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A lady of leisureBEHOLD! a dog NOT attacking food. she cuddled on my lap the whole time I had this dinner party. Our Lulu! Look at those eyebrows! Such a good walker! And does she LOVE her walks!"wha? why you still snappin photos?" that face! "Fireside" aka by the heater: Lulu and her foster brother, Chingu. She is teaching him to mellow out. warming up by the "fire" is a favorite of oursLu's first hike. She was great! Had no trouble, actually, she was better than I. ready for actiona time for reflection

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Schnauzer (Miniature)
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Grey & Black
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

2.25.13- IT'S OFFICIAL! Lulu has gone to her forever home and become a member of the Lee family!
Fostering Lulu turned out to be far more dear to me than I could have imagined. I knew from those first few moments with her that she possessed something unique and special. Watching her personality and confidence flower was a privilege I can't forget. It is plain to see she spent the whole of her eight years without stability and pain, a lot of pain. She went from shivering in terror to booty shaking in delight. Rehabilitation works!
I want to give a hearty and sincere THANK YOU! to the Lee family for seeing how incredible this lady is and for ensuring she will never know uncertainty again. The love and thought the Lee's put into adopting Lulu is something that has touched and inspired me- You're an amazing bunch and you've made Lu the luckiest gal around! That's just a fact!

Really and truly, Lulu got her fairy tale ending...CHEERS TO LULU LEE AND HER NEW FAMILY! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! ! !

1.27.13 UPDATE: It has been a long, long time since I've updated Lu's profile. This isn't because I lost interest in her- oh no! It's only because I was busy returning messages inquiring about her. What a popular lady!
And I am THRILLED to say that our Lovely Lulu has found a gorgeous family to call her own. She's is about to become the 7th member of a loving home! Amazing! We couldn't have asked for a better beginning for her.

Thank you to everyone who followed Lu's heartbreaking yet inspirational story. I believe she has felt the love because with every passing day she gets a little bit more serene, and witnessing an already chilled out dog become calmer, well it's like admiring a peaceful monk. Lulu!


12.19.12 UPDATE: Two things I've learned about Lulu: 1. She is game for whatever. Wanna take a nap? OK. Want to go on a looong walk in the snow? No problem. Want to give her a bath? Sure!
2. She is the calmest dog ever. She patiently waits for her food (and boy does she love to eat), she doesn't get possessive or aggressive when her foster brother is up to mischief, and she doesn't fuss...for anything!
The only time Lulu can't control her little booty shake and lets out a few howls is when you get home. She also gets very excited when she meets a new pup and can't wait to get some sniffin' done. One day her leash got away from me (darn my mitten hands!) and we happened to be near another pup. Instant buddies. Now the pup goes nutty whenever she's near because they like to say 'hey' to each other.

I did some reading about schnauzers and learned that they're extremely intelligent [I figured that out a few minutes after meeting her] and therefore tricks like 'sit' or 'gimme paw' can be boring for them. When I've tried this on her she just kind of looks at me as if saying, "human, why? for what purpose should I sit?" So I haven't attempted those kinds of commands again BUT I do believe in the command "Come here!" and this she learned easily and now follows it every day. I've attached a video in the comment box below displaying Lulu's first outdoor "Come here" command success. Check it out!
Since I live in the countryside I get the luxury of allowing the pooches to run off leash. I haven't had one issue doing this with Lulu. In the video you'll see her first reaction of "human, why?" and then it sinks in. She even avoids a tackle from the side! Beautiful!

and of course,
Lulu wishes you Happy Holidays! She also wants to know if you'd like to share some of that delicious holiday roast ya got there ::winkwink::

12.4.12 UPDATE: Turns out, Lulu is kind of a person. I know it's not that cool to personify our pups, but ... she stands on two legs a whole lot! Yes! Lu likes to perch one front paw on the nearest standing object [wall, chair, table, you!] and stand on her hind legs, her free front paw curled to her chest as if clutching a small handbag. She does this while you're cooking- she's very interested in what goes on in the kitchen. She also does it while your typing- she's the literary kind. By the way, she is almost always wearing clothes. At first I bought her sweaters because she seemed cold but now it's like she should be wearing clothes. She loves it! Shame on me for not snapping a proper photo of this! We just got a new camera this week so soon there will be Lulu pics and videos galore!
Whata gal! Whata gal!

11.26.12 UPDATE: Our Little Lulu is doing astonishingly well! Not only only is her personality revealing itself to be as charming as her eyes, but dang! girl looks good too! With lots of walks and healthy snacks her sluggishness has vanished and don't let her modest expression fool you- she struts.

