Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Terrier (Yorkshire)
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

This sweet, small (her listing saids 3 kg, but there is no way) girl is extrememly under weight. She is practically a skeleton. She is so small and so sad. You can tell she is use to having her own space with her own family, but for whatever reason she was left cold, hungry and alone and found her ways to KAPS.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting please let me know asap. All the animals at KAPS does have a time limit, but more so because it is getting cold. With the little meat she has on her bones, it is def hard for her to stay warm.

Update 01/14/2012: When Ava came to me, she weighed 1.3 kilos. Today she weighs 2.4 kilos. She has completed all her immunizations and is now 100% healthy.

UPDATE 02/08/2012: Ava is battling K9 flu, along with Milton, one of my dogs. I think they may have contracted it at the groomers. She was given one bag of fluids with antiobiotics (to battle possible secondary infections) in response to dehydration. I am now using a syringe (minus the needle) to force her to drink fluids. She is a tough little cookie and is fighting the illness, but she has lost weight. Today she weighed in at 1.9 kilos.

Adoption Fee: ₩400,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: KAPS: Daegu


julie's picture

What is the "time limit" for the dogs at Daeju?

Bittersweet's picture

I'm interested in adopting. She looks adorable. I'm sure with some love, healthy food, and care she'll make a lovely companion. I turned in an application, so as soon as I hear back, I'll make a trip to Daegu to find a friend to bring home. I'm also curious about the this "time limit" for these dogs.

adoptbullies's picture

@ Julie all strays are guaranteed 10 days by Korean law which is granted in order to help their possible owners find them. However after 10 days nothing is guaranteed. KAPS tries to keep all animals as long as possible.

@ Bittersweet: Thank you for your interest! Please download and complete the application and email it to adoptbullies at gmail dot com. http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/how-to-adopt

Bittersweet's picture

I filled one out 2 days ago :) . I'm planning on visiting Saturday with a friend. How long does the application process usually take?

adoptbullies's picture

Great! The application process can take 5-7 days to finalize everything. :)

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veronica is not doing well in the shelter, she need to be in a warm home soon for a fighting chance~

dorothy and toto's picture

Is Veronica still there?Is there a foster home lined up for her?

Bittersweet's picture

I was told she was in a foster last week. I wish they had that info updated. I would really like to visit her, but I understand they are busy until late February.

turtlegal's picture

Is this little one in foster care?

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Yes, she is. She is available for adoption ^^ Please send your application to KAPS.Adoption(at)gmail.com and we'll put you in touch with her foster mom. Thank you!

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I'm not in position to adopt her, I was just hoping she was out of the shelter as she's so little!

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I would love to adopt Veronica. I'm glad that she is out of the shelter and have someone to take care of her. Time Limit T.T

hakuna.matata's picture

Dear Nancy,

I am wondering if you could provide an update on Ava. Last we heard, she had contracted the K9 flu, and was listed as 'no longer available for adoption'. I would like to update KAPS staff on her condition. I really hope she pulled through. Thank you so much for fighting for her. You can send me a private message if you'd like: [email protected]

Warm regards,

Sara Tilley
KAPS Volunteer Foster Coordinator

adoptbullies's picture

Ava is fine and per our agreement I am working with Nancy to get her KAPS fosters adopted. When they are adopted, I will update KAPS as I have always done.

Karen's picture

A very late update: Ava was adopted by her foster parents and now lives in the US :)