"Big Puppy"

My new home has a GARDEN!!
My favourite site is ARK.org :)Sleepy headI can walk on a leash now!BP is a cuddle bug!I'm Big Puppy & I'm irresistable :)I love being cozy.Big Puppy :)When I was oh so small!When I could fit into a small box!Playing with my big brother <3I was always a good eaterI looooved to drink my milk!My "big boy" teeth are coming through now!I have very cute freckles on my tummy!

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Black & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

11 May 2012:
On the 6th of May Big Puppy went for a trial adoption with a wonderful family!! I am so elated to announce that they have fallen in love with him & have decided to adopt him officially! His name, given by his toddler human sister, is "Kino". He has made friends with their lovely Lab & their cat and is being a very good boy! Thank you so much to Kino's forever family!!

27 April 2012:
I haven't updated BP's profile for a while because, truth be told, I'm hopelessly in love with him!

I hand raised him from 10-days old when he still needed to be stimulated to wee and pooh. He had nothing but gums, now he has a mouth full of teeth. He was 400 grams, now he is 8.5 kg's.

However, I know that for HIS sake, not mine, it is time to find him a forever home. He is an energetic puppy and he is bigger than most "common" Korean dogs who live in small apartments. It is just not fair for him to live with me in my officetel. The joy that I can see on his face when I take him to the roof and allow him to run free makes my heart swell with happiness and break for him at the same time. I have visions of him in our huge garden at home in South Africa. Digging in the garden and getting nice and dirty. Sunbathing when he feels like it and moving into the nice shade when it gets too hot. Having the house open to him to leave and enter as he pleases. Sleeping inside at night (of course :) ) But to take a dog to RSA is ridiculously expensive, and I already have one small fry to fly home.

Please won't someone love this dog the way I do? You won't regret it. He makes me smile a silly grin EVERY day without fail!

12 March 2012:
Big went for another set of vaccinations yesterday and was weighed - he is 8kg's now :)

I also took him for a training session a few days ago - he is extremely clever and the trainer said he has a great attention span for a dog of his age! We are working on hand signals, which he gets very quickly, and also crate training. He is improving in the crate every day. Also, I am falling more and more in love every day...help!

18 March 2012:
"Add to my list of hobbies: watching the toilet flush... Best. Thing. Ever!"

Message from BP on 13 March 2012:
"I would like to find a forever home that has another medium to large-sized doggy who would like to play with me. I am young and full of energy but I am a very good boy and very clever too! My favourite hobbies are: wrestling, cuddling, eating and kissing. (I think my most favourite of these is kissing.)"

Update 11 March 2012:
Oh dear, poor Big Puppy's adoption fell through & he is looking for his forever home again!
Unfortunately BP's potential mom took another small foster dog (Vinny) who turned out to be heartworm positive. Being an energetic and playful puppy, BP constantly wanted to play with poor little Vinny. After much soul searching, his mom decided to keep Vinny on his own (as he needs a CALM environment & NO exercise during his h/w treatment) so that she could see him through his treatment. We both felt that BP, being a healthy young boy, would find a home easier than little Vinny & we were worried about Vinny over-exerting himself while undergoing treatment. BP is as gorgeous as ever and went straight to the peepad when he got home after his long day on the train. He's loving having 2 bigger playmates here! Thank you Ailie for putting the interests of the doggies before your own. You're a star!

Update 25 Feb 2012:
BP had his 2nd set of vaccinations today, as well as his first heartworm prevention medicine! :)

Update 4 Feb 2012:
Big Puppy had his first set of vaccinations today :) He was a little angel at the vet. He is waiting for someone special to give him a forever home!


This gorgeous puppy was found by my students on the first day of snow. He and his 5 siblings had been born under the school benches and were only about 10 days old. The mom ran off and the students brought 2 puppies to me in the office (sadly, the others were all dead). They were both hypothermic so I rushed them to the vet who warmed them up and kept them overnight in an incubator. That was before Christmas.

Now, both boys are doing wonderfully! It was a battle bottle feeding the hungry little chaps every four hours and I was incredibly happy when they finally went on to solids. Big Puppy is so named because he always was the bigger and stronger of the 2 survivors. Currently he weighs 3.3kgs - a vast increase from the 400grams on that first day at the vet :) (He has been dewormed but not yet vaccinated.)

I am happy to announce that he is now, finally, ready for adoption!

