Dobbie the Doberman

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Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Pinscher (Doberman)
Size: Large (over 20 kg)
Colour: Brown & Black
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Dobbie recieved his second set of booster shots: Combo vaccine, coronavirus, and canine cough. He didn't even notice he was getting them. Such a good boy!

Dobbie's foster (soon to be forever) family taught him "paw" and "down." What a smartie! :)

Dobbie's foster family decided they would like to adopt him. Only issue is they leave in 18 days. :( I have decided to put together a fundraiser to get Dobbie to the US with his family. See link:

I picked up Dobbie from his foster family this morning and we ran about 1.5 miles to the vet. WOW! He is a fast runner! I wish that my own dog was as good on a leash as Dobbie is. No pulling and no random stopping. He definitely enjoys running! At the vet he got a heart worm test and a titer test for vaccinations. The heart worm test came back negative! Yippee! The titer test showed no vaccinations. I went ahead and got an Advocate heartworm medication, a Rabies vaccination, and a combo vaccine (Canine Distemper-Adenovirus Type 2- Parainfluenze-Parvovirus Vaccine). He weighed in at 64.9 lb, a very lean boy! July 11th we will return for the second dose of the combo vaccine and also a Coronavirus vaccine. Vet says that he is overall very healthy. I was so proud of him bc he did not even flinch when he got his blood drawn. Only the second vaccine which they did in his back right leg/hip area he squirmed a tiny bit. He is a trooper! We ran back to his foster mom and he still had a ton of energy. The dog could run forever! When returning him home his foster mom said that she was considering taking him back to the US with her and is going to look into it. I am still going to search for a foster or forever home here in Korea just in case that doesn't work out.

Dobbie was adopted Tuesday evening, 6/12/2012 but unfortunately he did not work well in the family's home. He was dominant/aggressive with their 6 month old Jindo. So, he is back with his foster family here in Dongducheon. This solidifies that he needs to be in a home with NO other medium/large dogs. Or if you are a dog whisperer by any chance, that might actually be very helpful.. But unfortunately he did not work well in the family's home. He was dominant/aggressive with their 6 month old Jindo. So, he is back with his foster family here in Dongducheon. This solidifies that he needs to be in a home with NO other medium/large dogs. Or if you are a dog whisperer by any chance, that might actually be very helpful.

Sunday evening,6/10/2012 he went to his new foster home. However, I am taking the responsibility of finding Dobbie his forever home.

6/8/2012 Our Visit to Central Animal Clinic:
Friday, 6/8/2012, Dobbie, myself, and a friend walked down to Central Animal Clinic. The vet scanned for a microchip with and AVID scanner but it did not pick up anything. The vet did a mini physical on Dobbie. He listed to his breathing and heartbeat, checked his temperature with a rectal thermometer, checked his teeth/gums, felt his abdomen, etc. Dobbie did absolutely fantastic on the walk to the vet, even when we walked past fenced/caged barking dogs. He would either just continue walking or stop, look at the dog, and then keep walking. He was AWESOME at the vet, allowing him to examine him without any problem. The vet couldn't help but compliment how well behaved he was. The vet estimates that he is 2-3 years old and in great health. There was a little bit of puss coming from the dogs penis but the vet did not seemed concerned. After our walk home from the vet, my friend and I gave him a bath on the porch and he gave us absolutely no issues. He was the easiest dog I have ever bathed.

This beautiful Doberman Pinscher whom I nick named Dobbie, like the character from Harry Potter, (pure bred from what I can tell) was found running freely and happily through World Meridian Apartments in Dongducheon on Wednesday evening, 6/6/2012, around 9:30pm. He was not wearing a collar so I could not contact an owner. I bribed him to come to me with a large Milkbone treat. He walked right on up to me and then easily put a collar and leash on him and brought him in my apartment. He was being fostered on my porch.

Physically: He is not neutered, has his ears clipped, his tail is docked and he has his dew claws. He is very well groomed. His nails were long when I found him so he must not have gotten too many walks outside to wear them down. He did shed a lot on my porch, but I believe with the right diet and daily brushing he will not shed as much. His coat is very short and he has a few grey hairs around his face/head. He has a small scar on his head above his eye. His bottom right pointy tooth has wear from rubbing against one of his top teeth. The vet believes that he is 2-3 years old based on his teeth/gum health.

Behaviorally: Dobbie knows English commands "sit" and "come." So I assume his previous owners were American. He is super happy to greet you when you have food or a treat. He is a messy eater, which I think is adorable. He seems to be crate trained as I crated him the first night and during the next day and he seemed like it was normal and did not complain. But he does not need to be crated. I left him on the porch overnight and when I left my house on several occasions and he was perfectly fine out there, not crated. Since he is not neutered he is dominant, definitely wanting to be top-dog. He "marked" on my porch (probably bc he smells my dog's scent) and he once attempted to hump my dog (which ended up in a mini brawl because my dog did not like it). He doesn't potty on the porch at all (I wouldn't consider "marking" pottying. So I believe he is house trained, as I only walked him in the morning and evening. Her is super easy to walk on a leash. Does not pull at all. He will stay right by your side and likes to look back at you when he is walking to make sure you are still there. It is so cute! He is very playful. He likes playing with the basketball and empty soda bottles. He will allow several people to pet him, even if he does not know them. Just like any dog, I suggest just letting him smell the person's hand before they pet him so he gets familiar and isn't surprised. He may be good with children as several came up to my window to look at him and he didn't behave any differently than his chill self (I live on the 1st floor right by the park). I believe a few may have petted him. He does bark sometimes (a very deep, masculine bark) when people were walking by our window. I think that is just his protective instinct. But it did not seem to be like a very scary bark at all. Most of the time though he just lounges around. He is very chill. Although he may appear intimidating, he definitely is the opposite of that once you meet him.

