Cookie: 0% fat, 0 calories 100% love!

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Chihuahua / Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

*IMPORTANT!* Cookie needs a foster home ASAP! With his foster mom leaving, he doesnt know where he is going to go and promises to be good. He gets free range of the house nowadays while mom is at work and still uses the pee pads inside because he doesnt like waiting 8 hours between pee breaks.

Cookie is a delightful tiny dog. This little angel should have a long life of happiness, love, cuddling and petting ahead of him. Gets along with everyone and will fit very easily into any home. This sweet little dog has captivated the hearts of many and is even more adorable in person.

Cookie was rescued from a dog hoarder in August 2011 and stayed at the Asan shelter until October when he went into foster care. He is still looking for a forever home.

Since in foster care, Cookie has been learning what toys are, what friends are and what love is. He is about 85% house trained already the other 15% being that he uses pee pads sometimes instead.

Cookie is very quiet and I havent heard him bark even once. He cries sometimes when he needs something ( ie wants to go outside to go pee) but it is nothing any neighbors could complain about.

Though sweets are not always good for your diet, this Cookie is the only exception!

Adoption Fee: ₩60,000
Location: Cheonan - 천안
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Daejeon Paws


Sofia's picture

Wow! Look at him now! He is so handsome now.
One round Cookie! ^^

clare_bell's picture

He looks so content! Well done! :)

Jenkins150's picture

Cookie is so different now girls! I hate to separate him from Max as he loves having a play mate but Cookie deserves a great forever home and I wont be growing any extra arms to accommodate the attention needed for all 5 of the pets I have right now. He might be an adult but he is like a puppy to me changing every day and opening up more. Anyone who wants a little heater at night during the cold winter should come meet Cookie. He is doing a good job keeping me warm at night so far. He is such a cuddle bug! He even runs to my bed and cries for me when I get home from work because he wants to cuddle! <3

Jenkins150's picture

Cookie is getting better and better with house training. We are working on crate training now but he is really not a fan. I have left him out a few times while I am gone and he never makes a mess however since my two dogs are crate trained I am trying to keep everyone in the same routine/pattern.

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Nina is nice and shares her clothes with Cookie. Here he is with Max in matching clothes. Cookie really hopes that Santa will find him a forever home for Christmas and it would be a bonus if he had a new friend to play with. You can see that him and Max are two peas in a pod here.

LauraH's picture

Cookie just left after staying with Bubbles and I for a couple of weeks, and he is the sweetest little doggy! He is so so well behaved and cute. He got on excellently with Bubbles and fit right in to our life with no complaints.

I really hope he finds a wonderful, loving forever home. I think he will make a perfect little companion for someone soon!

(Here's some photos I took while he was here - he's just so cute I had to capture it!)

Jenkins150's picture

Cookie has now gone 2 full days of not using a pee pad in the house while I am at home ( he has trouble with the cold weather and could never stand in the snow long enough for a poo and pee so would sometimes goes in the house on a pad). Also he didn't use the pads at all yesterday while I was gone. It seems if he only has to wait 6 hours between walks he doesnt go inside but if he has to wait 8 hours ( my usual schedule keeps me away that long) he will go either pee or poo on a pad and save the other for when I get home. Please don't let this stop you from wanting to adopt him! If you have a better schedule than me (8.5 hours away from the house), you can easily get Cookie trained outside 100%. Also part of my problem is I have a 13 year old dog in the house whom I must leave a pad out for. She once was 100% housetrained but as years went on she needed a pad in the house for her accident ( so badly abused I couldn't even scold her with a no without her fleeing the scene), so it is hard to tell Cookie no when using it ( a huuuuggggeee inprovement from him peeing anywhere in the house when I first got him) but tell her yes.

Also, Cookie is pen trained. I don't have the heart to continue crate training since he most likely spent most of his life in a small crate before I got him. He is good when loose when I am gone so I would leave him out but my dogs are crate trained and I prefer to keep it that way and dont think it is fair for them to see him play with the cats, nap on the couch or cuddle in my bed while they are locked up.

Jenkins150's picture

I leave Korea in less than 2 months :( My attempt to win my parents over with Cookie is not working so though I would love to take him back to Canada, he can't come. So Cookie is going to need a new foster home soon. He is house trained and pee mat trained if his walks are 9 hours apart. If someone walks him every 6-7 hours he never goes in the house ( which is the case on weekends when I am home).

julie's picture

Can you send me an email so we can chat about her? [email protected]

Jenkins150's picture

Here are two vids of Cookie to show his progress. Before at the shelter he went ape shit with a harness on. You can't imagine how he reacted to a collar. Now he is doing great on the lead and loves walks.

Don't mind my talking, it how my family always talks to our pets lol

namerae's picture

Cookie is the sweetest. He will greet you with a thousand kisses when you come home, works well in a "pack" with other dogs, and rarely barks or 'talks'. I think Cookie would make a great companion after meeting him just once. Please give this poor boy a chance- he really has come far! (When I first met him, he wouldn't even walk. He was so scared and shocked. Now look at him! Adorable and confident. Love the video, Jacq.)

Jenkins150's picture

Cookie likes his freedom off the leash but stays close, and listens better than my own dogs

ocastanedajr's picture

I already sent an email to the address listed under "contact information", but I am really trying to get in touch with Cookie's foster home. I know you are due to leave soon, and I would like to discuss the possibility of adopting Cookie before you leave. Please send me a message or email me whenever you have time. [email protected]

deborah's picture

How is Cookie doing? When are you leaving Korea?

Jenkins150's picture

I left Korea april 14th and Cookie got to stay with my friends who adopted the dog named Kip on here. However Cookies stay was short with them because he got adopted!! He is now an only child and I am sure is getting spoiled :)

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Yay!! Congrats Cookie!!

MichelleBrook's picture

OMG! SO happy for Cookie! AMAZING!!!!