Edna (Rue)

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Female
Breed: Terrier (West Highland White)
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: White
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
  • Bonded pair

I'm absolutely devastated to write that Rue has passed away. She was on a walk with my boyfriend when she decided to come looking for me (she knew where I worked). She crossed a busy street and got hit by car. We rushed her to the vet and she died a few minutes later.

This has been the worst month of my life. I miss her every single second. She was a perfect puppy. I loved her little white eyelashes and lids that looked like they had eyeliner on. I loved her perfectly curled tail. I loved the way she whined and went crazy every time I came back to her (even just after the bathroom). I loved her big questioning ears and smiley face. I loved the way she played with Prim and looked like two mini wrestling polar bears. I was planning to adopt her and bring her home to my family that had already fallen in love with her in through Skype. I loved Rue more than anything and I miss her terribly.

Prim has been doing fine without her. Sometimes I can see my playful little trouble maker Rue when I look at her. If you knew my little baby (either as Rue or Edna) and would like to talk about her more,you can email me at [email protected]

I've now had Rue and sister Prim for about 2 months and they are really improving! Rue is greeting strangers and sleeping with my boyfriend and Prim has become the best little walker ever! Prim loves to run around at the school playground near my house where she honestly looks like white lightning she's so fast! They are both such sweet dogs and not at all hard to handle together. They love each other and would love to be part of your life! Also, I think they could be fine solo but they are just so cute when they play that you wouldn't want to miss it! Please consider adopting my two little darlings; it would break my heart to say goodbye to them but they need a forever home while they're still puppies! They will steal your heart!

What to say about my little Rue (she wasn't responding to Edna so we changed her name to Rue from The Hunger Games and Clover responds to Prim)?! She is the best little troublemaker! Rue has such a sweet face and absolutely adores me, her new foster mom. She loves to cuddle and kiss and check on me whenever I'm doing anything! She also loves to run around like a crazy dog inside the apartment, tear apart paper, and play with socks. She is a good listener and stops when you say, "No." (Pri doesn't do anything bad so we never have to say "No" to her). She can be so brave one minute and very shy a second later but generally, she's a very happy, lovable, great dog. She's still a puppy so she needs a little training and socialization but I love her dearly and would like to find her and Prim a good home, together if possible but it's not necessary!

Edna is a funny little gal with a spunky personality! She is a little more rambunctious than her brothers and sister, although still a little bit timid. Her short little legs and long body give her the appearance of a daschund. She lives at Asan shelter with a lot of other dogs, but is desperately in need of some human attention and interaction. It would be nice for Edna to find a foster or forever home before the harsh winter really sets in. She is so small and I worry about her spending the winter without a warm, loving home. I hope that there is someone out there who can give little Edna the home she is waiting for.

From Edna's former foster mom:

"When we first started fostering the dogs, it seemed good that we had them both together. But it's been increasingly clear that when the girls are together, they are able to hide behind one another and they tend to panic more. We've taken to walking them separately because of this, with much better results. So, we are hoping that somebody might be able to provide a full-time home for one of them as soon as possible."

Also, the foster-family's work schedule has changed unexpectedly, and they are unable to give Edna or Clover the amount of care they require to help them overcome their shyness:

"Our employer has been increasing our hours lately (which unfortunately is allowed under our contract) and we've been home less than usual. Last week, we had to stay at our school and we were forced to board the dogs for three nights. Since they came home, they have been hiding under the couch, pretty much all day. The dogs have all of their physical needs met, it is warm here and they have plenty of food and water. But we are really only able to spend time with them on the weekends now, and the small bit of progress that we see on the weekends tends to disappear completely during the week. We are really worried about their developing relationships with humans, and we think that if it is possible, it might be best to try to find them another foster home with somebody that lives closer to their job."

If you think you could help Edna in any way, please contact me ASAP. Thank you!

Shelter Name: Asan Shelter


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It would be great if she could get fostered by someone living near the people who adopted or fostered her siblings. They must miss each other.

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This sweet girl needs a foster or forever home stat! Last time i was there, her and her siblings were so shy they did not want to be picked up and also have no idea how to walk on a leash. She will pick up walking on a leash and housetraining SO fast right now! This may be more of a challenge later on. She is such a sweet, cuddly girl once you pick her up. Please consider her during this very important formative time in her life!

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Hi, I would be very interested in Fostering her! What would be the next step?

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Hi Julia, thank you!

Please fill out the application form (http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/adoption-application) and e-mail it to [email protected] and [email protected]. It is called the adoption application but we use the same one for fosters.

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Okay!. I just sent my application to them. Thank you!

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Sisters Edna && Clover, and some belly rubs

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Edna and Clover in their new foster home!

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Aww! I bet their SOOO happy to be warm, comfy and together!!! :) thanks yall. lets hope these 2 can get adopted together.

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Love it! Looks like they are settling in veeeeery easily!! ;o)

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Edna needs a new foster (or forever home) ASAP.
Please consider fostering Edna. Her current foster parents don't have enough time to fullfill Edna's needs (due to changed work hours).

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This is Prim/Clover

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From Edna's foster parents:
"These adorable dogs are sisters and were raised at Asan shelter. They have been living with us, their foster parents for about a month, and having been doing so well! They are lovely girls and really deserve their own forever home!"

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I talked with my Husband, He said we can foster Edna and Clover for a bit until they Find their furrever homes, We have Soju( formerly named ROO), their brother, I just need someone to contact me so we can get them into the home and get them going on their journey into their Happy lives. You can get ahold of me on facebook Betty Lynn VanderPoel, I have already been in contact with another regarding them but if anyone needs more info from me just pm me there.

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Hi mistresslizzy, can you email me at [email protected]? Let's see if we can work something out.^^

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Edna and Clover
When I had the flu this weekend, the girls stayed snuggled in bed with me.

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The Girls love their walks!

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And playing.
Do you have room in our heart for Edna or Clover?

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Please contact Jeff Sinclair and family about adopting one of them. They are willing to visit in Seoul. I don't know if he has already contacted you. [email protected] if not, then I'll pass on his contact info.

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he wrote on Prim's profile so i got him there and also sent an email thanks!

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I'm so sorry to hear about Rue's passing. My thoughts are with you.

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RIP sweet little girl. Hope Prim continues to flourish..