Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Chow Chow
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Black
  • Walks well on leash

Hello, precious girl! Keep watching, wonderful things are going to happen in your life soon ~

Olive is super friendly. She loves yummy food.
Olive will be waiting for you to come and bring some yummy snack for her.
Come to visit her at the shelter!

R.I.P. Olive
(... - 2012.02.11)


Danomano's picture

Olive seems to accept me now. Snacks and hind-end wiggling go a long way to building trust, apparently. Yes, my hind end.

Sofia's picture

Olive! Very friendly girl.

bariedel's picture

how is her temperament with other people?

Sofia's picture

She is fine with people. Very palyful.

Sofia's picture

Olive loves yummy snack!

Sofia's picture

December, 22, 2011

stefaniee's picture

Winter at Asan..

Sofia's picture

Beautiful black Olive!

clare_bell's picture

Yesterday was the first time I interacted with Olive and I fell in love. She is absolutely wonderful!! Tucked away around the corner where it's easy to forget about her...she just waits for some affection and pushes her muzzle as far as it will go between the bars of her cage...if you let her, she gives lovely kisses! :) If only I had a bigger home...she'd be in it!

Amanda-n-Leeloo's picture

What a beautiful and WONDERFUL dog!!!!!!!!!!!! I was really impressed with Olive's dignified presence and calm demeanor!!!!! She's much more stoic than most of the chow chows I've met.

allisondyoung's picture

Soft and fluffy Olive~

Sofia's picture

R.I.P. Olive.

bariedel's picture

What happened to Olive? That is so sad.... R.I.P Olive.....

clare_bell's picture

Poor, sweet Olive :( I am so sad :( Rest in peace you precious girl.

dorothy and toto's picture

What happened? Had she been sick?

linhorobin's picture

I'm not sure if anyone knows exactly what happened... apparently she seemed fine in the morning, but a bit later in the day, she was found collapsed in her enclosure. It has been said that she was heartworm positive, so that might have played a significant role in the situation, but there hadn't been any signs of distress from her earlier in the day... poor girl.

paul's picture

She will be missed ;o(

dorothy and toto's picture

Seems so sudden. She looked like she was in good health and lively. So sad to hear of her passing.