Rupert is on the left.

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

September 1st: Since being dumped back at the shelter by his former foster family, Rupert doesn't seem too worse for wear. He is a shining example showing us why dogs are innately better than people. He was so happy and bouncy and excited to get out of his cage on Saturday, it was hard to keep him still for a picture. Rupert is very, very skinny and has been shaved due to severe skin irritation. (It looks like he's been eaten alive by mosquitoes/fleas) Hopefully Rupert's luck will start to turn around soon. He is a very special dog.

August 29th: Rupert has unfortunately been returned to the shelter by his foster family. :(

July 14th: Rupert's family says that he is housetrained, well-behaved, and very sweet! He is walking well on his leash and super, super friendly. Consider bringing this sweet little guy into your home!~

June 2nd: Rupert is waiting for someone to bring him home where he belongs! Why not come and visit this happy young dog? He'd love to say hello!

May 20th: Rupert is such a gangly ball of clumsy, puppy cuteness!~ But Rupert won't be a puppy for much longer, and it's a shame that these wonderful babies are growing up in a shelter, wasting all their puppy cuteness. :(

May 13th: Rupert and 2 of his siblings are still waiting for you to come and visit them at the shelter! They are growing up so fast, and getting cuter by the day. :)

April 28th: Rupert and his siblings are getting big! Come and visit these wonderful little pups!~

Rupert is a friendly, bouncy, healthy baby boy who was born at Asan a little over two months ago. His mom was brought to the shelter already pregnant, and gave birth to a litter of four puppies. (3 boys and 1 girl) These little cuties will be on the medium to small side when they are full grown I would guess, since their mama is not very big. The sooner they are adopted, the better! It's important for them to begin socializing (both with people and other dogs) early, so if you are interested in Rupert, his brothers or his sister, please contact me at [email protected].


Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In a shelter


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Rupert enjoyed some sun today! He needs practice walking on a leash, he's like a bucking bronco! :)


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Rupert's legs are getting so long and gangly! He is very outgoing and sweet --- please consider Rupert!

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Rupert went into foster care today! Good luck little guy!~~ Thank you John and family!

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So sorry for Rupert and you, Allison! Rupert looks so lovely and I hope that he will find his forever home very very soon.

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Oh no.... Terrible news! Oh I do hope he gets a new home soon! Hang in there Rupert! We're rooting for you! Such a sweet, good dog!

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Why was he returned?!

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I wasn't going to go into any major detail about it on his adoption profile, but I think people deserve to know. A few months ago, I received an application for Rupert, one of the adorable 'R' puppies from Asan Shelter. The application looked great; the applicants had the intention of fostering with the possibility of adoption if they found they were a good match. Upon meeting them in person, I got the impression that they did not exactly understand what 'fostering' entailed, or more specifically, what Asan coordinators expect from a foster parent. They looked at it as kind of a "temporary home". At Asan, a foster parent is expected to see the animal through to a forever home --- barring leaving the country. If an adopter is not found in time, then coordinators help the current foster to place the animal in another suitable foster home. We try extremely hard to avoid sending animals back to Asan after being fostered, since we feel this is a major setback in the animal's progress, not to mention that it can lead to some severe behavior issues. Can you imagine living in a comfortable home for three months, and then being sent back to Asan? Well that is exactly what has happened to poor Rupert. I am so angry, hurt, and disappointed by this situation that my hands are literally shaking as I'm typing. After talking with the family at length regarding what a foster parent actually is, I allowed them to take Rupert from the shelter, even though I still felt uneasy about the situation. I sent the family a 'fostering' guideline so they would know exactly what their responsibilities were/what was expected of them as foster parents, in case I'd forgotten to mention anything when we met at the shelter. Weeks went by, they didn't return my emails. So I called, and they told me everything was going great, and that they loved Rupert. I asked for some pictures to update his profile: nothing. In three months, I received one email, no pictures, no updates. I just found out that they brought Rupert back to Asan sometime last week, without any warning. After speaking with them on the phone just now, I've learned that since the son has returned to America, it was time for Rupert to return to Asan. Fostering does not mean having fun with a temporary pet. Fostering is a big commitment. Fostering means ACTIVELY searching for a forever home, not keeping the dog around for your own amusement until your summer vacation is over. I offered this family every kind of support and help I could, and they ignored me. I think the part that has upset me the most, is that they honestly do not understand why what they did is wrong. I am so sorry for Rupert; I should have went with my initial gut reaction. If he'd stayed at Asan, he could have been adopted three times over by now. Instead, he is back in his dank cage, covered in flea bites and very skinny. In the meantime, please cross-post his adoption profile and help us find another foster home for him. He is the sweetest little guy in the world, and I can't imagine how confused/stressed out he is right now.

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Oh, poor Rupert!! I feel bad for you too, Allison! This must be hard on you! I'm so happy you decided to post this information though because I think it will be a great reminder to everyone who has a profile on ARK and everyone who is currently fostering: it is important to follow your gut! If something doesn't feel right, it's probably better to err on the side of caution. We all care so much for these animals and we want the best for them. I'm sure he'll find a great, forever home soon, Allison! Thanks again!

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Don't worry, Rupert. Your beautiful fur will grow back soon!~~

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Aww, I think he looks adorable!

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And this is why we are so very particular with the adoption/fostering process. So many people think it's too much, but really??

It's not.

Plain and simple.

Thankfully Rupert has Allison and others on his side. We'll find him a home that wants to keep him FOREVER, not just for a holiday.

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Great news, everyone! Rupert was adopted today by the lovely Amanda! Congratulations, you two! Thank you Amanda!

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Yay! Congrats Amanda and Rupert!

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An update from Rupert's awesome mom:

"You wouldn't even recognize him! His fur is growing back really quickly and he's putting on weight. He has so much energy now, when he was at the park yesterday he was trying to play with two 3 month old puppies and they were horrified because he kept running in circles and leaping over them. It was hilarious and cute at the same time. Hopefully I can get some footage of him being silly.

Here are some pictures of Rupert. I could only get three, because he he's so wiggly. The first picture is what I deal with every day when I'm on my laptop. Him sitting next to me staring like a creeper. The next is him in his favorite sleeping spot, the center of my bed. And the last is him enjoying a nylabone that his "grandma" sent him from back in the States. =)"

Thank you very much, Amanda! Rupert is one lucky doggy!