AWESOMNESS, and think this girl could have been left to die in a storm ditch!
in the words of another "this is such a band pic." ^^ please...

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown
Adoption Status: Adopted

UPDATE: May 2012
From Foley's foster mom and sister ;)

My mom finally got Foley (although she's renamed her "Ani") and got me some photos. This one is my favorite. :) She really loves her, and it's a perfect match! She arrived the day before Mother's Day with my cousins after their 3 week visit to Korea, and my mom was interviewed on the radio for a special Mother's day program about best Mother's Day gifts. :)

Her anxiety issues have been getting much better, and she went the whole 12 hour plane ride (and then lost for 4 more hours put on a transfer flight she shouldn't have been on) without tearing up anything like she used to, and was perfectly calm when my cousins picked her back up. She's truly a wonder!

She's also getting along well with her new brother Kode, my mom's other dog, who also was in desperate need of a friend. (although the picture I attached is her with my dog Tobi, the night before she took off- they were really cuddly, like they knew they were saying goodbye) :)

Life is good,

In less than a week, across the span of four cities all representative of the four cardinal directions people came from all walks offering to help Foley. Quite an amazing feat for a dog so small to pull together so many spanning such distance, but she did, and now she is adopted! In less than 6 weeks she will be traveling to America!

THANK YOU to everyone that offered to help Foley. Shelters are never an overtly bad thing, but when we can prevent an animal from going into one where they likely would be lost among the sea of other abandoned animals its a victorious day! As always ARK your awesome!
About 90% sure everything has worked out for Foley. She is suppose to be picked tomorrow by her foster mom and hopefully will be adopted. The adoption is not final, we are jsut hopeful. So until we know for sure, Foley is still available to be your forever companion!

THANK YOU to everyone that offered to help, and thank you for cross posting. It was thru a crosspost that help came. ARK youre awesome!
URGENT FOSTER HOME NEEDED: Foley was rescued from a large concrete ditch; her rescuer thinks that there is really only one way she could have gotten down there as it is severely steep, which means she was likely abandoned down there. She appears to have been someone's pet but attempts to find the owners, by her rescuer, have only resulted in prank phone calls.

Foley may be a long hair chihuahua, maybe, but with her hair shaved it is hard to tell.

Her rescuer cannot keep her because of her schedule. Foley needs to be on a consistent schedule in order to learn that she is not being abandoned a second time.

Right now she is exhibiting seperation anixety behaivors, but wouldnt you if you were abandoned by your family and thrown into a ditch?

I cannot foster myself, as we have too many now. But if you are willing to foster Foley, I will be glad to help you along the way with training tips, resources etc. S.A. is not a death sentence or permanent damage, it can be overcomed and managed, just ask Liza about Peanut ^^ but Foley needs time and commitment.

We only have until **tomorrow** :( to find a foster home, otherwise she will go to KAPS. This is not a bad thing, KAPS does what they can for the dogs, but they do have to euthanize after ten days. I would like to find a home for Foley, foster or forever home, asap in order to avoid getting a disease at the shelter or having to be euth in ten days.

Please dont hesitate if you can help Foley, she was abandoned once and we have the opportunity to show her how good us humans really can be ;)

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: Other circumstance


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I would love an update on Foley, is she still looking for a foster home or did she have to go to the shelter?

Also, (sorry to high-jack a little) just to clarify, as we have seen quite a bit of confusion about this recently. KAPS (in Daegu) is required by law to hold an animal for 10 days after it's rescue. During this time it is posted online in Korea, and this time is given so that the owner can come forward. Once the 10 days has passed the animal can then be adopted from the shelter. However if the shelter is full, or the animal is sick or dangerous then there is the potential that it will be put down.

KAPS tries very hard in all cases to prevent this, and has in the past even worked to rehabilitate aggressive dogs and difficult cats. If there is room in the shelter, they will certainly keep the animal as long as they can. Please understand though that KAPS is a charity with very little government support and only limited resources, when the shelter is full, it's full.

Luckily right now there is plenty of space at the shelter so Foley would be fine, however with her separation anxiety issues no Korean family would keep her for long. Consequently a foster home that has time to train would be the second best option. Obviously the best option would be an adopter who is at home most of the time and is patient enough to train. If you think you could help Foley please do get in touch with her rescuer.

Best of luck Foley!

Emma Thompson
Volunteer Co-ordinator
Korean Animal Protection Society (KAPS)

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You have high-jacked this thread and taken the attention away from Foley. Has I stated before:

Additionally, for anyone that would like to follow the turn over rate at KAPS can check here: The transparency and accurateness of reported cases are unknown to me. Most of the dogs I have helped in the past were listed on the site, this is all I can say for sure.

