Scruffy - Concentrated Cuteness :)

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Great news! Scruffy was adopted by Alyssa. She's a wonderful mama for him and he is getting all the love he deserves!

Scruffy is an adorable little puppy who needs lots of affection and love. I am fostering him since December 3rd and he adjusted to his new living situation quickly. He is comfortable being alone all day now, however, as soon as I am back he is following me around constantly. He loves to play or to just sit on someone's lap and being cuddled. He also got used to walking on the leash really quickly. And he is pretty fast :)
He is almost toilet trained right now. "Accidents" still happen from time to time, but I'm sure he'll be doing great in no time!

I wish I could keep him but I feel that he needs someone who has more time to play with him. I'm at work for 10-11 hours every day. I think he would also make a great companion for kids.

Please contact me if you want to meet Scruffy (but be ready to be falling in love with him immediately!) :)

Adoption Fee: ₩70,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


Chrissie's picture

I spent time with Scruffy last Sunday and he is adorable. He is so skinny and his fur is a bit reddish, he really stands out in the crowd of puppies. I was worried that he doesn't eat enough when being with the other dogs. He wouldn't take the offered treats. As soon as he was sitting on my lap though, he started nibbling on them. Also, the shelter doesn't have any puppy food, just raw chicken. I am not sure if Scruffy will be able to gain weight on that kind of food.

I was really close to taking him home for fostering, but I don't know if this will be worse for him. I am working all day, so I can only take him for walks in the morning and in the evening. I also don't know what being alone would do to him on a social point of view.
On the other hand, I don't want tiny Scruffy to spend winter in the shelter.

I would totally take him home if anyone here comes up with a solution on what to do during the day. I would need help from someone living or working in the Hongdae area, someone who could take Scruffy for a walk during lunch or spend an hour with him during the day. Maybe someone who already has a dog or can take a dog to work from time to time.

I really want to find a solution for Scruffy. As soon as he is grown he can spend the days in my flat on his own. But for the next few months he will need someone to look after him once during the day.

Please contact me with any kind of idea for helping Scruffy!

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Message sent. Please check it.

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More photos of Scruffy!!

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That's not Scruffy...I think it's Roo. ^^

kate's picture

How's little Scruffy settling in to his new foster home?

Chrissie's picture

Scruffy in his foster home :)

Chrissie's picture

I've been fostering Scruffy since yesterday and he is adorable!
We've had all the check-ups done last night and first thing the vet said was that Scruffy has an extremely friendly nature. He is about 5 months old, 3.4 kg (and I don't think he'll grow much further), and completely healthy! I was so glad when the vet told me that his antibody level is perfect and that he is heartworm negative.
I took him out for a long walk by Han River today (most of the time it was me carrying him, but I guess he will get used to the collar). People stopped all the time since he is so cute and friendly with everyone. He just wants to be loved and he needs a bit of attention. But I think he will make a perfect "apartment pet" since he is so small and doesn't need long walks. Still I would like to find someone who has more time than I have (I am at work between 7:30 and 18:30). He is good with kids, dogs, cats, other animals and so far he hasn't touched any of my things (shoes, blankets, etc.).

He is simply an extremely good and healthy puppy and can't wait for a real family!
Please contact me with any questions you might have!

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He is looking good. How is his health and personality now he is out of the shelter?

Chrissie's picture

Hello LelaElizabeth,
Scruffy is in such a good shape, I really didn't expect it when I took him from the shelter.
I took him to the vet Saturday night and everything is fine! Yay! Antibody levels are really good, heartworm negative and the vet even said that he is not too skinny. The vet also mentioned his extremely friendly nature and I can only repeat it: Scruffy is an adorable and friendly dog! He is so happy and cute :)
We spend the whole day outside at the Han River yesterday and I think he liked all the attention.
Today is his first day home alone and I hope he will not be mad at me when I come home in the evening :)
He is a really good dog and I wish I had more time for him. If you are interested in meeting him please let me know!

Chrissie's picture

I just got a bit of bad news. The management office of my building wrote me an email, saying that Scruffy is barking all day. I asked them to let me know how serious it is and for how long they would be willing to accept the barking. I begged them to give Scruffy a bit more time to adjust or to find a new family.

Please consider adopting Scruffy if you have more time than I have.

kate's picture

Oh no!
Have you tried anything to get him to stop? Things that I've found to work well with my fosters are leaving the radio on (or an audio book of harry potter as is the case with Wombat and Cherry) Also I've heard wrapping a tiking lock in a towel can sometimes work as it mimics the heartbeat of another animal and give the little ones something to cuddle.
I hope he adjusts soon!

Chrissie's picture

Kate, thank you for your ideas! I will definitely try the radio and the towel!
For tomorrow we're good, Sarah Yi heard about Scruffy and offered to take care of him during the day. I am so glad! I will drop him off early in the morning and then Sarah will see how it works out with Scruffy and her dogs. I think he will love the company :) I am sure he just needs a few more days before he is fully adjusted. And as soon as I am home or someone else is around he is the loveliest dog you can imagine. A really good thing is that he is not interested in destroying anything in my flat, so he can run around as much as he likes to.

I apologized to my building management and I asked them to give us a bit more time. Right now he is peacefully sleeping next to my feet, I think it was just so difficult for him this morning since this was the first time he has been on his own.

So, I am still hoping for the best, that he will adjust to the situation soon and hopefully find someone who isn't away 11 or 12 hours a day. I would love to keep him but I am feeling very guilty leaving him alone.

How is Cherry doing???

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Well done on all you've done for him so far! Don't worry, although not ideal leaving him for extended periods, it is FAR better than what he had to live with at the shelter. Just remember that.

And I'm sure he'll settle in soon and hopefully quieten down a bit :)

Chrissie's picture

Hi Clare,
Scruffy made big progress yesterday!!! Sarah and I took him and one of her dogs out for a long walk at Han River last night . Scruffy is now walking/running on the leash and he is FAST :) I still carried him from time to time but I could feel that he is getting more and more comfortable in the city.
Now we just have to convince him to calm down a little when he is on his own.
He is still the most loveable little guy when he is around people. If he could he would be in my arms all day and cuddle. He is adorable.

I hope we'll find a loving home for him soon!

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Sounds like you are the perfect, patient mom! He looks even more adorable now that he's in his home and has a favourite pillow :) So glad he has stopped his barking, that must've been stressful. Well done! And please keep the photos coming!

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Scruffy is very sweet and baby-like and a little nervous. He's not really interested in other dogs but he really loves people and gets anxious and whiny if he can't see his caretaker around. He loves to climb onto your lap to fall asleep and loves being held. He does walk quite well and always follows closely - he seems worried he'll be left behind. He just needs to get over the separation anxiety right now, but he seems to be quickly getting the hang of waiting to go to the toilet in the appropriate place.

Chrissie's picture

Scruffy actually made big progress during the last few days!
He is still following me around when I'm at home (and yeah, he totally loves just being held ;)) but he completely stopped barking when I leave my place. I had no more complaints from the neighbors and I also don't hear anything when I wait outside for some time. I think he really adjusted quickly.
Tonight we're having an appointment at the vet again just to make sure everything is ok. He is really doing so well and I guess he is quite happy to be in a warm place with real puppy food :)
Adorable little Scruffy :)

dorothy and toto's picture

Was a bit worried about Scruffy but I could tell he would be able to catch on quickly, like he did with the walking and going up the stairs. Relieved to hear that he's been able to adjust and isn't barking now. It would be nice if he had some nice puppy friends that don't play rough. He's really a sweet and lovable, gentle puppy.

Chrissie's picture

Here's a new picture of Scruffy!
He's doing really well, but he would still love to find someone who has more time to play with him.....

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He looks great Chrissie! I'm so glad to hear that he's more comfortable now! That is wonderful news about his good health. You are a great mamma and i'm sure someone will scoop him up soon! He's adorable! How did he do with the housetraining?

Chrissie's picture

Hi Michelle,
Scruffy is doing really well with the housetraining! Accidents do happen sometimes but I'm sure he'll learn how to use his pee pad in no time. I can only walk him shortly in the mornings and then again in the evening. He would love to find someone who can also quickly check on him during lunch :) I also hope he'll find a permanent home soon!

Chrissie's picture

Scruffy has a new favorite activity!!
Sitting in front of my heater, pretending we're living in a warm country :)
Now I'm almost sure that he would have hated to stay in Asan shelter during the cold winter.....
He surely knows how to relax and enjoy :)

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That is SUPER cute!! :)

dorothy and toto's picture

Hasn't Scruffy been adopted? If so, please move this to the "adopted" section so that people won't keep asking about adopting him.

allisondyoung's picture

His adoption hasn't been finalized yet.

clare_bell's picture

SUCH wonderful news!! Well done, you were an awesome foster mom. I still remember the day I met you when you sat with him for AGES, stroking him with sad eyes...wanting to take him but not sure you could...well look what you did! He has a forever home thanks to you!!

Chrissie's picture

Clare, thank you so much for the kind words :)
I miss Scruffy a lot but he found such a nice home with Alyssa. I'm so glad he didn't have to spend winter in the shelter :)
I hope to see you soon again!

AlyssaAnne's picture

I am pleased to announce that Scruffy has made it safely to the USA:) He is now Korean American;) He is enjoying the company of my family until I arrive home:) Before his departure, we celebrated his first bday and farewell with his favorite playmate Jacob:) and his mom Alison M. and former foster mom /rescuer Chrissie:)

Alison Mooney's picture

Scruffy had a great time in Korea, but now he's back in America. Hopefully he's enjoying his new big backyard!

Karen's picture

Lucky Scruffy!! Thanks for sharing the happy update :)