Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Terrier / Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Orange & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

January 21st: Jack has been adopted! Congratulations, you wonderful boy. I know your mom and dad will take excellent care of you for the rest of your life.

January 6th: I have updated Jack's status to 'No Longer Available' as Matt as I have decided we will bring him with us when we return to Canada in March. We are seriously thinking about adopting him ourselves, but our future in Canada is a bit uncertain, and we want to be 100% sure we are able to give Jack the life he deserves before committing to him fully. Either way, a forever home is waiting to be found in the 'true North, strong and free,' be it with us or another lucky family. :) Thank you everyone for supporting Jack and please keep checking in to follow Jack's story as we make our way home.

December 24th: Jack says 'Merry Christmas', and asks that you take a moment to watch this video. There are so many wonderful dogs (just like Jack) who are waiting for their lucky chance to become a part of someone's life. If you can't adopt, then please consider fostering. If you can't foster, then please consider volunteering. If you can't volunteer, then please consider donating. And if you can't donate, then please share this video, and awareness for shelter dogs everywhere. They deserve your help!

December 5th: Little Jack continues to thrive and open up in foster care. I can't imagine how anyone could have let this amazing little dog slip out of their life: I fall in love with him more and more every day. He is a wonderful best friend to my dog Tank, and has even brought out the playful side in my somewhat 'serious' girl, Sharkie. What a special boy Jack is.


November 3rd: Jack had another visit to the vet today to have his antibodies tested. He was a little low for everything, so the vet recommended three rounds of each vaccine. Today he got his first round of DHPPL and Corona Virus. He was such a little trooper at the vet, that he managed to get a new toy out of it as well. :) What a sweetie this dog is!

October 30th: Jack is adjusting very well to his new foster home. He is learning appropriate house manners and important things like where to go to the bathroom, and where the best places to sleep are:

October 20th: Jack was taken into foster care today! Good luck Jack --- I hope you find your forever home soon!~~

October 13th: Jack seems to be in good spirits even though he is battling those disgusting heartworms. I hope Jack will find somewhere comfortable and warm to recover soon! Stay tough, Jack!

October 6th: Jack is back at Asan after a short stay at the vet following his first Immiticide injection. He is such a little trooper, and definitely has the whole 'puppy dog eyes' thing down pat. Poor Jack wants somewhere nice and comfortable to rest for the duration of his treatment. He is such a sweet little guy --- if only he could find someone who would take great care of him for the rest of his life.

September 27th: Jack received his first Immiticide injection yesterday to begin his heartworm treatment. Please keep this wonderful little guy in your thoughts as he battles these disgusting parasites. You can do it, Jack!

September 15th: Jack had a great walk today (he still has not had his first injection) and was having a blast soaking up the love from all the volunteers. He really is a special dog, so please cross your fingers that Jack will come through his heartworm treatment better than ever!~

September 1st: There was a bit of a communication flub with Mr. Park --- I was under the impression that Jack had already begun his heartworm treatment, however he hadn't. He should be getting his first injection on Tuesday. Please cross your fingers that everything goes well for Jack!

July 14th: Jack has been given his first injection for heartworm and seems to be doing okay so far. It is wet and uncomfortable in his cage, though, and it would be great for Jack to find a cozy, dry place to recuperate. Don't miss out on this awesome little guy --- he is special!

June 24th: Well, Jack was dealt a bit of bad news today: he is heartworm positive. :( BUT! Jack is young, healthy, and tough! We know he will come through treatment with flying colors. You can do it, Jack!

June16th: Jack is sweet, friendly, and super awesome! He had a great day out with the volunteers today; Jack LOVES going for a walk and sniffing everything he can! However, he knows how to relax as well. He is so lovable and sweet, he would be a great addition for someone who enjoys being active but can also laze around. ;)

Jack is a happy young dog who lives in the back pen at Asan with about 15 other dogs. He has been living at Asan for at least 6 months, but I am not sure exactly where he came from. I am assuming he was brought to Asan from a city pound, either Busan or Cheongju City Pound.

Jack is a beautiful and friendly guy. Although he mostly gets along with the other dogs in his pen, they can get a little feisty back there and sometimes there are disagreements. It is a stressful environment living with so many other dogs, and what Jack really needs is a place where he can unwind and relax without being bugged relentlessly by annoying roommates! :)

Jack walks well on his leash and is eager to get out and explore. He is an active dog who would like someone to take him for a long walk every day. He is a great size; not too big and not too small. He has long legs and is well proportioned with a handsome face and an awesome curly tail. Jack's temperament is very sweet and social; he loves being around the volunteers and he really likes being held.


If you are interested in meeting this great little dog, please send me an email at [email protected]. Jack is waiting for his super family!

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


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I'm in love! Jack is so sweet and friendly --- he really deserves a family of his own!

misselajin's picture

Can Canadians adopt?????

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misselajin, of course Canadians can adopt --- or are you asking because you are in Canada now?

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I love this special guy!~


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Super Jack! Fighting heartworm one day at a time!~ You can do it, buddy!

