Does Jelly like Peanut Butter?Jelly after summer shave smiling at Danomano

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Terrier
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & Black
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

January 8th, 2013

I am stunned by how quickly and well Jelly is recovering. We went back to the vet today and she got her bandages off. I put a hydrocolloid cover of the incisions to keep her from licking them open but she doesn't really seem to care much. She is just happy not to wear the cone of shame any more and to be able to chew on her angry bird again. The vet says everything is looking good and she will be 100% by the end of February.

January 6th, 2013

Jelly rang in the New Year with surgery on a luxating patella in her left leg. The surgery went very well and she is going to be spending the next two months recovering. Though on apartment arrest, Jelly is handling her current impairment well and has used it as an excuse to be even more cuddly. She is on pain meds (which I feed to her hidden in a spoonful of jam... Jelly is eating jam, savor that sentence for a moment) and our follow up with the vet is on Tuesday. I will post another update after her check up.

December 21st, 2012

I sincerely believe Jelly is a doggie-genius. At the very least, she is very intuitive. I gave her a rawhide bone as a special treat today. Now before I say anything else, I should explain. Jelly has claimed my bed. Moreover, it doubles as her toy box, When I wake up, if I forgot to lock her toys away, I find myself wedged between her ball, her tug rope, and her favorite sock. So, quite predictably, Jelly wanted to stash her new treasure among my blankets. I am all too aware of how slimy and disgusting those things get however and as soon as she hopped on the bed, gave her a single stern "no." I then took the bone and placed it on the floor. She gave me a look of disappointment and went to retrieve her bone. Then, in a stroke of brilliance, took it to her crate where it remains. Good Jelly!

December 13th, 2012

10 (just a few among many) reasons you should adopt Jelly:

1: She is the perfect mix of calm and excited. Jelly loves to play but the moment you lie down for a rest, she sacks out right next to you.
1b: Jelly is very respectful of sleep. She knows not to do her morning dance until AFTER the alarm clock rings.

2: Jelly is pint sized. At about 4 kilos, Jelly is easy to carry around.

3: An unparalleled sense of adventure. This is a dog that loves her walks. She powers up hills and can even keep up at a run over short distances.

4: Incredible affection: Jelly bonds strongly to her person. She dotes on them and is never more than a few feet away.

5: Jelly is potty trained. She knows that outside is where business is done. In the last 3 months, she has used her pee pad once. Everything else has been outside.

6: Low maintenance. Jelly doesn’t need fancy treats or toys. In fact, she will ignore them to come sit by you. All she wants is a little bit of love.

7: Cute quirks. Jelly will make you smile everyday. She dances after walks in half hops that are incredibly cute, has developed an obsession with my hair dryer, and doesn’t always know where her legs are (she has a tendency to slide into toys rather than retrieve them).

8: Quiet. Jelly is not a barker. She will “woof” when she hears someone too close to the door. However, when I am gone at work, she goes and sleeps in her crate and stays perfectly quiet.

9: Jelly is up-to-date on veterinary care. We are currently fundraising for her patella correction. However, everything else, vaccinations, heartworm booster, spaying, and even teeth cleaning is taking care of. This is one healthy girl.

10: You will have a best friend for a long time. Jelly is young. She has many years ahead of her and would love nothing more than to douse someone special with her fierce loyalty and enduring adoration.

December 8th, 2012: I took Jelly to the groomer. She keeps getting her lower chin dirty from eating so I wanted a nice brush and a trim along her lower jaw. All too often though in Korea, we run into translation errors. She was brought back to me with her whole head shaved and looks a little bit like a lion right now. I can't help but burst out laughing every time I see her. I also gave her a bath when we got home- to see if it helped. It didn't but she had a lot of fun running around my apartment quite excited about all the pampering.

While at the animal clinic, my vet noticed that Jelly has luxating patellas. Her left is a grade 3 and he is suggesting surgery. I will be getting a fundraiser set up so please keep an eye out for it. Thanks!

