Congratulations on your new family Pechai!!!!!!!!!!

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Golden
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

UPDATE: 12 April Pechai has moved from Daejeon Paws to a foster home. He has been with us for 2 weeks and quickly proved himself to be quiet, house trained and a whole lot of FUN!!! Pechai loves people and people love him right back as you will see from the comments below. We love having Pechai with us, (my dog adores him) but he still needs a forever family. Do you want a dog who is cute, smart and so so funny? Pechai is a wonderful companion and a pet to be proud of. See my contact details below and come to meet him for yourself :-)

Isn't Pechai adorable? He is a very friendly trusting dog who just wants to play and be petted. Mrs. Jung found him two weeks ago in the hills near the shelter when she was out looking for a lost puppy. We don't know how Pechai came to be wandering around near the shelter, but it seems likely that someone dumped him there. It's hard to imagine why anyone would have dumped this sweet, charming little dog, but he seems to be happy and grateful to have a warm place to sleep and something to eat. Wouldn't it be great if someone would offer him a real home of his own? Pechai is not at all shy, and seems to be very comfortable around people. He would make a great family pet! If you would like to meet Pechai, please let me know, and I would be happy to arrange it. Pechai would love to meet you!

Adoption Fee: ₩60,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Daejeon Paws


bernie_mary's picture

Pechai is living in Seoul now and what a honey! He has clearly been someone's pet and I can't imagine why they would abandon him. He eagerly jumped in the car to ride to Seoul and knows korean commands for sit, down, shake hands and other hand. I don't know if he's been taught to 'sit pretty' or if he was just doing that to see what was on the bench, but it's very cute! He is also fully house trained. He knows how to use a pee pad but mostly just waits go outside. He was recently neutered so I was worried he might mark in the house- NOPE, not at all, even with all the other boy doggy smells around. I still haven't heard him bark and I can confirm he has ZERO agression toward other dogs- but he's not timid either. My own dog wasn't intially charmed by his presence but Pechai waited graciously while my dog said his piece. He is such a happy dog his tail rarely stops moving. He is so cruisey you can clean his ears, check his teeth and generally poke him around and he won't complain one bit. I would say he is completely perfect but will reserve that title until we sharpen up his leash walking - he's so excited to be out he pulls like crazy. Basically, he is the quintessential, waggy tailed, happy, scruffy pup. He is off for a haircut tomorrow so watch this space!!!!!!

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This dog is a character!!! We have been calling him Huckle (as in Huck Finn) because of his playful charm and sense of adventure. When out and about he greets everyone we meet as though they are an old friend. Yesterday he tried to hop in a car with some people outside our house. They didn't know him but were delighted.

Yesterday we went to the vet. Huckle is up to date with shots etc but I wanted to check skin, ears, teeth etc. Vet's report -He is 8.7kg of All Good! His teeth are very clean. The vet thought he wouldn't be much older than 1 year. Having watched him pounce gleefully on unsuspecting sqeaky toys, I can confirm he has a youthful approach to life.

The camera doesn't quite capture his charisma but here are a couple of shots of this cutie at play.

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Thanks for the updates. He looks so happy to be in a home environment... :)

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Yes, he wasn't in the shelter for a long time so still remembers house manners - no jumping on the couch unless invited etc. Smart boy!

Most of all, Pechai (Huckle) loooooves to play. Check out his moves in this link :-)
Wouldn't you love to have this bundle of fun in your home?

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What a difference a haircut makes!!!!! Do you love Pechai's (Huckle) new style?

The grooming ladies were full of compliments about his lovely personality and pretty strawberry blonde markings.

He is all ready for his forever home. Will you be his family?

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He looks so dashing with his new haircut!

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What a dapper boy!! :)

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Pechai had his heartworm prevention and flea and tick prevention meds today so we were all set for a ramble through the bushes in Namsan Park. Lots to see and smell!

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Leeloo and I met Huckle with his new foster family on Saturday. He was SUCH a great boy! He was playful when all the other dogs were playful (there were my schnauzer, Bernie's spitz, a beagle, a yorkie, and a pomeranian), and calm when the time was right!! My Leeloo is a big drama queen, and he put up with her like the perfect little gentleman he is! He also has the most hilarious leaping skills. He would jump off the steps and would be in the air for what seemed like forever, but the best part is he did this without any running start, it's something I've never seen, but was AWESOME! After the play date in a friend's yard, we went to a restaurant/bar and what did Huckle do? BEHAVE, that's what he did! He sat quietly under Bernie's feet the whole time we were there. The place was packed and we were sitting right next to tons of people eating and we were also eating, but he just chilled, waiting patiently for his foster mommy to take him home! Overall, I was quite impressed with his temperament and his everything-friendly attitude and maturity for such a young pup!! If you adopt this fella, you will have ZERO regrets!!!

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Thanks, Amanda. Yep, this boy sure has springs in his feet!!! It's highly entertaining to find him suddenly airborne. He has also found a clever way to get a height advantage over my dog during play. He leaps up so quickly that he is on and off the couch in one movement, flying down to body slam my dog like a pro wrestler leaping off the top rope. Yep, play time with Huckle = wrestlemania ;)

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We have been out enjoying the beautiful weather today and lots of people wanted to stop and say hi to Pechai. I knew that he was good with children but today he proved just how gentle he is. A little girl aged 2 or 3 came running up to us squealing in delight. Pechai stood there smiling and happily wagging his tail while she "patted" him in that way that very young children do. He was completely relaxed and would make a wonderful family dog. Come and meet him and see for yourself!

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Huckle (Pechai) the friendly dog befriending a policeman. See his ever wagging tail!

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Haha! That's so cute!