Grandpa (AKA: Monty)

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Brown
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
Adoption Status: Adopted


I'm happy to let everyone know that Monty's foster mom has decided to keep him! So happy that he is now in his forever home!

Oct. 2012
Still looking... : (

Sept. 2012
Wonderful Monty is still looking for a home! Please consider taking him in!

July, 2012
Grandpa would love to be able to settle down somewhere with a kind and loving family! He is such a delightful guy, and has been through so much! Please consider adopting Grandpa!

June, 2012
This handsome cocker spaniel is still seeking his forever home!

Grandpa/Monty has had a very challenging and eventful year, but he has been taking everything in stride!
Please read below for the highlights of Monty's story and the comments from some of the many people whose lives he has touched!

April, 2012
Grandpa's story is trekking steadily along toward its happily-ever-after!
He has fought and slain the dragons of shelter life and serious health issues, and he has won the heart of many a prince and princess along the way. Now all he needs is the undying love of his one-and-only to get his tale finished up properly!
Please consider being that hero(ine)!

March, 2012

Grandpa/Monty has been thriving in his foster home!! His health issues are all under control, and his beautiful copper coat is really starting to grow back in now that his skin condition has been successfully treated.
All this gentleman needs now to make his life complete is his very own forever home!
So many kind and compassionate people have gotten him so far from where he was just a few short weeks ago. All we need now is an individual or family who can love and care for him for the rest of his days- and this sweet guy will make that task very easy!

UPDATE: Feb. 27, 2012

Grandpa has been feeling so much better, and today he got discharged from the hospital and went to his brand new foster home!! Thanks so much to Elizabeth for fostering him, and of course, to all of the people who have donated time and money to help Grandpa get better!

He is still looking for his forever home, and after having gone through so much, he truly deserves a wonderful home and family to call his own. Please consider adding this tough old bird to your family!

UPDATE: Feb. 13, 2012

Thanks to many compassionate animal lovers who have been so generous with funding and time, Grandpa has begun his journey toward a clean bill of health! He is currently staying at a vet clinic and receiving intensive treatment for his maladies, the benefits of which can be seen in his greatly increased energy and renewed interest in cuddling and playing with his caregivers!

Let's make sure Grandpa never has to spend another second in a shelter again... Please consider offering a warm and loving foster or forever home to this gentleman for when he has finished his treatment!

UPDATE: Jan. 28, 2012

Grandpa is currently dealing with some serious health issues, and volunteers are working very hard to get him back to health. Please keep this special character in your thoughts during this time, and keep watching for updates on his road to recovery.

UPDATE: Jan. 24, 2012

Monty is still waiting for his forever family.

His enclosure on the hill is somewhat exposed to high winds, and as a spaniel, Monty is not specifically built to tolerate long and harsh winters.

The expression on his face says it all! Please consider giving this wonderful gentleman a warm place to stay and a loving family to care for him!

Monty lives on the hill at the Asan shelter with several other spaniels, and he seems to get along quite well with his roommates, however, due to his enthusiasm toward any and all human interaction, and the "please-take-me-home-with-you" gaze he has mastered, it can be assumed that he is a people-dog all the way!

Monty has a little bit of silver peppering his muzzle, which indicates that he is a mature fellow, long past the frenzy of puppyhood. On the same note, he is easily able to keep up with his multiple roommates, some of whom are probably much younger than he.

This handsome (and somewhat mysterious) lad most certainly has a fighter's spirit and a lover's soul- you can see it in his eyes. In fact, if you offered this special individual a forever or foster home, you could look into those marvelous eyes everyday. Please consider taking Monty into a safe and warm place.

Adoption Fee: ₩75,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In foster care


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Oh my goodness, look at that sad face! :( He is so handsome, I hope someone will foster him soon!

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I can't believe I didn't realise that Grandpa was Monty! Look at that face, it makes me so sad that he didn't get out sooner before he got so sick :(

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It's really good that his health issues have been discovered and that so many people are working so hard for him now! Clare, what do you think I should do with this posting? Should I take it down, or try to keep it updated?

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Hi Lindsay :) Hmmm, I think you should keep it up - why don't we copy/paste my stuff across? Put it all under one? Oh, but his fundraising was done under my one...sorry for creating confusion! What do you think? I'm happy with either :)

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Hi Clare- I think it makes more sense to go with the post that has the fundraising information! For some reason, I thought you took your post down and I was wondering if I should do the same, but if your post is still up, then we should definitely go with that! Unfortunately, I am not good with computer stuff. so I'm not sure about copying and pasting and such... let me see what I can figure out! Thanks Clare!

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OK, thanks :)

For those looking at this page, here is this sweet boy's other profile:

By the way, I heard from the girls at the shelter and as we speak he is being transported to the vet hospital for some intensive treatment :) Good luck old boy!

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I've consolidated both of Grandpa's listings into this one, so the link above will no longer work but all the info and pics are now here.

