Charlie the Wonderful

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

I am such a wonderful boy these days! You want to come have a look? Please?

UPDATE - March 28

Charlie is now with a new foster home and really wanting his own home. He is working on crate training and meeting as many new people as he can. Charlie is still very shy, but willing to say hello while we're out on a walk. He's extremely smart and quick to pick up on things. He's learned that quiet means to stop barking, come sit in front of me and get a chin scratch in just a few days.

Charlie LOVES to run at full speed. If you take him to a dog park, he will happily chase all the dogs and run around me in circles with a look of bliss on his face. The best part is that when you call him, he comes running back at full speed. He does't like being too far from his human, so there is no issue of running away. Charlie likes other dogs and always is up for a good game of fetch or chase.

Charlie would LOVE to find a family who can keep up with an active, happy dog.

UPDATE - March 10

My foster mom is leaving soon...I have another one lined up, but honestly, I would much prefer a home to call mine....Please?

Charlie is a real sweetheart. We can't believe he has waited a year already...

I found Charlie's mom wandering the streets and found her a foster, but she was pregnant. She gave birth to 6 little ones and for some reason, Charlie is the last one who needs a home.

Charlie is described as a great dog who loves other dogs, is caring and sweet and loves to snuggle! He just needs love, food, and plenty of exercise. He is also house-broken, loves running, and going to the park, and comes when you call him,and can sit, lie down, shake, and knows to go to his mat when you tell him!

Unfortunately, Charlie has been moved around quite a bit, so he is a little insecure at first. He needs some time to adapt and needs patience at first. However, with love and consistency, he is the best dog ever. He has learned to trust a lot of people and has shown over and over that he can adapt.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Pyeongtaek - 평택
Living Situation: In foster care


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Charlie is still waiting....He is such a wonderful dog that keeps improving~

Look at him being a star! He used to be unsure with a lot of people around, but last weekend he was the star of the party!

I'm a starI got some groove
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All you have to do is meet him to fall in love!! Charlie really is a WONDERFUL dog! I've been fostering him for about 7 months now, and he's doing great! He's plays fetch in the house with his toys, loves the outdoors and snuggling up to watch a movie w/ me! If I had a more accomodating lifetyle, I'd adopt him myself in a heartbeat!
He get's along great with other dogs.. so if you've already got one and are thinking of adding to the canine branch of your family, look no further!

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I am so cute with my new haircut~

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Oh, he looks gorgeous! Thanks for taking care of home for so long. Hope his forever home finds him soon.

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How could you resist?? Seriously...

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Charlie is now living in Seoul with me. He really needs to find a home of his own with people who can teach him how wonderful having a family can be.

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Charlie has settled in and is a happy little dog. Honestly, he's a big dog sit into a little dog, so he's an excellent addition for any family. Charlie is pretty good on walks, he ignores pretty much everything while he's on his mission to walk everyplace he can and sniff every vertical object he sees. He doesn't care about cats, kids or people, unless someone comes to him. Charlie will make friends with anyone who is willing to play with him, especially if it involves a good game of chase or running with someone. Charlie is more than happy to sleep and will wake you up with tons of doggy kisses as soon as he hears an alarm. He's still a little wary of young children when he first meets them, but he warms up after a bit.
He;s a wonderful dog who's still waiting for his family to find him.

indiacranna's picture

Hi! My partner and I are really interested in meeting Charlie. I sent an application to the email address in the contact information but I haven't heard anything back yet. Could you help us with meeting him?? We would love it to be this weekend if possible! Thank you!

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Look at that smile! A real sweetheart~

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Charlie is settling in nicely. His first night was a bit rough but by the next morning, he had settled down and we went for a nice long walk. Since then, he is been a perfect little doggie. He doesn't bark, only when he gets really excited if we're playing and when I come home and am jiggling the key in the door. After a minute though, he will quiet down.

He loves his walks and today I let him off leash in the forested area of the park nearby. He ran his little tail off for an hour and at first I was a bit worried he might scare other people but he is very smart. As soon as I call him, he comes running back. Anyways, he is a bit shy of people so I think he would be the first to run away from them.

Charlie loves affection and he is very active but he can also do his own thing and just play with his toys or nap if I'm doing something. And if I am relaxing, he will do the same and just snuggle with me. He hops between sleeping with me, in his crate, or on the floor at night.

He really doesn't seem to eat much and is a bit underweight so I've got to work on fattening him up a bit. He's still a puppy and I would love to find him a buddy to play with. Oh and he knows "sit", "stay", "come", and "paw" and he is house-trained and has had no accidents in the apartment, he always holds it. I take him for 2 long walks per day with another short bathroom break right before bed.

Charlie is SUCH a good boy and adjusted to his new home very quickly and has easily accepted me as his new foster mommy. He would love, love, LOVE a forever home though :)

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--> video of our morning at the park; Charlie always comes when called!
(pls watch in HD for best viewing ha ha)

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Charlie impresses me more and more everyday. He doesn't even bark anymore when I come home, he's such a good boy. I am gone about 8 hours a day and he never has any accidents, and I am very comfortable with letting him off leash. He LOVES the park and LOVES to run and run and run some more so I take him for at least 30 minutes every morning and always 1 full hour when I get home - this keeps him pretty content to be at home; he just naps or plays with his toys. And on weekends or days off, I take him for 2 super-long walks (1.5hrs each time) and he is just in heaven. But when you say "Let's go home!", he will come and sit and let you put his leash on. He pulls a bit on leash so I am working on adjusting that. But otherwise, Charlie is the PERFECT dog. He needs more socialization with other people and dogs but he seems quite content on being a 1-person dog.

If he does need to go outside, he will let you know with lots of doggie kisses. And that's how he wakes me up in the morning :) As a side note, Charlie is not fond of vacuum cleaners ha ha.

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Awwww, Charlie looks so happy these days. I CAN'T BELIEVE he has been waiting so long for someone to notice him! He is adorable!^^ Good luck, Charlie!!

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I see above someone posted they were a couple interested in charlie?! Read above!! Did it pan out? They said they sbumitted an application---

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Unfortunately, things didn't work out. Charlie is still up for adoption.

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i fall in love with Charlie more and more everyday! he is such a sweetheart and has become very attached to me. i currently have a male friend living with me temporarily and Charlie was not so fond of him at first, but no aggression; basically just ignored him ha ha. but now that it's been a few days, he is getting along great with him and even cuddles!!

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I have the most wonderful news:
After waiting over a year and a half, Charlie finally found his forever home...with his foster mom simply_ulee!

Thank you so so much for giving him a chance. Congratulations to you both!!

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Wow, two Charlie's finding a home this week. That's awesome!
Congratulations to Charlie and simply_ulee!

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Wonderful! That dog makes me smile every time I see a photo of him. So glad he found some loving arms to hold him.

simply_ulee's picture

My Charlie boy, looking as cute as ever :)
He is doing great! I love him, love him, love him.

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just want to update with some pictures of my baby :) taking a nap after a long walk through the park.