Poppy: this happy girl deserves a lifetime of love

Blanky time!

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Shih Tzu
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

UPDATE FEB 2012: Poppy has been adopted!! Thanks to her new mum Stacey and to all the people who helped get her to Canada.

UPDATE FEB 2012: Poppy is still flying to Canada this week to be fostered. She still needs to find a forever home there.

UPDATE JAN 2012: Poppy will be flying to Canada at the end of February where she will be fostered by a lovely lady in Oshawa, Ontario. Anyone in these areas who is interested in adopting Poppy please get in contact!

Poppy the shih-tzu is a happy, playful shih-tzu girl who loves long walks and other dogs. I do not exaggerate when I say that this dog is one of the sweetest, well behaved and happy dogs I've met. She is so easy going, has no issues, house trained, lovessss to walk and have a run, loves a cuddle, eats her food and is just all round awesome.

Poppy's story
She was rescued from the street by a Korean lady in August this year who then surrendered her to Chunghwa Animal Hospital who kindly agreed to care for her until she finds a new home. I decided to foster her. The vet thinks Poppy is about 6 years old. It looks like she has had puppies at least once and I wonder if she has been used for breeding and then dumped when she got a bit older.


Poppy is heartworm negative!

She is in good health except for a bladder infection which she is getting treatment for. She has received a full blood analysis, X-Ray and Sonogram and there are no problems (A HUGE thank you to Lindsay Horobin who sponsored this!) . Her eyes don't produce enough tears so she is receiving eye drops too - twice a day. Her teeth apparently need scaling too. She had an anti-body level test and she has good protection against parvo and distemper so doesn't need any vaccination straight away although she will get them soon - once her bladder infection clears.

Poppy is house trained. Aside from one accident on her first day here she always waits to go outside to pee. Now she just needs to learn where to pee in the house when she is desperate. For a dog who had a bladder infection when she came to my house, I think this is pretty impressive that she holds it in.

Poppy is such a happy little dog ....everything brings her joy...especially food (well she IS shih-tzu!) She is pretty good on a leash. She doesn't pull much and she goes where you tell her although she needs some more practice - ie not looping round you and tying you up in the leash! She was friendly with the other dogs in the hospital - interested and wants to play but not pushy. She is also smart and follows anyone who has given her treats! She seems to know "come here" in Korean. She now knows "sit".

Can you offer this beautiful and gentle dog a permanent home?

Even if you cannot adopt, if you would like to sponsor her medical costs please also let me know. Scaling with anesthesia etc costs about 170,000KRW.

Come and meet Poppy and you will smile as much as she does! .................scroll down for updates and videos

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care


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Poppy in Namsan park

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finishing dinner. yum yum

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Poppy had a shower today. She was such an angel. She didn't complain at all although she was glad to get out of the bathroom.

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My neighbors report that Poppy does NOT bark when I go out - only when there is someone coming through the gate or sudden outside noise - normal dog behaviour - actually I think she is just joining in with my own dog...I came home this evening while she had been completely alone and she didn't make any noise at all. :)

She had a go on the extended leash today and it was soooo cute to see her run at full speed. She was so proud of herself. She's going in to get groomed tomorrow.

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Shih-tzus...this is how we roll

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Hilarious! They're a floor-washing team :)

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haha! yes! I should hire them out

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Poppy went to Seoul Grand Park Today. She had a great time charging up and down and enjoyed chasing some birds and being petted by kids. :)

She sat on my lap all the way through the taxi ride too.

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Is Seoul Grand Park a dog park?

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No its just a huge park. There is a zoo there too and an amusement park.

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Do you want a dog who shakes with delight when you walk in the door but doesn't bark?
Do you want a dog who is good on journeys?
Do you want a dog who is good with kids?
Do you want a dog who does a cute little dance when she knows she's going for a walk?

...then Poppy is the one for you! She is waiting for you to come and see her

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We had a visitor in the house this weekend - Mavis the rabbit. Considering that Poppy likes to chase things she was very well behaved.

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Poppy and Mavis - I wonder what Poppy is thinking.

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Blanket snuggle time :)

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I met Poppy yesterday - she is a fantastic lady!

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Poppy in her Christmas jacket

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Sooooooo happy to see Poppy finally got her forever home! Well done! Bet you're a little heartbroken though too... :( Thanks for being such a wonderful foster mom.