December 2nd, 2012: Jelly had her heartworm prevention booster today. Also, I am proud to report that she has had no accidents in two weeks and I am tentatively calling potty training among her accomplishments. She is doing fantastic in foster care. The other day I discovered that Jelly is quite fond of my hair dryer. I think she likes how warm it is.

November 28th, 2012: Jelly had her teeth scaled and is up to date on all her shots. Also, she is conquering her fears and growing confidence with everyday. Though once afraid of the elevator, it is now, in her mind, the magical portal to walks and she jumps right in!

November 25th, 2012 Quick Update: Jelly has been doing fantastic. She is 4 kilos of wonderful and settling into a home environment brilliantly. Potty training has been a breeze. Jelly prefers to relieve herself outside but if nature calls, also has the thoughtfulness to go to her pee pad and do her business there. She loves to sleep and relax- anything as long as it is close to you. Jelly sleeps through the night and knows to wait until the alarm clock rings before she can bounce around. Outside, she is adventurous and bold. She now excitedly goes into the elevator (such a fast learner!) knowing it is a gateway to our walks. There is a forest behind my apartment complex and she loves powering up the hills and running knee deeps in piles of leaves. She has wonderful manners and is a joy to have around. When I leave for work, she goes into her pen and is quiet. Even when I get back, the only thing I hear is the jingle of her ID tag as her whole body shakes when her tail starts wagging. At home, she follows me everywhere- even abandoning her food at times, as she prefers to be on the bed with me. Affection is definitely her prime motivator. She knows the word “no” and will do anything to avoid it. She definitely tries hard to please and wants to get as many “good girls” as she can collect.

November 23rd, 2012 Update: In Foster Home
The other day, I finally got to pick up Jelly and bring her back to my apartment to foster. When I got on the train, all eyes were on me. The crate was quite conspicuous. Particularly curious were the four boys playing musical chairs around the seats in front of me.

I gave one of the boys a piece of a treat to offer Jelly. He accepted it with two hands and thanked me with a humble “kamsamnida.” Then, much to everyone’s surprise, he lifted it towards his mouth to eat it. “No, no, no, no.” The guy sitting next to me and I tried to warn him before it was too late. The treat paused mere millimeters from his mouth giving time for me to explain that it was a treat for Jelly. Needless to say, he was quite embarrassed and we all were quite amused.

After a few minutes of answering questions and working through the funny ramblings of rough translations, the train started rolling away and Jelly and I were able to settle in. She was perfect. I was so impressed. The entire trip, she laid quietly in her crate, no barking, whining, or even a squeak. After the long ride to Gwangju, I took her around the train station, figuring she might need a moment before we got into a cab. When I opened the crate I was even more amazed to see that there was no trace of any accidents.

At the apartment, I let her out of the crate. She didn’t know what to do. She rushed to me then danced across the floor, only to rush to me again. Though at the shelter, she had been hesitant to go in the crate, she lept in and out of it as she went back and forth.

I started walking towards the main room and Jelly promptly trotted after me. She follows everywhere, a fact for which I am grateful as it means I will have no problems being vigilant in preventing accidents as we work on potty training.

Once I set things down, we went for another walk. The elevator was quite interesting and I had to pick Jelly up because she wasn’t keen on stepping past the point where two sliding metal doors had been. Much to my amusement, I discovered she must not have much exposure to mirrors. She quickly became jealous upon discovering that there was “another dog” in the elevator with us and warned it with a low growl.

On our walks I have notice that Jelly is slightly scared of some things. She really hates cars and busses, a fear that is probably healthy in this country. Since she is quite small and some of the sidewalks in my neighborhood are slightly high, she gamely gathers herself and jumps up and down as we go from block to block. Even if it isn’t necessary to jump, if there is a break in the sidewalk, a grate, or anything slightly different from the basic color of cement, she jumps it. Her perfectly tucked form when she does so is absolutely adorable.

