Prince Charming

oh no, you first. I'm such a gentleman.

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Gold & White
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Meet Prince, a handsome and very charming dog that was found on May 10th wandering the streets of Cheonan. With help from ARK friends, posters have been made and put up and listings have been posted on the Korean lost animal webpages. He is a very sweet fellow. He is slightly skittish when you first meet him and does not like loud noises. But, once he gets to know you, he loves you! He is a cuddler and is so soft. He is also learning to play with toys and loves them! He is a very good fetcher and shares very well. He likes to play with other dogs a lot and is not aggressive at all. He does hump but that should hopefully be taken care of once he's neutered and/or with training. He absolutely loves the great outdoors and has a ton of energy and would be a great hiking companion! He is such a happy fellow- he makes every one smile when we walk by which is saying a lot! :) He is also being the perfect gentleman in my tiny apartment. He hasn't messed with the garbage, had an accident or made a peep.

He was panting constantly and very sneezy so we took him for a checkup. Prince unfortunately is heartworm positive. The vet believes it's in stage 2 or 3, which is completely treatable. He will need to be kept calm for the next 2+ months while he undergoes treatment. We do have meds for the first 14 days of treatment so he'll be ready to start when he gets into foster care. Other information we received at the vet is he is approximately 2 years old, 8.5 kg, and will also need to update his vaccines.

5/18/2012 update: So I've had this sweet fellow for almost a week now. Initially when he wanted to play he was humping me and nipping a bit, but with redirection he has stopped that (thank goodness!). It was not aggressive, just persistent. Neutering is not an option right now because of his heartworm but will be very helpful to do as soon as we can. Otherwise he has been amazing! He did not like the crate at all, was petrified of it actually, and so i did not make him go in at night. i realized he wasn't chewing on anything, wasn't climbing into my bed or getting into anything, so i tried leaving him out for small periods of time while i was gone and he was fine. Now, i leave him out while i'm at work and he has not chewed anything up or mess at all. WOW! Also- he is great to walk with! He does like to visit most trees, but is not a hoover like every other dog i have had! I don't have to worry about him trying to eat every piece of garbage or chicken bone. AMAZING! He is very friendly with most people and will let them pet him and he really seems to like kids and teenagers! There have been a few ajussis that upon seeing them, he has stopped in his tracks and appeared petrified of them. Other than that, he loves every minute of every walk! He also is great to cuddle with and enjoys being brushed. He is very furry but the vet said "no summer cut." So invest in a lint roller and submit your application for this love of a dog!

6/3/12 Prince has warmed up to people SO much. He had been a little scared at first, but now is happy to see all people! His nipping and humping have decreased a lot and we had a skype session with an amazing trainer, Karolina Kaminski, and are working on his impulse control. He is doing very well with it! We are a week into his HW medication and is doing very well. He always goes to the bathroom outside but we are working on pee pad training as the meds are making him very thirsty and in response, need to urinate frequently! Please keep him in your thoughts as he goes through treatment!

6/23/12 Prince is AMAZING! He is so friendly and lovable! He LOVES walks and when he's all better, will be such a great hiking and running dog and will be great with an active family. He is having his injections this coming Monday and Tuesday so please send healing thoughts and wish us luck!

6/30/12 YAAAAY! Prince received his injections and is doing amazingly. He is on 3 weeks of minimal movement and is very tired so it has been pretty easy. He is over the hump and well on his way to being the healthy pup he was meant to be! YAY!!!! Even with our limited walks, he runs into a lot of people and has become quite a figure here in Nonsan. He LOVES kids and they LOVE him! Kids across the street will yell from across the street "PRINCE!!!!" and wave to us. There is a little boy whose mother works at a restaurant so he's always there. Whenever he sees us come by he runs out and pets and hugs Prince. Prince sits or lays down and just lets the kid love on him. He'll give him a little lick here or there. It's adorable! Prince will be available soon so get your application in fast! You don't want to miss out on this bundle of joy!

7/8/12 Prince continues to amaze me. He is so sweet and is feeling better every day. He only has two more weeks of rest (thank goodness!) and then we get to go on normal walks and hikes, in the morning and evening only because man, it is hot out! He has made lots of friends in the foreigner population in my town as well. They come over and visit and take him on walks and he never barks, even when they knock on the door! He is a very happy and social guy who would love an active family!

7/14/12 Sweet Prince has only one week left of his heartworm treatment! Both of us are overjoyed!!!! I also picked up a new food from the vet and it has made the last week or so much easier! He is less thirsty and seems to feel much better! I have uploaded a couple videos of him so you can see just how cute he is!!!! In the second video, we ran into some of my students! They asked about why he was shaved so you can also see the close up of his shaved spot for the injections. His hair is starting to grow in again there. :) Please consider this sweet dog! He needs a home very soon because I leave at the end of August!

July 19, 2012 Wow! Prince is almost done his HW treatment! He has 4 days left!!! YAHOOOOO! He is excited to have a normal, extensive walking schedule as he LOVES to walk and has a lot of energy! YAYAYAYAY! He is also scheduled for vaccination on Monday, July 23rd. He is SO happy and excited to be healthy!

August 2, 2012 Prince is doing amazingly. His vaccinations have been started and he's so happy to be done his hw treatment and walking around like a normal dog! This heat is getting to him big time though! The poor guy is ready for summer to be over! He's still very upbeat though and loves his dawn and dusk walks!

August 22: Great news! Prince was adopted! He now lives in Cheonan with his family! Pictures to come! YAYAYAYAY!!! Thank you all for your support!

Prince let me know that you don't have to be rich to be his girl and you don't have to be cool to rule his world. If you are waiting for his kisses, please send an adoption/foster application to us at [email protected] and [email protected]

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Nonsan - 논산
Living Situation: In foster care


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What a hansome dog!

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Sheesh he is dapper! Love the videos of him! (More please!) He is such a gorgeous and friendly boy! :))

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Prince is doing great in his forever home! here are some pictures of him!!! The last picture is of Clare who found him, myself who fostered him, and Ruben, his forever family! :)

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Yay! I absolutely LOVE that last picture! Prince looks so happy! Yet another success story! Yay ARK!!! :)