Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Jindo / Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Brown & Black
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

June 27th: Wonderful news for this wonderful dog --- his foster family has decided to adopt him!~~ Congratulations, Tex, and a BIG thank you to his amazing family for everything they've done for him. Tex has certainly hit the doggy jackpot!

April 3rd: Silly Tex is still waiting for a forever family to call his own! His foster family loves him dearly, and says he is an absolutely wonderful dog. They can;t understand why in the world he hasn't been adopted yet!!! The person who will someday be lucky enough to call this guy their own will be very happy indeed. Please consider this sweet, docile boy. He deserves the best life has to offer. Can you give it to him?

March 2nd: PLEASE consider Tex! He is such a good boy, and although his foster parents love him, he deserves a forever family of his very own! If you are interested in this amazing dog, please contact me at [email protected]!

February 4th: Tex has had some bites and nibbles but nothing solid yet. He is so sweet and patient with his foster parents's puppy, and would make a calm, chilled out companion to someone looking for a special dog like him. Please consider Tex --- he deserves a home of his very own!

January 13th: Tex is happy in his foster home, but he is ready and waiting for his very own FOREVER home! Please consider this wonderful dog --- his foster parents can't say enough good things about him, and know he will make an amazing companion to whoever is willing to give him a chance. Tex has come so far from the shy, scared pup I met at Asan almost two years ago. It is time for him to find his family, once and for all!

December 24th: Tex is such a lovely dog! He is doing very well in his foster home, and just waiting for someone to scoop him up and make him a permanent part of their family. What a sweet boy; you would be lucky to have this dog in your life! Please consider adopting Tex!

December 10th: Tex continues to thrive in foster care. His foster family says his aggression is in check, and that the 'adjustment period' is over. Both he and his foster sister have accepted each other and are getting along wonderfully. What Tex would really love for Christmas this year is a forever family, to spend the rest of his new, happy life with. Please email me at [email protected] if you are interested in this amazing dog!

November 24th: So far, Tex is doing well in foster care. Although he has been exhibiting some food/toy aggression towards his foster sister, his foster parents are trying to work with Tex to teach him how to relax and curb his resource guarding.

Tex has visited the vet and is very healthy, but will need to have an operation to remove an undescended testicle. Keep Tex in your thoughts!!~~ If you are interested in meeting this sweet boy, please contact me at [email protected].

November 17th: Tex was taken into foster care today by a wonderful couple who live in Pyeongtaek. He will be living with a new foster sister, so hopefully this boy will be able to socialize and learn how to live in a house like a normal dog. Good luck Tex! Thank you Lauren!

November 11th: Tex's cage at Asan is full of cold muck and it is impossible for him to find a comfortable place to stay. Wouldn't it me amazing to see Tex living at home, in a nice warm bed this winter? He is so chilled out and sweet, I can't believe no one has scooped him up yet. Tex would be a lovely dog to come home to every day and cuddle with on the couch. I would take Tex if I could, and hopefully someone will soon realize what a special boy he is and will take him home forever themselves.

November 3rd: Check out Tex and some of his friends in this video of Asan Shelter dogs who are in desperate need of homes:

October 13th: Tex received heartworm prevention this weekend to make sure he remains healthy and adoptable!! :)

October 6th: Tex is waiting, waiting, waiting. He is waiting to go home. Please don't make him wait much longer! Tex has been waiting for over a year. That is too long for such a lovely dog to spend in a shelter.

September 22nd: A nice volunteer took Tex out for a walk today. He was so happy to stretch his legs and attempt to chase some cats. :) Tex just wants a walk, a cuddle, and a tasty dinner. If you think you can give him these things, please come and meet him at Asan Shelter!

September 15th: Tex is still waiting, alone up on the hill. Every day he wonders 'Will my family come today?' Please don't make Tex wait for much longer. He is a deserving dog who needs much more than what he's getting at the shelter. Contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in this amazing guy!

September 1st: This silly guy needs a home, STAT! Come and meet Tex at Asan Shelter! He really needs a friend.

July 14th: Tex is waiting patiently at Asan for the right people to notice what a great addition he would be. Tex is active and loves to go for walks, and would definitely motivate even the laziest of couch potatoes to get out and go for a walk! He is truly an amazing dog, and deserves the best that life has to offer. Please consider Tex!

June 10th: Tex is unfortunately back at Asan. He is a wonderful dog, but perhaps too smart for his own good! Tex needs a family who can provide him with a crate and make sure he is always safe inside his home. He has proven himself to be a bit of an escape artist, so if you think you are a match for this clever dog, please contact me at [email protected]. He is such a sweet, well-behaved boy, he simply needs a responsible home where he will be safe and secure.

June 7th: Tex is doing amazingly well in his foster home. From Tex's foster mom: "Tex is doing great so far. We've been giving him an hour walk in the mornings, a potty break in the afternoon, and about a half hours walk in the evenings. He seems to get tired easily, but I imagine that will change as he starts getting used to being able to exercise regularly. He was already housebroken, which was a pleasant surprise. We're working on some basic commands right now. He's such a smart dog. We've perfected "sit" and "drop it," and he is so much better on leash now. He has no bad behavior, no chewing, no digging, nothing! I can't believe its taken such a good boy so long to find a home!"

