Penelope (now "Penny")

Penny and her new mum and dad <3
Penelope 21 Aug 2012Penelope wants out!

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Spaniel (Cocker)
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Orange
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update 8 September 2012:
I am so very happy to announce that Penelope has found her forever family!! She was adopted on the 1st of September and has settled in well to her new home. Her mom and dad are completely smitten with her...well who wouldn't be?! :) I was lucky enough to meet up with Penny and her mom this morning. She looks fabulous and her little tail did not stop wagging!
Great news on her lip, it is healing well and so she has only had to have one other operation. Today she had her stitches removed and she will have another checkup in a week. Let's hope that's the last time she'll need surgery on her lip! Thank you to all who helped this special girl find her wonderful parents. What a happy ending!
See comments section for more photos of Penny in her forever home <3

Update 29 Aug 2012:
Penelope is still in boarding as her lip is not healing properly due to the lack of viable tissue. The vet will do 2-3 more minor operations to reconnect the tissue. She received Heartguard on the 22nd of August 2012.

Update 18 Aug 2012:
Penelope has had her surgery and is being boarded at the vet. I have been receiving updates via kakao talk from the lovely vet nurse. Penelope is doing very well but wants to get out of her hospital cage and get that annoying cone off her head! She has also tested negative for heartworm (yay!!) and received an antibody test which shows she only needs one booster injection. (I'm not sure what for yet as I have limited communication with the nurse.)

Update: 8 August 2012
I brought Penelope with me from Asan to Cheonan because I had a foster lined up to see her through her recovery post-surgery. Unfortunately, the nasty landlord issue raises its ugly head again. >.<
We are now, once again, looking for someone to take care of this sweet girl. She NEEDS to be in a clean environment for her recovery period, she cannot go back to the shelter! Please contact us if you can help her!

Update: 4 August 2012

*Edit* - Sorry, I got my wires crossed. Penelope has NOT been stitched up yet :( The vet who saw her said she needs to be in a clean environment with proper follow up care before she gets stitched/operated on. PLEASE, urgent foster home needed for her to recover in! If you can help, please mail your application form to [email protected] or [email protected]. Thank you!! I will be visiting her tomorrow and will take plenty of pics and update this profile asap.

Update: 2 August 2012

Penelope needs out!! She was living in the cocker pen and somehow got involved in a scrap. The "scrap" resulted in a torn lower lip which required a lot of stitches to put her back together! Poor Penelope :( The vet has said the wound is healing but it has a minor infection. He says that it will need about 2 months to heal fully. It will also need to be cleaned a few times a day and ideally she should be living in a clean environment where she can be under observation and receive some TLC.

She would really love to be in a foster or forever home while she feels so grotty, rather than in the shelter. Please help her!
Written by Stefaniee, former author:

6/2.. Penelopes still waiting for her family.

4/19.. Spring has arrived! Come visit at the shelter!!

2/26.. Calling all spaniel lovers! I'm a sweet lady. I enjoy spending time with my human friends, and I am very lay-low.. please consider making me your furever addition..

1/1/12.Penelope was her cheerful self today. She went on a few walks, met some new people, and was very polite and patient while her pen got cleaned. A recent photo has been added.. check her out!!!

Penelope is a sweet little cocker on the look-out for her forever family. Shes a fairly new arrival, and cant wait to get back out of the shelter. Shes a fun girl, eager to greet anyone who approaches her cage and share a playful interaction. She enjoys meeting new people, sharing LOTS of kisses, and going for walks. She'll be a perfect lapdog, and a loyal forever companion. Her hope for 2012 is a family that will love her unconditionally! Shes a great girl ready to embrace a new life.

If interested in meeting Penelope for a possible foster or adoption, please contact; Sofia at [email protected]

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Cheonan - 천안
Living Situation: Boarding


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Cocker Spaniels are great dogs! They really know how to relax... but then they also have sudden bursts of energy! Penelope, Emma and Dantes have their paws crossed for a home quickly!

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yes i loveeee cockers

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Happy Holidays to everyone out there!! Love, Penelope

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Any updates/new photos on Penelope from anyone out there?? thanks!!

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Penelope needs our help! She needs some TLC after having her lip torn. Luckily she received vet care and has been stitched up, but she should be in a clean & calm environment where someone can give her medicine and clean her wound until it is fully healed. Please consider fostering or adopting Penelope.

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Penelope is hoping to meet her forever family soon! She just needs some TLC...


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Look who got adopted!!

Here is Miss Penny Lane in her new home <3

Congratulations sweetheart!

The day she went home :)Look! A comfy home!Is that contentment or what?!Travelling on the KTX with mom :)
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Aw, so great! OMG, that picture of her on the train...what an incredible shot!

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Congrats to Penny and her new family, and thanks, Clare, for working so hard for her!!

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All kitted out for the typhoon :)

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This is Penny's mom, Leah, and I just wanted to update how our sweet Penelope is doing! Everything is going wonderfully with her! She is doing great with apartment training and we haven't had an accident in AGES! She has so much personality and makes us laugh/giggle constantly. She loves to nest before sleeping, so we lay blankets throughout the apartment for her to get comfy in and she sleeps on a big, fluffy comforter on top of a mattress pad at the foot of our bed. :) Penny is now eating Natures Variety dog food and we found an awesome "stimulating" toy for her to get fed from, since she likes to scarf her food and we wanted to help with tummy troubles. She is amazing at the toy! I'm including a link here:

. She gets lots of toys sent from my mom in the States and is always intent on pulling the squeaker out as soon as she can! She is such a smart and clever pup. :) We skype with my parents and Angelo's and she is very interactive with them on the computer screen! Here's video of her with a toy from a family friend:

We take her to the vet on Wednesday for her teeth scaling and everything seems to have healed well with her jaw. We found a vet that we love who is conveniently right across the street and she adores him and his nurse. Penny goes on walks every morning with me and she has some familiar friends along the way who look forward to pats and treat-giving (I don't think she minds, either!). Angelo is home with her throughout the day and we discovered a great outdoor garden/grass area in our apartment building that she loves to visit. We throw the ball for her there and she is getting SO GOOD at bringing it back and putting it in our hand! She loves to visit the dog park and gets along so well with the other dogs and owners- she is so popular there!

We couldn't be happier or more thankful for Clare and everyone who worked so hard to take care of her and help her be the wonderful dog that she is today. She is such an amazing blessing to our lives! Thank you again!

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My heart melts at this update. Thank you so much!! Yay Penny!!