We had friends over for dinner this weekend, the ones who have been vocal about their aversion to pets and dogs (I know! They're weird!). After one hour with Lulu they were making half-baked plans on how to take her home with them [by the end of the night they sadly gave up and are already jealous of her future too...].
One friend said this: "I didn't think dogs like this existed. She's soooo's easy!!!"

Now, we all know there isn't a dog in existence that is plain easy, yet I understand what she was getting at. There is definitely a certain something about Lulu. I wouldn't give myself credit enough to say I have figured exactly what it is about her, she's too clever. I can however say that she is obviously intelligent. I mean, really intelligent. She can learn commands easily and grasps boundaries- that isn't the intelligence I'm talking about. She can access a situation and assimilate seamlessly. She flows. Lulu neither imposes or disappears. She allows her presence to be felt but doesn't boggle you down with - FEED.ME.ATTENTION.ALWAYS.
When we're at home, she relaxes on her own and does her thing. The moment we call her she is right there, wagging tail and all. (When she is really happy she not only wags her tail but does a whole booty shake!)
When we go on a long walk or hike she goes and goes. You'd think from what a snuggle-boo she is at home that she wouldn't be game for intense exercise but she always is! We even go on short jogs and she's all about it!

Lulu has also had some breakthroughs with her crate training. She doesn't fuss, she's just kind of like- okokok this is cool.
Not only that, but she has taken in her foster brother like a son. He jumps at her and nibbles her and I ask her whhyyy do you put up with him?! She just goes along and if could she'd shrug. It isn't her submitting because she knows how to say enough, it's just her accepting. They share food and bones and when he sits still she licks his face. CUTE ATTACK!

She is so ready to go to her forever home. Before my dog became my dog he was my foster and when I first got him I knew he really needed some training before he'd be ready for a family. Lulu, that's not her case. If there is a warm loving home that accepts cleverness and sweetness- she's ready.

Until then, I'm thrilled that I get to keep watching her wiggle under the covers for a nap. It's those little things that really get ya!

11.12.12 UPDATE: Lulu. Sweet, lovely Lulu. You'll have to excuse me if this gets cornball, I can't help myself. She came to be my foster somewhat by chance. I hadn't met her but by reading her profile I could see she needed a warm home instead of the shelter. The AMAZING coordinators arranged for her to become my foster and for a little over a week she has made us a family of four.
It was a risk. Lulu and I were perfect strangers. She could have been a barker or aggressive but she was neither. In fact, being with Lulu has been so easy I sometimes forget she wasn't around before. She just fell into step with us as if it were the most natural thing to do. She has this way about her that she makes the space her own without dominating. Lulu and my boy, Chingu, took about 5 minutes to figure out they'd be friends. Chingu has A LOT of energy, like a puppy, and Lulu is mature and lap dog-ish. Somehow she finds a way to balance play with the hyper brother with her leisure. I wish I knew how to do that!

Lulu has come to us leash ready, house broken, quiet and healthy. We're in the process of crate training and it isn't painful- that is saying something. I cringe at the words...crate training... With her, it's really okay.
Sometimes I ask her- "Lu, what can I do for you? You're making me feel guilty! Wanna learn how to sit?"
Then she looks at me with the prettiest doe-like eyes I've ever seen. :::sighs::: We just stare at each other and I don't even notice I've become mush.
And she does have an answer to my question, what can I do?
Her response is simple: Please, don't hurt me.

I don't know very much about Lulu's past but it's pretty easy to see she has not had an easy life by any means. Judging by the way she acts like a house dog, I wouldn't be surprised if she grew up in a home. I also deem that home was abusive because when she made a poo and I reached towards her to pick up the #2- she yelped like I had given her a real wallop! She expects to get hit if she feels like she's crossed the line. ACK! Heartbreaking! Great that she understands boundaries- in no way all right that she has such a painful reaction.

Lulu is so chill most of the time that it's a little shocking and very sad whenever she displays some insecurity, even if it only lasts a moment.

What has she been through? I can't say. All I'm sure of is that she needs a forever family. Some one or many to prove to her she has made her last stop. When you leave, you'll be back, and you'll keep returning.

Our Little Lu. I say "our" because she is mine, as she is yours and she is for everyone. She has been passed around more than she deserves. You would think that would harden a dog and make them mean; you'd imagine that it would make them too vulnerable and soft- however, no. Not Lulu. She holds her own while being a marshmallow. Our Lovely Lulu is real gold. Let's find this girl her own home!

"I promise if you would give me a loving home for the rest of my life, be patient with me, teach me tricks, I will be a loving companion to you."

Personality: Intelligent, Sweet, Playful, Beautiful Lulu! Lulu LOVES people, attention, snacks. Good with other dogs.
Health status: healthy, 4.5 kg, blood test is normal, heartworm negative, de-wormed, received DHPPL and Canine Flu vaccinations, hernia's fixed.
Rescue story: Lulu was pulled from a hoarding situation, so not much of her early history is known.

