Fatty's new mom and brother.
Fatty prefers a comfortable environment! Home!Fatty & his foster dad :)Fatty prefers a comfortable environment!Fatty & his FAMILY!

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Maltese / Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update 24 Dec 2012:
After a long and involved application due to language barriers, yesterday was the final piece of the puzzle in the "adopting Fatty" process. His adoptive family visited the shelter and spoke at length with us and fellow Korean volunteer, Sujin. Then they had the grand tour of the shelter and saw the place that Fatty had been living for many months before his foster dad took him in. Congratulations Fatty! We are so happy you've found your forever family! Again, a wonderful example of how fostering can save lives.

Update 12 Dec 2012:
Fatty has spent a wonderful month in foster care and has proven to be a wonderful, charming little man. This is what his foster dad has to say about him:

"The terrific news is that despite his weight problem, he is a very healthy dog. They checked a fecal sample and found no worms or parasites. They gave him a treatment of Frontline while I was present and also did a general deworming. He was also given an antibodies test and is not in the range where he would need of any vaccinations. His kidneys, blood, and liver were all good and healthy, too. The only area of concern was his ears, and he recommended a treatment for them to begin 6 months from now and then yearly treatments after that.

Dr. Park also checked his legs and found no issues and saw no signs of a luxating patella. His main recommendation was to continue to restrict his diet (I purchased some of the Dick Van Patten "Natural Balance" ) and continue to get him lots of exercise. If he remains overweight, that could lead to a bunch of health issues down the road."


By previous author, Allison:
November 11th: Yesterday was Fatty's LUCKY day, as he was taken into foster care with a dedicated Asan volunteer. Hopefully Fatty will make the transition from shelter dog to pampered prince smoothly, and I would like to say thank you to Matt for helping this little guy in his time of need! Good luck, boys!

November 3rd: Check out Fatty and some of his friends in this video of Asan Shelter dogs who are in desperate need of homes:

October 13th: Little Fatty was soaking up the love from the many volunteers this weekend. Anyone who meets this special little dog can't help but fall in love.

September 22nd: Fatty was busy fattin' around the shelter today. He gets along with all people and all dogs --- he really is a sweet little guy. Come and meet Fatty at Asan Shelter! He would love to see you!~~

September 15th: Mr. Park will check this week regarding Fatty's heartworm status. He is such a sweet little butterbean, it would be so sad for him to spend ANOTHER brutal winter at Asan. Fatty has paid his dues. Please consider offering this bouncy little guy a warm place in your home this winter!

August 7th: Fatty has had a haircut and is a lot cooler now in the summer heat. Please consider helping this little butterball find the loving home he needs by fostering --- or better yet, adopting him!

July 14th: Fatty is still soldiering on through his heartworm treatment. It would be wonderful for Fatty to have somewhere clean and dry to wait out the remainder of his recovery. Please consider giving this rotund little dude a break!

June 24th: Fatty is soldiering through his heartworm treatment like a true champ. He doesn't like to be stuck in his cage day in, day out, but we've explained to him that he needs to rest, and he understands. Fatty is going to do his best to make it through his treatment because he knows that someone lucky is just itching to adopt him! Come and meet Fatty at Asan Shelter: you will 100% fall in love!


June 16th: Poor Fatty tested positive for heartworm this week. :( He received his first injection and was in good spirits on Saturday. Please send good vibes Fatty's way and hope his treatment will be a success.

June 2nd: Fatty is still fattin' around in the back pen at Asan. He is such a friendly, happy-go-lucky little guy, despite how hard his life has been. A lot of the dogs in his pen were getting new summer haircuts last week, so make sure to check back soon for some new pictures of Fatty with a little less fluff! :)

May 20th: Fatty had a ball running around with all his buddies in the back pen at Asan today. He is such an amiable and charming fellow! He gets along well with other dogs and seems to love everybody. Give this chubalub a chance! He won't disappoint!

Fatty isn't really as fat as we initially thought. A volunteer noticed him a few weeks ago, because he was having trouble walking due to the mats between his paw pads. After a visit to the "Asan Salon" with top stylist Tatiana Hopps, Fatty was as good as new, and not quite so "rotund" without all that fur. Still, he is a round little guy with a happy attitude and pleasant disposition. He is quite cuddly and affectionate, and gets along fine with other dogs. Fatty is really excited to walk around and explore, and would love to have a family that would take him on walks every day. If you have room in your home and your heart for this happy little guy, please fill out an adoption application and email it to [email protected].

Adoption Fee: ₩70,000
Location: Daejeon - 대전
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


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Fatty and friends!

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Fatty, you little fluff ball! Such a ladies man!~

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June 14th This little guy got his DHPPL and Rabies vaccination! He is looking for a great home!!!

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Fatty tested positive for heartworm, but is up to date on his vaccinations and otherwise completely healthy. Please consider giving this sweet little guy a break! (Oh, he also got a haircut!)

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These are pictures of Fatty from June 19th! He is SUCH a happy pup and loves to give kisses! He feels nice and cool with his new hair cut. :)

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Sweet little Fatty got a nice cool summer haircut today :)

Fatty having a haircutNaked Fatty :)
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Pictures from a few weeks ago --- pre-haircut Fatty!

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Is Fatty still at the shelter? :(

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Fatty wants to meet YOU!

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Fatty and his biggest fan; Sujin! :)

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Fatty was super playful today and was always up for a cuddle! He's incredibly adorable!

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Happy Halloween, Fatty!

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Sweet baby Fatty!~~

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Fatty moved in to his foster home today with me in Daejeon. He was terrific traveling on the KTX and was a celebrity wherever we went in his dapper Polo jacket. After a warm bath and a fresh meal, Fats chilled quietly on the couch before sacking out.

It was an exhausting day for me and this special little guy, but we bachelors are getting to know each other fast. With some helpful tips from Clare, we are working on potty training and some other regular habits that will make him even more desirable.

Stay tuned for more from Fatty (and Matty) in Dunsan-dong.

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Nov 15: Great news from Daejeon. Fatty had a full spa day and was checked out by the vet there at no charge. In addition to his shampoo, trim, and pedicure, Fatty's ears were clean and despite being a tad overweight (1.7 kg over), he came back Heart Worm Negative!! He is at 5.7 kg and should be under 4.0. Dr. Park (no relation) recommended lots of exercise for our little buddy. I will have his back leg checked out next, but it does not seem to bother him as nothing is slowing Fats down. His slight skin condition should clear up, too, with exercise and less stress. Roll Fatty, roll!

Cool Pet Animal Hospital
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Check out Fatty on the move (to Cannonball Adderly & Miles Davis performing "Autumn Leaves")!

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Wow, fatty looks great!!! I'm so glad that he is out of the shelter. He looks really happy! I'm surprised that he walks back into his crate. Nuri doesn't like his crate. Btw, nice pictures and video =)!

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That is soooooo cute!!!

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Awwwwwww! I love the video! Thank you Matt! Fatty looks like a little lamb! :)

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Fatty was adopted yesterday!
Here are some photos from Matt, Fatty's foster dad.

Handsome fluffball!Handsome fluffball!Fatty, his new dad and his brother.Getting some love from Dad.Through the window.Fatty's new parents visiting the shelter prior to adoption finalisation.The all-important NAMETAG!!Fatty's "before and after" <3
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Fatty's dad sent me a photo of Fatty on New Years Day :) Look at him!