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Jack (I think...): Aug. 26, 2012

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Jack got a summer haircut --- he's still a handsome boy, even though he's naked. ;)

nina's picture

I walked Jack on the last shelter trip. What a friendly dog he is! He walks very well on the leash and is friendly towards people and other dogs. He is a very smart dog who loves to go for long walks.

allisondyoung's picture

Jack is so sad, wondering where his person is. He knows they are out there, somewhere! Waiting is the worst part...

allisondyoung's picture

Be strong, sweet boy!~

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Oh Jack you sweetheart! Fight those nasties out of your system!

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I love this little guy. Please keep Jack in your thoughts as he continues his fight against heartworm!

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Jack is doing well so far. He has been in his new foster home for about a day, and he is learning things like where to go to the bathroom (outside!) and how delicious and satisfying dry kibble can be. Jack is currently undergoing heartworm treatment, so he has to spend most time in his crate. Luckily, Jack doesn't mind it too much in there, and doesn't make any noise. (Let's hope it stays that way!)

He has been happily snoozing on the couch with my other dog, Tank, all morning. Tank is very interested in becoming Jack's new BFF, and Jack is very patient with Tank's attempts at sniffing and licking him to death. I have a sneaking suspicion that Tank believes Jack is his long lost girlfriend, Little Bit. :) http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/dog/609

I think once Jack has been given the okay from the vet to exercise, he will make a great jogging buddy and will enjoy playing with my other two dogs. He will visit the vet tomorrow to have some blood work done and to have a strange lump on his abdomen checked out, so let's hope that everything goes well for Jack. It's time for his luck to change.


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Jack got some good news, and bad news at the vet today. The good news is, the vet couldn't see any adult worms in his blood, which means he is well on his way to being heartworm free! Jack's x-rays showed no abnormalities and his heart is looking good. The vet thinks Jack was in the very, very early stages of heartworm, and wants me to keep him on monthly doses of Heartgard to kill whatever babies or eggs remain, and she will re-test with a kit in March. He is allowed to exercise a little bit (nothing too strenuous) and can go for walks with the other dogs now. She also said it is okay for Jack to play with Tank, as long as he doesn't get too juiced up. Jack (and Tank) are both very happy with this news!


The bad news is, Jack has a hernia. It is not an emergent situation, and my vet does not want to operate until he is 100% heartworm free. So, unless his hernia begins to grow/cause him pain, Jack will wait until March to have it removed.

Other than that, he is doing so well in my home. We are working on housebreaking him, and aside from a few accidents (which were totally my fault) Jack is doing well. He is extremely puppyish in his behavior, and is quite the 'mouther'. I have been working on this with him, and trying to redirect his biting to toys. He is catching on quickly.

Jack is so sweet and cuddly, and absolutely LOVES to hide and sleep under blankets. I can hardly believe he used to live in a shelter! He's certainly gotten used to the comfortable life quite quickly. Fun Jack fact? He loves snacking on apples just as much as I do! Yum!

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LOVING the videos!! He is adorable!!

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Jack is such a cutie pie! He is VERY playful and VERY active, so he will need an adopter who is able to keep up with his energetic demeanor! He absolutely loves my dog Tank, and they have bonded very strongly together. I think Jack would love to find a home with another dog he could play with and snuggle with, just like he does with Tank. :)

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Goodness gracious!! Those are super adorable pictures of Jack with Tank!!! And that picture of him in the brown jacket!!! - oh, so precious!!!!! Thanks! :)

allisondyoung's picture

Awwww, thanks Marla! I think the boys look pretty adorable together, too! :)

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Uh oh! Someone let Jack's adoption profile expire...I can't imagine why! ;) Jack is doing great, and is almost fully up to date on all his vaccinations. The vet always fusses and fawns over how well behaved he is, and he was a big favorite at the dog park a few weekends ago with dogs AND children alike:

Jack absolutely LOVES to play. He and Tank are PERFECT for each other --- they play and play and play...

...and play and play and play....

...and afterwards they are barely able to keep their eyes open.

All my dogs had a great time running around in the snow today. What a special afternoon the four of us had together! I am so glad that Jack (and Sharkie!) have gone from sleeping in the snow at Asan, to just being able to play in the snow; having a warm place to sleep afterwards.

Jack is the SNUGGLIEST little guy in the world. (See pictures below!) He loves anything soft and he loves to burrow: every night he sleeps under the covers in our bed with us, or nestled up with Tank. This boy unfortunately knows what it feels like to be cold literally all the time, and he certainly does not take his warm places for granted.

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Merry Christmas, from Jack and Santa! :)

marlajoy's picture

haha! Adorable! Jack doesn't look all that impressed though! :)

allisondyoung's picture

Jack is SUCH a handsome devil. :) He is now fully up to date on all his vaccinations, and eagerly anticipating his trip to Canada!

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Here are some pictures of Jack and his former foster brother, but new FOREVER brother. :)

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Such wonderful news!!! You just couldn't resist his charm, hey? I knew he'd win you over! He just looked like he fit in SO well with your family! My cat, Brody, was the same for me - foster turned forever! :) Congrats to Jack and to you guys!!! :)

dbis's picture

Yippeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!! How wonderful! Nice work Jack! Looking at those photos of Tank and Jack you can't help but think it was meant to be! Two very happy and indeed lucky pups!!