Cielo (formerly Halmoni)

Quick Bio

Age: Senior (over 8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Pomeranian
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Golden

Cielo, originally named Halmoni, was rescued from a high-kill pound in October 2009. Because Halmoni was a senior dog with no teeth, Sofia was worried that she couldn't survive at the pound where the dogs were given only hard kibble. Sofia put Halmoni in boarding to save her life and after a few weeks she was transferred to a foster home.

In May 2010 she was transferred to Daejeon Paws. Around this time she developed a severe cough and had to start treatment for a heart problem--Ms. Jung gave her medication every day but in April 2011 a vet said she only had a few months to live. Finally, a year and a half after leaving the pound, Halmoni got a new home and a new name--Cielo.

Update: Cielo got a wonderful home with a dedicated family, and she lived far longer than vets expected. On the weekend we received the sad news that Cielo had died of heart failure, in her mother's arms and surrounded by family.

Cielo soon after her adoption:

Shelter Name: Daejeon Paws


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Oh dang, she looks so cute and happy :D

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I love seeing a senior dog find a home. Especially one who needs a lot of extra care!

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Oh, so Halmoni/Cielo got adopted. I remember seeing her at Daejeon Paws where she looked chirpy and happy and was one of the cutest dogs there. Wondered what happened to her. Did she have a hernia or something?

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Yes, she had a huge hernia that was corrected in January through emergency surgery (it was so big it was starting to really mess things up internally), and then once they fixed one side, she started developing a small hernia on the other soon after. I waited for a month and then got that side stitched up, too, so that she could come back to America as healthy as possible. She is doing beautifully now in my family home in Arizona. Every day when I take her outside she runs around the backyard, turning in circles, and just overall loving the desert air and constant sunlight.

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Cielo in her house in Arizona (April 2012).

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Oh, no! I'm so sorry to hear that. So happy she got as long as she did in a loving home though! :) Thank-you!

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I'm sorry to hear this news. RIP little one.