She truly is a good girl who needs a forever family that will love her endlessly, can this be you??

If interested in meeting LuLu for a possible foster or adoption, please email Allison at [email protected]. Thank you!

Adoption Fee: ₩80,000
Location: Chungju - 충주
Living Situation: In foster care


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Lulu really just wants her own family. Take a long look at that face.. can you say no?!

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Lulu needs a home.

(photo by H. Nelson)

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June, 9, 2012

Message to Lulu: "Hey Lulu! You are such a pretty girl! We will be up to see you real soon! Be a good girl. xoxo"

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Lulu is so smart and energetic you can't help but love her. She can be a little shy but she is not terrified as so many of her friends can be. Lulu gets special attention from the volunteers. Lulu will thrive in an experienced and loving home. It's where she belongs and what she deserves.
We hope that Lulu get a great home very soon where she can spread the love and cheer.

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June, 2012

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I had the pleasure of spending time with Lulu last weekend. Lulu is absolutely adorable! Friendly, smart, affectionate, playful and quietly curious. She really thrives in the company of others so would make a very loyal companion. I hope she is able to find the best home which she really deserves!

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June, 24, 2012

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Lulu is a very sweet dog! She LOVES people! Come and meet her at Asan shelter!

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Lucky Lulu had a wonderful walk today, and some cuddles, too! :)

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Lulu had a vet check on the weekend. She weighs only 4.5 kg's and could well do with some more meat on those bones.

The number one priority right now though, is operating on her hernia. This surgery will go ahead on Wednesday the 17th of October and we are hoping someone will foster her through her recovery period so she doesn't have to go back to the shelter.

If you would like to foster her, please send a completed application form ( to Sofia: [email protected] and Allison: [email protected]

Thank you!

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I went to visit Little Lulu yesterday. She gave me LOTS of kisses and was begging me to let her out and take her home. She has had a haircut and is looking very pretty!

She reminded me straight away of a Gerenuk!
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Lulu is a healthy doggie!
Her hernia was fixed, she received vaccinations, was tested for heart worms (negative!), etc.
Consider adopting our precious and healthy girl!

We would like to thank Dr. Lee for taking care of Lulu.

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Lulu found a foster?!

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Yes, Lulu found a foster family! Her foster mom will update Lulu's profile soon!

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YES! Lulu has joined our family and we're SOOOO HAPPY to have her! As soon as I can I'll update her profile with pics and stories. She is really realllly special!

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Oh Lulu!!! So wonderful to here she has a foster home now! She is a special one :) Thank you ctorotoro!

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Ctorotoro, I actually cried when I read your introduction at the beginning of Lulu's profile! Good write-up!! It really allows us to see Lulu's heart. You can't help but be touched! :)

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Same here Marla! I was going to comment earlier and got distracted. My eyes filled with happy tears when I read this! Thank you so so much!!

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what a beautiful write up! Thank you so much for fostering this sweet girl! <3

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OH! Thank you Marla, Clare, and Michelle! Thank you for your kind words and support! I wish everyone could see how sweet she is, I could never do her justice. I appreciate the encouragement!!! Lulu does too! She sends kisses and snuggles!

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Beautiful princess! Can't wait to see some shots of her all dressed up. :)

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check out Lulu's first snow day!!!:

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So lovely!

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Wow! I just noticed Lulu's adoption now!!! Such wonderful, wonderful news! You finally got your home, Lulu! :) Thanks to the Lee family!!

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Any updates and pictures of Lulu in her home?! I'd love to know how she's doing!! :)

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Hello Lulu friends,

It's been almost one year since Lulu joined our family and I just wanted to give an update for those of you who know and remember her.

Lulu is adjusting very well to a busy household of six! She quickly chose my second daughter Jude as her "person", but she loves everyone in the family unconditionally. We've had lots of fun taking her on excursions into the mountains near our home and to the beach when the weather was warmer. It's been interesting to see her personality blossom. In the beginning, she rarely barked in excitement or made any noise for that matter. But as she began to accept us as her family, she would great us at the door and give out a loud bark (as all dogs should!) and do her little dance when she finally realized that she was not going to be reprimanded for the barking.

All is well in Lulu-land. Hugs and kisses!

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Thanks so much for the update! :) Sounds like things are going well. :)

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Hi Lulu and family!

Thank you SO much for the news and the photos. How could we ever forget Lulu? What a darling she is. I LOVE her Halloween outfit! It means so much to us volunteers and adoption coordinators when forever homes send updates. It makes us so happy to see her doing so well. It really made me smile.

Thank you! Please give her some extra kisses from me.

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Wow, it looks like Lulu knows she's the luckiest little girl in the world :D Thanks for sharing the happy update!