Second, a volunteer post weekly videos of KAPS, anyone watching these videos will see a handful of long term residences, these were generally the ones that came to KAPS pre-contract (or were adopted during this time and returned) and thus falls under the pre-contract policies which were against euthanasia. The rest of the animals, you will not see in future video taken two-three weeks later.

Not that it matters, but I have nothing personally against euthanasia which I know many of you do. However, when possible I like to find an alternative which is why I have aggressively tried to find a solution for Foley. When I worked with KAPS I came to understand several points, one constant point that was a reality we all had to understand was if a dog doesnt look pure bred or perfectly healthy the chances of it getting adopted during there guarantee grace period is very slim. Foley doesnt look attractable because she is fully shaved, I felt like her chances at KAPS would be very slim. Dogs that came from what appear to be puppy mills were generally euthanize without a 10 day grace period because they were relinquished to the shelter and they have never been socialized with humans. One particular dog, I wish I still had her picture was terrified and she herself was in a very bad condition, she was brought in on a weekend and after spending a good amount of time with her where I connected emotionally with her pain, I was then motivated to find a rehabilitation foster home for her (which is quite hard to do). I found one, and when I went back Monday evening to tell the manager I would be pulling her out, I was informed she was euthanize. I was deeply grieved over this as she had never known love and had only worked to produce puppies for years as a puppy mill mama, but I took comfort in the fact she no longer was suffering.

KAPS does have a sanctuary where they do not have to euthanize, but the fact of the matter is at the daegu shelters they do. Do they try to bend the rules as long as possible and keep the animals as long as possible? yes. Sometimes does the city crack down? yes. Just ask Leo from BAPS, he was approached by the city of Busan about a contract with similar requirements as has other shelters in Korea.

I support KAPS, and I think they do a service for Daegu, and will continue to support KAPS. But as Alexandra said the only time they are guarantee is that ten days, after that euthanasia is a strong possibility. I have seen 5 animals dropped off in one day at KAPS in a matter of the 5 hours I was there and only one adopted the whole day, so one can quickly see the need out ways the available homes.

Unless you can help Foley, it is best that you stick to your own projects Emma. I have said nothing wrong, reported nothing wrong. I have clearly stated from experience and from what I have been told.

You asked me to leave KAPS and I have done that there is no reason for you to interfere. If you want to report on KAPS then do so on the appropriate page please: This page was designed to help prevent a dog from going into a shelter where it can easily catch a disease or be euthanize after ten days.

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Foley is still with her rescuer. We had a few options for fostering, one was in Bundang, one in Daegu and one unknown place. Bundang foster home could only keep her two weeks, and since it was such a distance and for a short time we felt like this would be our last option to activate.

The Daegu foster home is having issues with the landlord and is trying to work out a solution.

The unknown location of the third potential foster just contacted us today, so dont know much there.

We have one potential adopter but she is in Andong, so the kinks are not ironed out yet.

We had another offer from another shelter that does not euthanize but we are trying to make a foster/adoptive home work first.

As I said in my original post:

This is not a bad thing, KAPS does what they can for the dogs, but they do have to euthanize after ten days. I would like to find a home for Foley, foster or forever home, asap in order to avoid getting a disease at the shelter or having to be euth in ten days.

During my time at KAPS I was informed that the daegu shelter has a contract with the city which allows them to only hold the animals for the ten day grace period. At which time they can take "reservations" for adoption during that ten days after that they are suppose to but dont always euthanize immediately after the ten days. If KAPS has change the status of their contract with the city since my departure in January, then I stand corrected. It has always been KAPS's preference not to euthanize and I know it has pains Sunnan greatly to be under this contract.

Foley going to KAPS would not be a bad thing, and is an alternative. But it is best for Foley and any dog to avoid shelters when possible whether it is because of possibility of contracting sickness or euthanasia. The fact is she and any animal at KAPS (or any shelter/vet from my understanding that takes in abandoned animals) is only guaranteed ten days by national law, after that well...

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Glad to hear you guys are getting some interest in Foley.
Fingers crossed that she finds her forever home soon.
Good Luck

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Wow, that's great news! Please update when he gets to his new home. Huzzah!

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Check out Foley's awesome update to a tumultuous beginning. ^

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Amazing story and love that photo of Ani/Foley with his new mom and dad. I could cry reading the story. Love it and thank you, thank you, thank you to foster and new parents.

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Thanks annemarie! I further documented her journey here...pretty much the same thing, just blog style so it can be searchable in the future ^^ It's amazing how just a little effort can go a mighty long way: