Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & Black
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
Adoption Status: Adopted

Sassy Sprinkle is eagerly awaiting her turn for a family. Much like her sister, she was born at the shelter and needs an immediate placement. Black, white, and brown.. shes a mix of color, and mix of personality. She likes snuggling, playing, and her tummy rubbed. She takes the day for what it is -- and makes sure all of her siblings know shes around. She is a tiny babe, and wants that special someone to spoil her. Being so delicate, she needs out of the shelter ASAP to ensure a healthy life.

She'll grow up with you, and provide lots of affection. Mama is small, and this girl will be the same. A lap dog, a princess, and your new best friend all wrapped into one :)

Please consider Sprinkles before the winter is here. If interested in fostering or adopting this bundle of joy, contact Sofia @ [email protected]

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In a shelter


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Bring her home!

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Needs a foster/forever home ASAP

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Sprinkles was adopted today! Congrats!