This was posted by clare_bell on Jan. 25th:

This old boy URGENTLY needs a foster home.

I don't know his history, all I know is that he is very, very sick and he needs our help.

Mr Park noticed that Grandpa was not well when he was up on the hill with the other spaniels. Mr Park took him down to the bottom cages where Grandpa could have some quiet time and where he can be treated easier. However, the icy cold weather at this time of the year is NOT kind to those who are sick.

Last Sunday, I saw Grandpa for the first time. He could barely open his eyes. I carried him to the pen indoors where he could be near the heater and covered him in blankets. He slept like that almost the entire time we were there. He had a bit of an appetite and gladly ate some of the tinned dog food we offered him. Then he curled himself up again and snuggled in his blanky for the rest of the time.

PLEASE help Grandpa! He is missing a lot of fur, is weak and lethargic and his eyes don't even want to open. As far as I'm aware, Mr Park has taken him to the vet, but this old boy needs URGENT TLC in a WARM home.

Please, contact me if you want to foster Grandpa and help him fight (and win) this battle!

I don't know what his skin disease is so if you have other pets then you should only take him if you have room in your house where you could keep him isolated but warm.

Video from Asan Shelter on January 22:

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If he hasn't found a foster home yet...please let me know. I think I could be able to help out

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Thanks Elizabeth, I see you are on FB so will contact you shortly :)

Update on Grandpa: He is in an animal hospital in Pyeongtaek and getting intensive medical care. This is what Kate had to say:

"Went and visited Grandpa today at the vet and the little guy was in great spirits! His eyes look like they're clearing up with the antibiotics and he has a healthy appetite. The vet tech was just getting started on giving him a bath and haircut and Grandpa looked excited for this! His hair has to be shaved in order to make the medical baths most effective. I spoke with the vet and he said Grandpa has been a sweetheart since he checked in. He still recommends that he stay for a couple of weeks in order to be certain the Scabies is clear and that Grandpa is in his best health to go to a foster/forever home."

Grandpa Monty's first day at the animal hospitalThe bill for the first week of treatment.
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Is there any news on a foster home for Grandpa yet? Elizabeth - I asked Kate to be in touch with you as she was the one most involved with Grandpa and his vet. Any news?

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Yeah, she messaged me a couple of times about him. We are just waiting till his time is up at the vet. Since everything has been paid for, we both thought that it would be good for him to just stay the full time to make sure that everything is ok. I'm ready to pick him up whenever he is finished at the vet's.

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Hi Lindsay & Elizabeth

I'm out of the country so have lost touch with Grandpa's progress. Any news on him and whether he is still at the vet?

Elizabeth's picture

Yep, he is still at the vet. I'm planning on meeting Kate on Sunday and picking him up from the vet's. :)

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From Monty's foster mom:
"Monty settling in for a nap. He is a super chill dog, he likes to go for walks and play with his chew toy. He's also really good with other dogs."

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Hey all,
Just a quick note on Monty. He is potty trained! He hasn't gone to the bathroom once in my apt, and always waits till we go for walks. He is also ok with me leaving. He doesn't bark, and is pretty quiet. He loves going for walks, and playing with his chew toy. He is friendly with other people, and other animals don't bother him. He is pretty relaxed dog, but still up to play for a bit. He may be a bit older, but he still has alot of energy left in him! Thanks to everyone for helping him on his road to recovery. Now all he needs is some hair :)

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He looks so cute and comfy!! Thank you Elizabeth for taking him in!! What a lovely chap! Please put more pics as soon as you can. Love seeing the transformation!

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Love the new pics!!

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Monty is an amazing dog. I had the honor of watching him last weekend while Elizabeth was on vacation.

Monty is super chill. I've never met a dog with such a low energy, but still full of life. He loves to cuddle but isn't overly affectionate. He rarely barks (in my experience, only at people he thinks are going to "jump" you) and he really loves to enjoy fresh air and meeting new people and dogs.

He'd do well in a family with children or other animals. In fact, I think he'd do even better with another dog friend. He has some of the cutest "puppy dog eyes" I've ever seen!

Please consider bringing Monty to your home forever. He will love you to death and be right by your side to protect you.

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Look at that grin! That's a happy dog if I've ever seen one!! Thanks so much for the update on this sweet little man!

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Can't believe this guy hasn't been snapped up yet!

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Could we have some more photos and maybe a video or two of this lovely chap? Please??? :)

Elizabeth's picture

Sure thing! I'll take a couple of pics/videos of him soon, and upload them.

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Thank you! That would be amazing! :)

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What a history this guy has! So glad he`s doing so well! Thanks foster family!! Hopefully his forever family will find him soon!! :)

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Hope you don't mind, but I found these on the Facebook page so I thought I'd upload them under his ARK profile :)

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No problem, that's why I uploaded them :)

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Oh, that is SUCH wonderful news!!!! This guy has been through so much and so deserves such a wonderful home!! Thank you! :)