Things I have done to find the previous owner/help him out:
* called Camp Red Cloud Veterinary Treatment Facility to look up in their files for an owner with a Doberman Pinscher (unfortunately they only keep paper records and therefore can not search for the owner of this dog)
* posted flyers in English and Korean around Dongducheon and on post at Camp Casey (I will be posting more with a better picture of the dog asap)
* posted picture and information on several Facebook pages (Camp Casey South Korea Army Wives, Camp Casey Yard Sale, Camp Casey Area Flea Market, Camp Casey Helpful Information, Camp Casey Flea Market, World Meridian Apartments, Viva Family Apartments, Animal Rescue Korea, and Pet Sitting Network South Korea)
* taken him to visit the vet at Central Animal Clinic to check for a microchip and get a mini physical
* gotten his first round of combo vaccine, gotten a rabies vaccine, gotten him a heart worm prevention treatment

Things I still need to do to find the previous owner/to help him out:
* post on (I need someone to help me with that)
* if possible, have the US Army vets scan for a microchip bc they may have a different machine that reads them

Current foster care: Dobbie is being fostered by another family very close by me in Dongducheon. They have no children or pets so it is a much better situation for Dobbie than at my house (since he was trying to be so dominant with my dog). I am in contact daily with his foster mom and plan on visiting him as much as possible. However they can only foster him until July 12th as they are moving back to the US. His foster mom loves him! She said that he sleeps next to her bed and will gently nudge her when he wakes up to have to go to the bathroom. He likes to know where she is in the house. She tried putting his food on the porch but he wouldn't eat it unless she was in sight. So she moved it to the living room. They go on ~40 minutes walks and he does fantastic on them. And GREAT NEWS! The foster mom brought over a friend's small dog and Dobbie got along with him great! I guess is it just the medium/large dogs closer to his size that he wants to be dominant around. His foster mom said that he could use a little bit of training (ex. like to stay out of the trash) but so far when she says "no" to him he listens so there is still hope to train him on some little things.

Forever home requirements:
* NO other pets (a small dog may work since he got along with a mini poodle)
* NO children
* Experience with large dogs, preferably Doberman Pinschers preferred
* Porch or yard preferred for play area
* Ability to give him a good daily walk, run, or jog (he loves running!)
* A plan for veterinary care. If you do not know where a vet clinic is near you I would be happy to help you find one.
* If you plan on moving back to the US eventually, you NEED to know the requirements as far as travel requirements/fees, breed restrictions in your city/state, etc. You need to start planning NOW for taking Dobbie back home with you. Re-homing or abandoning him bc you are too irresponsible is unacceptable. I can assist you in figuring out all of this information if you need.

If you are interested in adopting Dobbie please contact me and then you, I, and the foster family can set up a date and time for you to meet Dobbie. I think that the right family is going to come along very soon as he is a super awesome dog! :)

This is a link to more photos of Dobbie:

Thank you to Shena for walking to Central Animal Clinic with me and bathing him.
Thank you to Kristie for fostering him so he would not hump my dog Rufus.
Thank you to anyone else who is helping Dobbie in any way.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Dongducheon - 동두천
Living Situation: In foster care


Hunt's picture

I would recommend Yangju last for him if he ends up going to a shelter. They currently do not walk, groom or socialize the dogs. He would literally be living in a dirt pen and never be allowed out and receive very little human contact. Particularly with the breed, I would recommend a shelter that keeps them socialized.

kristinhope's picture

Thank you very much for that information! I'd hate for him to go to a shelter too. :( Dobbie just went to his new foster home (a wonderful pet and child free couple) last night since he was a little too dominant in my house with my dog. I am very hopeful he will find a forever home soon because everyone who has met him thus far has loved him. So I am sure that good things are being said about him and word is being spread. :)

Sofia's picture

Hello, do you know Dibbie's heartworm status? Thank you!

kristinhope's picture

I do not. :( That is actually on my list of things to do. Thanks for reminding me. I am going to visit him and his foster mom today to give him a heartworm treatment though.

Sofia's picture

Thank you for helping this handsome boy.

Koyaaniis's picture

Do you know if he would be okay with cats?

kristinhope's picture

I am not sure?! We haven't exposed him to a cat yet. But my foster mom for him did bring over a small dog and they actually played together great! I am thinking that dogs more his size he feels like he has to show his dominance.