Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Gold & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Little Bali will be making her way up to Suwon on Saturday. There is a family up there that is extremely interested in adopting her. I will be taking her to Daejeon so she can go with her new forever family! So happy for Bali and excited for her to have a family to call her own now! :)

Bali is still looking for her forever home! She would make such a great addition to your home! She loves cuddles and going on walks outside. Would you be interested in adding her to your home?!

September 24: From Laura who watched Bali for a few days with a little dog she is also fostering: "I dog sat Bali over Chuseok with my foster dog Lucy. She did really well! She is a sweet, mild-mannered dog but it takes her some time to get used to new people. Definitely recommend her for people considering adopting a dog."
Since being home Bali has been great and really affectionate (which she usually is anyways). She's such a good little girl and will let you do what you do need to do before bothering you for pets, cuddles, loving, or even for her walk. She knows once you get out of that chair something exciting is going to happen for her, but she is extremely patient until then. She has such a laid back personality.

August 21: Bali spent 2 weeks with one of my friends because I went to Bali for a trip that I had plans for many months. I was a little worried about leaving her with my friend and wasn't sure how she would act even though she had met this friend before. She apparently did amazing though. She did not take any time to get used to being in a new place. She started playing and eating her food immediately. She was so happy to be home though after two weeks away, as was I to have her back :)

August 2: Bali seems to have come out of her shell a little more recently. She still has some social issues but she has been responding better to my friends in the past week or two. She is starting to go up to sniff people on our walks as well. One night sitting outside a 7/11 she kept going over to a man and laying next to his chair (granted it could be because she wanted food, but I'll take that as a little bit of progress, leaving my side at anytime is a celebration!) She has also started to play a little bit more. She loves running around my little apartment and has a few toys that she has started throwing in the air and chasing. It might all be little things but this little girl has come such a long way since the day I picked her up.

Bali is still looking for her forever home! She's still doing amazing for me and still has only gone to the bathroom outside :)

June 17 (I've added a new photo of Bali. It's from a few weeks ago on the rooftop with some of my friends and her dog. Bali is in the background with little Ringo (also needing a forever home) in the front.) I should also add that as of June 10 Bali is 100% caught up on all vaccines, heart guard, and front line : Bali has still not gone to the bathroom inside at all. Not on the floor or on the pads that I always have down for her. This is week 4 that we haven't had to have any clean ups. She had a little weekend away from me this past weekend where she stayed with a friend of mine. I think she did have a little anxiety while there and wouldn't really eat much of her food. My main goal for Bali is socialize socialize socialize. She is a great dog and so sweet but just really needs some work on the socialization side of things. It's a slow process and she has made progress with my friends that she sees on a weekly basis. She's still looking for her forever home though! :)

June 5: Bali is still doing great. She is loving going on walks everyday and has actually started running to the door when she knows it's time for a walk. She has really cut back on using the potty pads and in the past 3 weeks has probably only used it about 4 times, she is going outside for the most part now! She has had a few days where she has spent all day with my friends and met a few other dogs. She still will stick by me for the most part but she doesn't look nearly as terrified as she used to and will let them come up to pet her or the dogs to sniff her. She's such a sweet dog and all she wants is for someone to love her :)

April 13: Bali is slowly turning into a little snuggler! This first week together we really worked on house breaking and walking on a leash. She is doing so much better with the house breaking. When I am at work during the day she has started to use the potty pads each time!! Today we went on a long walk outside and she did great on the leash. She still get startled by loud noises but she is coming around a lot faster than she did just a week ago. I have added a new picture of her. I took it today after our walk, she was exhausted but still a happy little pup :)!

April 9, 2013:
I picked little Bali up from the shelter on Saturday, April 4. She started out pretty shy with me, however she is really starting to come around. We are working on walking on a leash more and trying to house break her at the moment. She is such a sweet little dog and full of love!

Update: Little Bali is still waiting for someone to come along and give her a chance. She was born in Daejeon Paws shelter, and has spent her whole life there. Could you be the one to finally give her a home of her own?

What a cutiepie little Bali is! She was born in Daejeon Paws with her brothers and sisters 8 months ago. She's gentle and playful, though she's quite shy at first with strangers. Bali is gradually becoming less shy, and she is learning to walk on a leash. Bali and her brothers and sisters all need more attention from people than Mrs. Jung is able to give, so it's very helpful for volunteers to come by and just spend a little time getting them used to being around people. What a great way to spend an hour or two...These pups are full of fun! Unlike so many shelter dogs, they have no memories of being treated badly or being abandoned, they just know the life they have had at Daejeon Paws. They are looked after and they are well fed, but they spend most of their time caged and need so much more. Would you like to be the one to show Bali that there's more to life? If you would like to meet Bali or any of the dogs at Daejeon Paws, please let us know. You are more than welcome to visit!

Adoption Fee: ₩70,000
Location: Daejeon - 대전
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Daejeon Paws


michelle23's picture

if bali is anything like her brothers and sisters she will make a perfect little leap dog!

I hope she finds a home soon~ these pups are so affectionate~ even reno who weighs in at 8kg thinks he's a little leap dog haha

eveliens's picture

Bali's smaller than her brother Paco and really cute. She's shy and really needs help being confident with new people. But very sweet.

deborah's picture

Here are some new pictures of Bali. She's a great little dog, though still a little shy. It would be great if someone would consider fostering her. I think if she was in a home environment she'd become socialized quickly. Her brother and sister were adopted last year, and they're doing great!

marlajoy's picture

She found a foster?! Oh, that's great! What about her brother? Is he still at the shelter?

kates358's picture

Yes, I am currently fostering her. Have only had her for a few days now but she is doing pretty well. Her brother is still at the shelter unfortunately.

deborah's picture

Thanks for the updates! I'm glad to know that she's doing well. Someone is interested in adopting her brother, so maybe he will be out of the shelter soon too.

marlajoy's picture

Bali is absolutely gorgeous to me - I love that scruffy, slightly unkempt dog look!! :) Thanks for the new picture!! :)

deborah's picture

Any news about Bali? How's she doing these days?

laura910's picture

I dog sat Bali over Chuseok with my foster dog Lucy. She did really well! She is a sweet, mild-mannered dog but it takes her some time to get used to new people. Definitely recommend her for people considering adopting a dog.

marlajoy's picture

Hmm, if Bali has a forever home lined up, maybe you could foster her brother, Paco now?! ;)

laura910's picture

Aww! I'm so happy Bali found her forever home. Congrats! She truly is a sweet, gentle, loving dog. :)