I'm so proud of Tex! Please consider giving this guy the forever family he deserves!

May 20th: I'm thrilled to report that Tex went into foster care today! I will update with how he is adjusting to his new foster home in the coming weeks, and let's all hope foster care will help Tex to finally find the forever he so truly deserves!

May 13th: Tex went for a walk with a volunteer today, but was not being a very good boy. He was *so* excited to get out of his cage for the first time in weeks, that he was pulling a lot. What Tex really needs is someone who can give him the exercise he craves every day, not just every once in a long while. Please consider this awesome dog!

April 28th: Great news for Tex: he was neutered this week! However, the vet could only find one testicle, so he may need to have exploratory surgery some time in the future to "find" the other one. He had a walk today and didn't seem to mind that he's recently been...erm..."emasculated". His stitches look great, and he was really happy to get out into the sunshine. Please consider this awesome dog. He really needs you...

April 1st: Tex was super eager to get out and stretch his legs today! He loves walking and sniffing and is curious about other dogs. Tex is more interested in exploring than getting pet, but after he settles down and gets some of his wigglies out, he loves getting a belly rub and an extra snack. Tex is really wonderful; please consider this guy.

March 8th: Tex is still waiting for someone to see how sweet and silly he is. He is such a great guy, I don't know why he hasn't been noticed yet. The person who adopts this great dog will be very, very lucky. Please think about Tex!

February 12th: Tex was very hungry today, so he got an extra snack. :)

January 5th: Still no luck for Tex. Tex would be very happy with a foster home, and he would be REALLY happy to find a forever home. Please consider this shy guy. Even though he looks tough, Tex is sensitive and sweet...He deserves a warm place to sleep this winter!


Tex is a very friendly and curious boy. He is not as confident as his brother Phoenix. Not long after I introduced myself, he submissively rolled onto his back and showed me his belly. Once I got Tex out of his pen for a little walk, he was fine! A little nervous, but I'm sure with some more experience and socialization he will become more confident. Tex didn't pull on his leash very much and allowed me to take the lead. He is very submissive, and eager for attention and affection.

Over the past couple of months, Tex has become familiar with me and very much looks forward to going for walks, getting some extra food or treats, and a belly rub. He is simply the sweetest dog around. I can't even imagine how wonderful he would be with proper food and exercise, not to mention a family to call his own. He will be a great companion to anyone willing to give him a chance. Hang in there Tex! Someone will notice you soon...

Rescue story : Tex came to Asan Shelter with his brother, Phoenix.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Pyeongtaek - 평택
Living Situation: In foster care


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Tex had a great walk and some delicious food today at the shelter. He hung out with some other dogs and was happy to spend time out of his cage. What a sweet and wonderful boy...Please consider Tex!

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November, 13, 2011

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I love you Tex! I promise I will find you a great family, no matter how long it takes! I won't give up!! <3

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He is so cute! He reminds me of a cartoon character :) I hope he can get out of the shelter and into a nice home asap!

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Can you tell a little more about this guy? Is he pretty predictable as far as dogs go? Are there chances of aggression toward children or other dogs? Would he be alright hanging around a school courtyard with a playground nearby? He seems rather docile.

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Tex is wishing everyone a very Merry Christmas! What will Santa bring for him this year? I know what he is wishing for...

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Handsome boy...

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Hi, Tex!

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Who is walking who? :)

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Tex is one of the cutest Jindo mixes I've seen. We went on a walk together and he was great on the leash! He even walked right into his kennel area when we got back. When I sat down, he came to me and just wanted me to pet him. As soon as I did, he laid onto his back and wanted belly rubs! He is SUCH a beautiful dog and so so sweet. I'm really surprised he hasn't been adopted yet :(

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Tex! You are the most handsome dog in the world!

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J.L.'s photo~

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Big baby boy Tex!~~

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Tex was more interested in walking and sniffing than standing still for pictures, but he obliged for a few. :)

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Tex is an amazing dog! Please consider adopting or fostering him! He is heart worm negative and up to date on all his shots. If you are interested in this adorable guy, please email me (Allison) at [email protected].

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Handsome Tex!

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Tex is such a looker: I can't believe he hasn't been scooped up yet!

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Why is Tex still in the shelter?? He was definitely one of my favorites and was my next choice after Kalea. Tex is an awesome, awesome dog and so sweet. Please considering adopting adorable Tex especially before the weather starts getting too cold. He deserves a great home.

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From Tex's foster mom:

"Tex is gaining weight slowly but surely. We got him a puffier better quality bed on black Friday because he wasn't using his other one and so we are also working on the "stay" command. He's doing absolutely amazing so far on commands and is just super super eager to please. I'm happy to report he is wagging his tail more also ^_^"