Koala Bear

Quick Bio

Age: Senior (over 8 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Pomeranian / Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

February 19th: Koala has been adopted by his amazing foster mom! Congratulations, little guy! You deserve this! Thank you so much for loving Koala so well and giving him a safe, forever home, Doris. What a happy ending! :)

February 4th: Koala is STILL waiting! His foster says he's come so far, and that he deserves a forever home. if you are interested in meeting his fuzzy little dude, please don't hesitate to contact me at [email protected]!

January 20th: Koala is loving life and loving his foster home! He is really beginning to open up, and learning how to trust people. Koala would love to find that special forever home where he could live his life as the pampered pooch he deserves to be!

December 24th: Koala is doing VERY well in foster care. He is learning how to trust people and becoming more and more loving each and every day! Koala got a nice haircut recently, so that his new fur will grow in soft and clean. A fresh start for his fresh new life!

December 1st: Koala went into foster care today! A huge thank you to Doris for taking such good care of this precious little dog! Check back often for updates and progress reports on this little guy!

November 27th: Koala Bear is still waiting at Asan, although he had some nice girls visit with him and spend some time cuddling him on Saturday. I think with the right person to help him through his issues, Koala Bear would make a quiet, dignified companion. This little man does not deserve to live out the rest of his life at a shelter: he has already been waiting for so long. Please give him a chance!

Koala Bear is a cute and tiny pup (he wouldn't be more than 3 kgs!) who is, unfortunately, really shy. If he wasn't, I'm sure he would have been snapped up ages ago because he is so, so cute! He only needs a kind and patient home and he'd come out of his shell. Will you be the one to give him a chance?

He lived up on the hill so he didn't get out very often (or ever) because he doesn't like to be touched much. He'll let you pat him under his chin though and take treats from your hand, but if someone had the time to visit her a few times and sit with him then I'm sure he'd get more friendly.

He's not a high energy dog so he'd suit someone who's a bit of a homebody, and he'd make a great winter cuddler with his fuzzy fur. Winter outside is often too cold for little ones like him so he'd be very pleased to have a warm home.

If you want to foster a dog then please think of little Koala Bear. It would be really rewarding to help him get over his fears and he's one of the ones who really NEEDS a home before it gets too cold.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Nonsan - 논산
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


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Hello dog lovers!

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Koala Bear had short hair in the summer (I think she had some kind of skin problem) but she was still super cute, and so photogenic too :)

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Koala did EXCELLENT today!! She came right up to say hello, and stayed up near volunteers as they were in her pen. Once the wind started blowing, and snow falling.. she was out of there! She snuggled into her bed with her favorite pen mate. Please consider this teeny baby :)

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Jan, 15th, 2012

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Koala Bear is too cute!! She is a shy girl with so much potential. All she needs is someone to give her some one-on-one love and attention. She came up to us right away and ate treats out of our hands. She sniffed us cautiously and was so curious to see what we were up to. I can tell this girl will be a great companion one day, if you just give her the chance. She is adorable in pictures but 100 times cuter in real life!!

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Koala is adorable, I may have to make a trip up to Asan to see her. I live in Gwangju and am sincerely interested for giving this precious girl a loving home.

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If we would like to see Koala Bear, when would we be able to come to the shelter? Please and thank you.

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There is a volunteer group heading out on Saturday morning. You are certainly welcome to join us and see Koala. We meet at the Cheonan Asan Train Station at 11:00 and take cabs out to the shelter.

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I work from 1pm-4pm, so unfortunately that is cutting it too close :( Would it be possible to go on Sunday by chance?

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You may need to make arrangements with Mr. Park directly for a Sunday visit. Please contact Allison Young via email for help in connecting with him, directions, and for the documents you need to get sorted for a possible adoption: [email protected]
Thank you for your interest in Koala and Asan Shelter!

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Okay great! Thank you so much for your help. I truly do appreciate it!

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I made a few small steps with Koala this weekend, as I am slowly gaining his trust. He is clearly traumatized and scared in his surroundings, but I know there is a super sweet boy behind his sad eyes. I was able to pet him briefly and he is starting to recognize me as a regular there.

Fortunately, lots of new volunteers visited on Saturday and did lots of organizing and cleaning of the kennel areas. They also teamed-up and helped with making sure every dog got a freshly cleaned dog house put in their pen. Each dog house was the lined with the brand new self-warming heating pads that arrived this week. Koala should be much warmer now!

It is getting cold and windy at Asan, so come out and visit the great animals there, like Koala, who are ready for a second chance.

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Check out a short video clip of Koala up close as he is slowly warming up to contact.

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Koala got out of his enclosure this last weekend! He sat bundled up on a warm lap in the sun. While he's still very shy and scared, after some petting he managed to calm down enough to close his eyes and relax. I think he has a load of potential and I can't wait to see him go to his foster home!

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Does anyone know if Koala has been tested for heartworm recently?

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Koala Bear was heartworm negative, as of his last test, which I *think* was done in the spring.

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His last heartworm test was actually this past week, and yes, he's negative! <3
This little health book is useful!

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After a few days in his new foster home, Koala has settled down to the point of almost being a whole new dog! He likes being scratched behind the ears and under the chin (but we still have to approach slowly!), loves breakfast and dinner, and can often be found dozing on a warm fuzzy blanket.

He went to the vet last night, and he was pretty good!! Koala had a fungus in his ears, so they cleaned out a LOT of it and gave me some antibiotics for this next week. Next Thursday he gets his 2nd round of distemperment as well as a bath and some very simple grooming. He'll get to show off his new coat after a trim!

"Uncle" picked out some wet food for Koala, so he has been enjoying a rotation of lamb, turkey ... and kangaroo. Koala seems to really like all three (I can't imagine there is any room for complaints though, haha) and has been polishing off his food bowls with no trouble at all. This fluffy boy is going to make a great companion for someone!

He is still a little touchy about being approached too fast or having his back/hips/legs touched suddenly, but all things considered he is making good progress. I will post some videos and pictures later this afternoon - this snowstorm has suddenly freed up my time!

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Here are some videos of Koala! This one is taken a few days after he was in foster care with me - he was better about being touched around the head, although there were still some spots that were touchy that I was careful to avoid and made sure to work on with him in coming days!

Here is a second video, longer, of being scratched and - wait for it - actually wagging his tail!! I was so excited! It was the first time in a non-food related incident that he wagged his tail for me, and it was great! In this video you can see me scratching near his back end, which before was hard to do without being "reprimanded" (haha). Koala is really a character, and loves affection! He is doing better EVERY day!

More videos to come soon!

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Here are some pictures from before and after his haircut! :) Handsome little man, he looks like a puppy with his fresh hair cut! I have to remind myself he's a senior citizen sometimes!

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He looks SOOOO adorable! :) Thanks!

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He looks SOOOO adorable! :) Thanks!

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I'm so happy he got ADOPTED!! Sooo amazing!!