Please contact me if you would like this handsome boy to be a part of your family.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Cheonan - 천안
Living Situation: In foster care


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Clare, you are fabulous!! Thank you so much for being such a dedicated and effective animal rescuer! Please, don't ever stop doing what you're doing (but maybe take a break every now and then!)!

nosdoowbk's picture

ahh he's just sooo cute!!! It's seriously amazing everything you do for these little critters!

clare_bell's picture

He he :) Thank ladies! They're a joy to have, although I must say my officetel is a little crowded right now ;)

clare_bell's picture

This is when Big Puppy was known as "fat puppy"...you can see why! He was always a hungry little boy and ate like a champ!!

clare_bell's picture

Being SO good in his carrier bag, he likes it in there!

clare_bell's picture

Here are some recent photos of Big Puppy being his usual adorable, cuddly self.

And you're waking me up...why...???I'm so handsome!I like to play, then snooze, then play, then snooze, then eat, then play...
MaryNJon's picture

He is a VERY cute little guy! That is so great how you helped him!

showpeipay's picture

do you know if he is a large size breed?
how big will "big puppy" be when he's full grown?

clare_bell's picture

Hi Showpeipay

His parents live at a restaurant next to my school (I'm 99.9% sure they're his parents) and they are both mixed-breed types. Both look to be about 6-7kg's - roughly the same size as a spaniel.

clare_bell's picture

Big Puppy will be holidaying in Nonsan from the 10th of Feb with his awesome aunty while I am on holiday in South Africa. He is still up for adoption and you can still meet him while I'm away if you want.

If you are interested in adopting this cute little character, please complete the adoption application form which you can find here: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/adoption-application and send it to me at the e-mail address listed above.

clare_bell's picture

Some more photos of Big Puppy

Chillin' with my little bro. (Big Pup is on the right)Curled up in the laundry basket :)Big Puppy & Little Puppy - see the size difference. We love each other!
MichelleBrook's picture

Big Puppy is such a doll! He has been doing great and is using the pee pads like a pro!

MichelleBrook's picture

OMG! I love Big Puppy. Dogsitting has been so fun! He was scared of the outdoors and while trying to walk, would stay between my legs and jump on me to pick him up. Needless to say, it wasn't pleasant for me or him. I planned an intervention with his doggie housemate on vacation in Daejeon and we had a puppy playdate in the beautiful government park. Well Big Puppy was happy to see his friend and also very happy to see Bubbles, an asan shelter foster. They had a great time romping in the park and he has done SO much better now on our walks. He is a brave little fella :). and cute to boot. :) He is doing much better in the crate- they key is to be REALLY tired so i have my work cut out for me in the morning. It's so much easier now that he likes the outside! :) Because he is so young and has a small bladder, i come home every 2-3 hours to let him out and use his pee pads. It is working out well because i live very close to school. He loves to play and right now his favorite "toy" is a balled up piece of paper that we play fetch with. :) and he has fallen off from the mattress more times than i can count (don't worry- it's just the mattress on the floor... he falls about 3 inches!) and it cracks me up every time :) He is such a joy!

LauraH's picture

Myself and Bubbles met Big Puppy last weekend for a playdate and he is just SO adorable!! He is much smaller than I thought from the photos, and he is so playful and clumsy and cute! We hope you find an amazing forever home Big Puppy!! <3

linhorobin's picture

Congratulations Clare and Big Puppy!! It sure sounds like BP is going to a home with lots of love! Big thanks to his new family!

annemariew's picture

Congrats to all and thanks to his new mom for adopting him!

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Just heard from his new mom. BP was an angel on the way home and is busy poking his nose into everything and getting to know his new home :)

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Poor boy had to leave his new home and come back to me! (Details at the top of his page.) So he is still looking for his forever home :(

He was happy to be back with my dogs and I and is just as sweet as ever!

Here he is chillaxing last night :)

Loving the comfortI'm tall but I'm still small :)I'm so fluffy & cuddlyI have long gangly legs! :)
clare_bell's picture

BP woke me up with a zillion kisses this morning!! You just know that starting your day like that is a good sign for what is to come... :))

clare_bell's picture

Sundays are for relaxing!