Jelly did fantastic through the night. Though she doesn’t like being more than a few few feet away from me, she accepted when I put her in the pen. She promptly went into her crate (which I think she quite likes by now, and slept the whole night soundly. I woke up at 7:30 and though I was groggy and my hair was a mess, Jelly was so excited to see that I was awake. I have to say, her enthusiasm is contagious and I found myself actually quite happy despite the mental fog of having just woken up.

Though she’s been here less than a day, we’ve gone on several walks by now. I want to give her every opportunity possible to go potty in all the right places. Besides, I am still slightly new to this particular neighborhood (changed contracts and moved apartments) so it gives me a great excuse to go exploring. This morning, not too far from my apartment we stumbled on a “hiking trail” (I hardly consider 0.5 km trails hikes but when you connect them it isn’t bad). Jelly seemed to really love the hills and the trees. It is also a safe place as there are no cars. I think I will make it a regular walk for us.

With every walk, Jelly also gets a little braver. The elevator isn’t quite so scary anymore. She goes through the sliding door at the entrance of my apartment without so much as blinking. She is adjusting quite quickly and can already recognize which door is our apartment.

When we hang out at the apartment, she loves to be close. This has made it a little difficult actually to get some good pictures of her. She is always right by my side, which doesn’t make for the best angle. Even when I try to shift and be sneaky, she gets right up with me, so excited to play whatever game I must be starting.

I am fighting a cold right now and so am quite dependent on Kleenex. Jelly has decided that these are very fun to steal. I am trying to convince her the other toys are better. We have a lot of learning to do but she is already catching on fast.

Jelly is one of the most genuinely happy dogs I have ever met. She wants nothing more than love, affection, and attention. She is steadfast in her commitment to stay by your side. She’s the kind of dog that wants nothing more than for someone to tell her “good girl” and then give her a scratch behind her ears. Though sometimes puppy-like in her energy and antics, she also calms right down and loves nothing more than to fall asleep by your side as you work. Even as I am typing this, she is sleeping right next to me. I really cannot believe that with her bubbly personality, insatiable desire to please, and insane cuteness for three years she has been overlooked. Regardless of if you are seeing her profile for the first time or have stumbled across it before, she is definitely worth a closer consideration

Latest update: I guess I let this listing slide due to an expected and much-touted adoption, but that has fallen through. So she now faces her third winter at Asan. Could somebody at least step up to foster her? Am willing to help defray the costs, if that will sweeten the dang deal!!!

Just a quick update! I saw Jelly this past Chuseok weekend, and she remains in high spirits. She got a walky, and lots of snacks and food.

She is currently living with Mama-chi, and gets along really well, so my earlier apprehensions about her being with other animals may have been misplaced! Of course, you could always adopt both of them, now couldn't you!

Should have updated earlier that she has been spayed, so boys, she's good to go! Yet another hurdle to adoption overcome! And she has been shaved again, so she has a sleek, all-terrain (heading straight for your heart) kind of look!

Jelly is stil lovely! She is waaaaaay too snuggly to stay there! Give love a chance!

I last saw Jelly when we were at Asan giving heartworm prevention meds. I gave her some snugglies, and she even somehow brok out of her pen and came running to find me. Agh! Who can reward her loyalty? I bet someone out there can get it together and take her! She is SOOSOOOOO loving! I get heartbroken everytime I see her, knowing I can't take her.

Jelly is still at the shelter where I first met her a year ago. Still very energetic and spunky. She loves her walkies and snackies, and especialy loves to be held in loving arms. Give her your home and heart!

I've been lazy with Jelly lately, I'm afraid: She's been making new good friends and I really really hope their situation changes so she can go home to a good place! As for now, she is still up for gorgeous grabs! You won't be disappointed.

Well, here's my update for Jelly: Still beautiful, still loving and still looking for that fur-ever home! Will you give her that warm place in your heart and on your bed?

