Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Jindo / Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Brown & Black
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

October 13th: Phoenix received heartworm prevention this weekend to make sure he remains healthy and adoptable! :)

October 6th: Lucky Phoenix got a walk today with one of his favorite volunteers! What Phoenix would really love, is to walk, walk, walk right out of the shelter into a forever home. He deserves a chance after spending more than a year at Asan. Please consider this energetic, fun-loving guy. He is a very special dog.

September 22nd: Phoenix is a great dog with a wonderful personality. He deserves better than his tiny cage at Asan. PLEASE give this awesome dog a chance to live the life he deserves...

September 15th: Phoenix had a great walk today with some great volunteers --- although he gets confused when it's time to go back into his cage. Today, Phoenix saw Boy the Shepherd, Crystal the Jindo, and Rupert the Fuzzhead all leave the shelter with their new families. He is wondering when it will be his turn. Please contact me at [email protected] if you are interested in this great dog!

September 1st: Phoenix is pretty unhappy living in his small, cramped cage under the green roof. Why not come give Phoenix a nice long walk, and some extra love? He could really use the attention.

August 7th: Phoenix currently lives under the green roof in a small cage, which is a shame since he loves to walk and needs more space. Please visit Phoenix at Asan shelter and take him for a nice, long walk! He would probably appreciate an extra snack as well! :)

July 14th: Phoenix! Why have you been waiting so long? I know the right home is out there for you --- they just have to find you!

June 24th: Phoenix was neutered last week, but his enthusiasm for life hasn't wavered. He wears his 'cone of shame' like a badge of honor! His incision is healing nicely and he is doing very well. :) Why not come and take him for a walk sometime? He'd love you forever!~

June 2nd: This lucky boy went for a nice walk on Sunday with a volunteer. Walking is one of Phoenix's most favorite things, and it is a shame that he doesn't get to do it as often as he'd like. His brother Tex is doing amazingly well in his foster home...maybe it will be Phoenix's turn next to prove what a great dog he can be?

May 20th: Phoenix loves people! Phoenix loves walking! Are you a person who loves walking? Then Phoenix is your guy! His brother Tex was taken into foster care this past weekend, and now it's Phoenix's turn. Please consider this hearty dog!

May 4th: Phoenix was a super boy on our walk today! He is still waiting to meet that special someone who will walk him EVERY day, just like he's always wanted.


April 1st: Oh, Phoenix. It has been so hard on him waiting at the shelter. He needs to run and walk and have fun with his people, but instead he stays in his cage all the time. It is not good for him, and I can see the longer he waits the more frantic and hyper he becomes. Walking today was difficult, I think it has been awhile since he was out. He was pulling a lot and very eager to go, go, go! I know if Phoenix were getting proper exercise and stimulation, he would be considerably calmer. Are you looking for an active dog who is also super affectionate? Please think of this guy; I know if he is given the chance he'll be an excellent companion...Not to mention good motivation to get you off the couch!

March 8th: Phoenix is so unhappy staying in his cage, all day, every day. He needs to walk, run, play, and hang out with someone who loves him. The longer he stays at the shelter, the more stressed out and hyper he becomes. He needs someone who can give him the kind of exercise and stimulation that will keep him calm and happy and comfortable. If you are an active person who is looking for a canine buddy, Phoenix is the dog for you!

February 12th: Phoenix is still waiting. He went for a nice long walk today, and then filled his belly with some delicious wet food. I know someone will see how wonderful he is soon!

January 5th: Phoenix is still available for adoption. He is getting very restless, anxious, and high-strung living in his cold cage, 24/7. Phoenix needs exercise, so someone who enjoyed running or hiking would be an ideal buddy for this high-energy dog. Phoenix has recently been slightly intimidating towards other dogs at Asan, just bristling and growling a little if they get too close. He has never shown anything but love, love, LOVE to myself or other volunteers. I think the physical and mental stress of living in the shelter is really taking its toll on him. I would love to see Phoenix sprung from Asan soon, before he has the chance to become just another "crazy" shelter dog. :(
Where is your forever family, Phoenix?