Yes, my hind foot is touching my nose. What's your talent?Perhaps my name should be Kangaroo!! I'm all legs :)
clare_bell's picture

BP is the best snuggler ever! Once he's finished kissing you he will happily snuggle all night long.

clare_bell's picture

Big Puppy now weighs 7kg's :) I think he'll be around spaniel size when he's fully grown.

He loves to wrestle and body slam his playmates! (In a friendly way!) But this is not always appreciated...he would do very well with another playful dog his size or larger.

clare_bell's picture

Squeaky toys are just the best! Big Puppy has such long legs he can easily outrun his brother Noodle.

clare_bell's picture

Big Puppy likes to browse the internet. His fave sites are Facebook and ARK.org!

I update my own ARK profile
Karen's picture

That's adorable!! What a smarty pants!

clare_bell's picture

BP loves to stretch his lanky long legs so we go onto the roof often for some play time. He would LOVE a forever home that has a garden :)

clare_bell's picture

Here is Big Puppy in his fave place - the grass on top of the roof. He gets SO happy when there is grass under his feet, he literally leaps and bounds all over the place!

clare_bell's picture

Handsome boy!

I'm on your chair, so whatcha gonna do about it?
clare_bell's picture

I got a new couch on the weekend...Big Pups is in heaven! Yesterday I went out and left my friend at my house with the dogs. She said she and BP had a lovely cuddly snooze on the new couch :)

I love being cuddledI'm happiest when I'm near you :)
clare_bell's picture

This morning the boys were being especially cute as I was getting ready for school! :)

clare_bell's picture

Here is BP with his new food toy - he loooooves it!!! But he gets most annoyed when it gets stuck somewhere and he can't get it out :) Silly boy! :)

clare_bell's picture

Some photos of BP, now called Kino, in his new home! What a dream come true!!

Look!! GRASS & a GARDEN!! :)))Making myself comfy in this new home with these nice people & animals!My new mom is just lovely <3
Hunt's picture

Oh Clare! I am sending a big hug your way! That had to be one of the hardest things you have ever done, but the selflessness of it will pay you back over the years.

linhorobin's picture

Awww Clare, I am so happy and sad for you and BP!! It's such a bittersweet time, but, as you mentioned before, necessary. You could not have done a better job with this little guy from start to finish, and I hope the knowledge of that will help to ease the grief somewhat! Please, don't ever stop doing what you do for the animals!!

marlajoy's picture

I'm sending hugs your way as well, Clare! It must feel so strange without him around!!

clare_bell's picture

Thank you all so much, I know you know how I feel!! :)

I went to visit him yesterday at his new home and I left walking on air! He is SO HAPPY! I 100% know that it was just the best thing I could've done for him. I can't thank his new family enough!

A member of the family :)
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Update from Kino's new mom:

"Kino is now microchipped, fully vaccinated, and has a lot less goo in his body after having his anal glands expressed! He's not particularly happy with me about it, but at least that's all over with. They didn't have their June surgery schedule out yet when i took him today, but we'll get him neutered sometime this summer (whenever they get an opening). They said that they would just repair the hernia while he was already there and under sedation. It only takes an additional 10 minutes or so on top of the neutering to repair and there's really no additional healing instructions. So might as well take care of it!"

He is loving his new life!! :)

clare_bell's picture

I was lucky enough to be able to visit Kino in his new home last weekend. Oh what a joy it was to see him! He has settled in SO well with his family. He simply ADORES his bigger brother Cody, the black lab. He is as full of energy and as generous with kisses as I remembered :) His hair has grown so long and his coat has lightened up quite a bit. Just adorable!

BP/Kino at 8 months <3Kino & I, his foster mom.
marlajoy's picture

Aww! He looks a little different but he's still CRAZY ADORABLE! So happy that he's so happy!

linhorobin's picture

Clare, I just love that last picture of you two! The look that you are exchanging is loaded with the history between you two!

clare_bell's picture

Kino is doing SO well with his new family!! He has grown so big and his colouring has lightened up considerably. He is still all gangly and extra-fuzzy. I've been lucky enough to visit with him and his family a few times since he was adopted and I consider it a real privilege. Here are some photos from the last time! :)

(Oh, and he's now neutered!)

He still gives the best smooches!!Handsomely scruffy!
clare_bell's picture

Here is an adorable pic of Kino with his adorable sister. Can you handle the cuteness?!

marlajoy's picture

Oh my gosh! What sweeties!! :) It makes me so happy to see him so happy! Nothing is better than success stories!