Wee Jelly is a wolverine of passion densely packed into 3ish kilograms of Terrier mix. Why her name? It's not because she's soft. She is fairly jealous of other dogs, and will try to be dominant if possible. I think she would be a dandy single-dog home resident for the person with high loving needs and space restrictions. I don't know, but she might especially be devoted to a strong male. Kisses are her strong suit. If I didn't have three fur-babies already, she'd be it.

I first met her last winter while she was Berry's (another terrier mix at Asan) roommate. She made me squeal and giggle like Homer Simpson while she bounded on her hind legs ahead of me. On a number of occasions, she has gotten off leashes and come running to me, heedless of the distance. Her loyalty, once granted, is absolute. This loyalty may be bestowed onto you! Come see Jelly at Asan!

She is not yet spayed, and all the boys seem to find her irresistible. She is rather snooty, however. I have already paid for her shots, but haven't heard a heart worm update. I will post pics and videos as they become available.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In foster care


Danomano's picture

She's heartworm negative, folks! Hooray!

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Take a chance on this gorgeous girl !
I'm gonna update her to "needs foster" 'cause I misunderstood before.

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Jelly in Winter!

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Trying to get my attention. Dudes, you can't get more love than this! And she won't take half of what you own!

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Jelly was loving the cuddles yesterday at the shelter. She was a little angel when I cleaned her eyes and ears too. She'll be the perfect little cuddle buddy on a cold wintery night. Reduce your heating bill...adopt Jelly today!

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Jelly was enjoying all the attention from the volunteers today!

Danomano's picture

She's still going strong, but needs a foster or home!

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She was placed in her own cage after breaking out of her pen last time we were there. Hopefully things are under control, and she is getting along with her buddies.

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Just love this very special girl< who is waiting for a special person!

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Lovely girl!

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She really is a sweety. I wish someone would come through for her!

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Jelly: stretching her legs and enjoying the sunshine!~~~

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Jelly and Dan, enjoying the nice day.~~

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Here is moi and Jelly in a closeup!

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I really don't want her to spend a third winter at the shelter. I know many dogs have been there a long time, but I'm biased, it's true!

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Third winter?! Oh man!! That is terrible. Someone please foster this sweetie!

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Little Jelly is still looking for a loving place to be safe this winter! Even a foster would be a great start!

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I met Jelly during the last shelter trip. She has been in the shelter for a long time but still has a positive attitude. She was really happy to get out of her cage and being walked. Jelly loves to sit on your lap and cuddle and give kisses. She is a bit dominant towards other dogs (I think she just doesn't want to share the attention she is getting). Jelly is a cute and loyal dog and I really hope she will find a good home soon!

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Little Jelly! You're toooooooo sweet. And you know what you want! Someone to always give you cuddles and share walks! Something you surely deserve! Consider Lil Jelly, a little dog with a big heart!

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Jelly was AMAZING this past weekend. She is often times very jealous of other dogs getting attention from her people... understandable in a shelter environment where people are there only 1 time a week and for a few hours. BUT, this past weekend she was being quite kind to the dogs who came around and allowed them to share pats with her person.

She is a very beautiful and loyal dog. She does have a pen-mate that she does well with living and on walks. With the right person, Jelly could really just relax!

Her third year in the shelter is here and that is just really depressing as well as disappointing - we have really let this amazing gal down. Please consider fostering Jelly or adopting her!!

Adorable Jelly!Jelly loving the attention
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Thank you, Guillian!!!!

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Did Jelly get fostered on Sunday, 18Nov2012?

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YES SHE DID! A wonderful woman came from Gwangju to meet her last weekend and came back again this weekend to take her home! She is already doing so well in the house!

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Jelly post bath in her new foster home!


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Just LOVE seeing her a warm home and what a lovely write-up. Thank you Jenn!

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I love that picture. "It's peanut butter jelly time!"

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Me too! LOVE IT!! And love the updates, thank you!

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Wow! When did Jelly get adopted? Congrats little girl!!