I. Am. In. Love. Phoenix has stolen my heart, and I'm sure he'll steal yours too if you give him the chance. He is a beautiful, loving, sweet natured baby boy. Phoenix is really good on a leash. He walks nicely and doesn't pull at all after his initial excitement to be out of his cage subsides. We enjoyed a nice long walk together and afterwards he curled up on my lap for some people watching and TLC. He seemed interested in other animals, but wasn't aggressive or overly keen/struggling to meet them. He sniffed a few cats and wasn't too bothered with all the hub-bub that was going on around him. He was happy to just lie on my lap and snuggle.

Rescue story : Phoenix and his brother came to Asan together. Phoenix has had surgery on his hip because a nice man decided to smash him in the back with a stick. This miraculously hasn't seemed to affect the way he feels about people...Phoenix will give kisses to anyone who wants them.

Adoption Fee: ₩70,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In a shelter
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


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Phoenix had a nice walk yesterday. He was really anxious and excited to get out of his cage...I think it's been awhile since he was last walked, he was pulling on the leash a lot more than usual. :( Please someone consider this amazing dog!

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Phoenix is still waiting for his furever family! He spent some time on a walk yesterday.. loving every minute. Whether its being kissed, rubbed or walked.. hes sure to take it every moment!! He continues hoping that his family will come rescue him before the winter :) PLEASE CONSIDER PHOENIX!!

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Here's a picture of Phoenix on a walk. What a good dog!

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Phoenix is so proud and handsome...Even next to Santa! :)

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Love! Gimmy love!

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Thirsty Phoenix...

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Phoenix just wants someone who will feed him, walk him, and give him lots of hugs and kisses.

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Lovely Phoenix eating his lunch~~

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Phoenix!! Hold still!

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What can I say about this handsome boy? At first he wasn't very responsive or affectionate to me; but I am sure he was just so excited to get out for a walk. He does pull on the leash and lunges at other dogs (not aggressively, just excited) but with some training I am sure he will get over that.

After the walk, I went in the cage with him and saw a totally different Phoenix - he calmed right down and became a downright suck. He kept nuzzling up to me and licking my face and asking for belly rubs and attention; it was too cute. He just needs some human interaction and exercise to let out his steam; who will help him reach his full potential?

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The most beautiful dog ~

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J.L.'s photos~

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Phoenix is a sweet, beautiful dog who deserves a chance. Please consider this amazing guy!~

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Phoenix loves going for walks in the sun with a good friend. Are you the one for him?

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Phoenix was neutered and vaccinated this past week. Thank you to Sofia for sponsoring Phoenix's health check! :)

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Phoenix was able to get out of his cage today and stretch his legs --- cone and all! He also enjoyed a good brushing from a volunteer, his thick coat probably makes him really uncomfortable in this summer heat.

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Phoenix is a natural male-doggy-model! The camera loves him!

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One of the happiest days of my life yesterday, and definitely THE happiest day of Phoenix's (now called Pax) life. He was adopted by an amazing family in Daejeon. All I can say is, IT'S ABOUT TIME!!! Congratulations, sweet boy! Thank you Dani and Matt!!! We all love Pax, and we all love you guys!

From Pax's mom:

" Hi Allison,

Car ride: slept like a baby! wasn't nervous or afraid AT ALL! ^^

first walk on the river: barely pulled. he LOVES to look back at us when he's's the cutest thing EVER.

bath: nervous to walk into the bathroom, but after that..didn't move! just stood there calmly while we scrubbed him down..amazinggggg

crate: we put it into our apartment and he walked right into it a few times and laid down...i don't think we'll have a problem crate training!
bed: introduced him to the dog bed with blankets and a pillow...circled once and plopped down, is currently sleeping there right now.


thank you again for everything!

-happy pax parents ^__^"

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Great news! I'm so happy for Pax and his new family.

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Pax (formally Phoenix), being AWESOME! Here is a pic update of one of the sweetest jindo-mixes ever ^_^

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OMG, this is the first time I've seen Pax's Christmas stocking! How awesome! And what a lucky, lucky boy---he's gotten the best gift ever---a forever home!