundle of joy but she loooooves to play. She definitely needs a home who can provide her with plenty of mental stimulation and a doggie buddy who also loves to play.

Update (July 21st): Yeon-Ee is a wonderful, energetic little pup. Her potential adopter came to visit today so we got to take her out of her cage; she was all like, "GO! GO! GO!". Yeon-Ee needs a family that will be able to provide her with proper training and to give her lots of exercise because she definitely has it to burn! She does well with other dogs, even dogs she has never met before, but she just wants to play and loves attention. If you are interested, and have a pet of your own, please keep in mind Yeon-Ee would do best with another high-energy dog :)

Update (July 8th): Yeon-Ee was happy as always to see anyone and jump up to give them kisses. She loves affection and loves giving it too! She wants to be hugged but gets very excited so she tries to squirm out, and then jump back into your arms, ha ha. Yeon-Ee was adopted for a brief period, but returned to the shelter for whining too much at night, and for jumping up all the time. I'm not sure how long the owners had her for, but I don't think it was very long; and they gave up on trying to train her far too early. If you have the patience and love for this beautiful dog, and know that she will require proper training, please come visit her and see for yourself how lovely she is :)

Yeon-Ee is a gorgeous Beagle who is very affectionate and loves people. She seems to get along well with other dogs, although she does love to be the star of the show. I am working on finding out more information about all the dogs at Yangju, so I will update on whether she is spayed, up-to-date on vaccinations, etc. Yeon-Ee has lots of energy so she will need a family who can give her enough exercise. She is on the small side for her breed, and sooo pretty; the pictures really don't do her justice! Please come see her in person to see her true beauty :) She is anxiously waiting for a forever home.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Yangju - 양주
Living Situation: In a shelter


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Yeon-Ee is such a happy girl and a little overshadowed right now in her pen by a very grumpy long-haired mix. She loves to jump up on you and loves to be held, but gets so excited she'll then squirm around until you let her free, and frantically try to jump back into your arms.

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There was some interest in Yeon-Ee, but they haven't gotten back to me :S
Yeon-Ee is a beautiful girl, and still waiting for her forever home!

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What a happy girl, she just wants someone to play with!

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Everyone who visits the shelter falls in love with Yeon-Ee, so why is she still there? But, there is someone who is interested in her, so fingers crossed that soon, Yeon-Ee may have a forever home to call her own!

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Sorry if the video makes you dizzy, she can't stay still and I'm a horrible camerawoman.


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That is WONDERFUL news! I would love to see pictures of her in her new home when they are available!! :)