Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Great Pyrenees / Mix
Size: Large (over 20 kg)
Colour: White
  • Spayed/Neutered
Adoption Status: Adopted

March 9th: Jin-gu has been ADOPTED!!! Congratulations, handsome boy! I am so happy for Jin-gu and thankful that his new mom, Margaret, was willing to give this gentle giant a chance. :)

March 2nd: Jin-Gu met a nice volunteer last weekend who took him for a walk and gave him lots of love and treats. Keep your eye on his profile --- some changes might be coming for this big, fluffy boy soon! :)

February 4th: Still waiting. Waiting, waiting, waiting. For such a sweet boy, this is unacceptable! This handsome, regal boy has been at Asan Shelter for almost two years now. It is time for him to bust outta there and start living the life he has always deserved. Please, consider this wonderful dog.

January 13th: Big Jin-gu got out for a nice long walk with a couple of volunteers this past weekend and was loving every minute of it! This gentle giant loves to get out of his cage and say hello to everyone who has an extra snack (or two!) to throw his way. He really is a sweet dog who would make a great companion with some training and proper diet/exercise. Please consider making Jingu a part of your life.

December 30th: Just because Jin-gu is built for the cold, doesn't mean he deserves to stay in a cage at the shelter. Please come and visit this gentle giant. He is waiting for someone to take him home.

December 24th: Jin-gu will be spending this Christmas all alone at Asan Shelter. My wish is that next year, Jin-gu will be spending his holidays in a nice warm home, with a family who loves him as much as he deserves. Hang on a little longer, Jin-gu. We will find your home soon. Merry Christmas.

December 9th: Jin-Gu is such a special guy, and these days he is getting more and more time out of his cage, going for walks with the volunteers. This is great for Jin-Gu, but it would be even better for him to be getting a walk EVERY day, instead of just once a week when the volunteers come to visit. Come and meet Jin-Gu at Asan! He is waiting for you!

November 27th: Jin-Gu got out for a nice long walk with some kind volunteers this past Saturday. Although he is big, Jin-Gu is gentle, and tries his best to walk nicely on his leash. He has been waiting a long time at Asan --- over a year --- so I think it is his turn for a second chance. Don't you agree?

Jin-Gu was rescued from death row at Cheongju pound. After testing positive for heartworms he received treatment at Asan shelter and Jin-Gu is now heartworm negative!!!

Jin-Gu is a Great Pyrenees mix, probably with Samoyed. He is a lovely, energetic and friendly boy who will nuzzle his face in your lap until you tickle his chin. It seems like he was left outside for the first part of his life so he has been learning about how to interact with people and other dogs. He's come a long way from the stressed doggy he was when he first came to Asan. He would love to have a foster or forever home who will teach him how to be a good boy and give him the exercise and socialization he needs. Someone who has experience with larger breeds would be an excellent fit for this boy. If you are interested in meeting Jin-Gu, please contact me at [email protected].

Adoption Fee: ₩70,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In a shelter


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There is a great tear-staining product that I used on my dog, a supplement, that would take the black right out of Jin-Gu's eyes. It goes mixed into food daily, which is hard to do at the shelter as the dogs don't eat wet food, but for a foster or potential adopter, that would go away. Jin-Gu is really gorgeous and is starting to accrue a lot of days at the shelter.

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Jin-Gu is a beautiful dog and was neutered this weekend. He is ready to be a part of a lucky family in a new home!

Noble Jin-Gu
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Happy Halloween from Jingu!~~

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I was only able to spend a little time with Jin-gu today (Nov. 11) and feed him some hard boiled eggs and other treats. However, he is healing nicely after his recent sterilization

I will spend some more time with him over the next few weeks and post more details soon!
In the meantime, please consider fostering or adopting this sweet animal before the cold and windy weather really sets in.

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Lots of new volunteers visited on Saturday and did lots of organizing and cleaning of the kennel areas. However, it is getting cold and windy at Asan, so come out and visit the great animals there, like Jin-Gu, who are ready for a second chance.

Please consider donating your time and energy or, better yet, foster or adopt one of these beautiful animals waiting for a new family at Asan Shelter as the cold Winter months approach.

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Big boy, Jin-Gu!

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Jin-Gu is still waiting patiently in his cage at the top of the hill.

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Hi Jin-Gu --- your day will come soon, buddy.

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I hope you enjoyed your walk, Jin-Gu! Thank you, Meghan!

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Jin-gu said GOODBYE to Asan Shelter and HELLO to his wonderful new life and family. Congratulations, big guy!

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This is SOOO awesome!!!!!