Ginger gets a bath!She's got great color!Ginger's still mad about her bath :-P

Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Shih Tzu
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown
  • Good with dogs

Ginger arrived at KAPS five years ago. She's been waiting a long time for someone special enough to just give her the chance to shine!

She will, at first, require much patience with training as she likely has forgotten what is expected of her in a home environment (going potty in the right places and basic commands...) But she is a chill little gal who doesn't require much more than simple love and affection... and she would be forever grateful for that!

If you adore Ginger and think she's the gal for you, please email KAPS.Adoption(at) We look forward to hearing from you!

If you'd like to help in the search for Ginger's forever home, the ways to help are endless! Repost her profile, spread the word, volunteer and take photos, videos, and notes on her personality then post here, or... foster! If you'd like to foster Ginger, please email KAPS.Fostering(at) ^^

Shelter Name: KAPS: Daegu


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Doesn't she look like a muppet in that photo ㅋㅋ She's so cute!

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Ginger needs a chance to shine!!! Look Betty was given that chance and her adopter says it is the best choice she ever made!

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Ginger is just the cutest! She may look a little rough around the edges in these photos, but her personality REALLY shines through! Come and visit her at the shelter ;)

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I visited Ginger at the shelter last Sunday morning. She has a nasty cough these days and would REALLY benefit from a foster or forever home soon! Please consider Ginger. She's so lovely, and it really is her turn for happiness. Look at that face!

Ginger's feeling a bit sick and low these days. Won't you help return her to health and happiness?
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Ginger is looking for someone to sponsor her for a check-up at the vet.

She would LOVE to be cough free, and would like her potential adopters or fosters to know the state of her health before making a commitment.

If you are interested in helping this pretty little lady who is down on her luck (and let's face it-- who *isn't* at some point?!), please contact me!

In rescue,


Foster Program Coordinator
KAPS Daegu
[email protected]

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One week later, and Ginger is still coughing up a storm. Won't someone please give her a chance? She needs you!

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And those eyes!!!

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Sorry, I know this is sideways. For some reason, photos taken on my phone will NOT rotate properly. Please tilt your head accordingly :)

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She's SO cute and she looks soooo sad :'(

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I have some fantastic news to share: Marla Larrivee has generously offered to sponsor Ginger's health check.

This health check will allow Ginger's prospective foster/adoptive home to know more about her condition before making a commitment to her care.

Now that we have her health check covered (thanks Marla!) ***all Ginger needs is a foster or forever home!***

Are you the one?

To foster Ginger, contact: [email protected]
To adopt Ginger, contact: [email protected]

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Yay!! Marla, you're great! Thanks for helping her : )

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The awesomeness that is Marla strikes again!!

Poor Ginger, I've been eyeing her out but with my new foster I just CAN'T take her in :(

Someone please take this darling and nurse her back to health!

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Thanks for your support, Clare!
Please keep Ginger in mind if your new foster is adopted!
Who IS your new foster? ^^

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I absolutely will!

My new foster is Nobu...I think she'll take a little time to get healthy.

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Thankfully, Clare took Chloe's best friend, Nobu. Poor Nobu is in a sad state and needs lots of surgeries and TLC. She couldn't have landed in a better foster home! Thanks again, Clare!

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Oops, looks like we posted that comment at exactly the same time! :)

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Ha ha ha Marla! Chloe and Nobu aren't the only ones in sync! :D So odd!

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Ginger is still coughing and coughing at the shelter. She really needs a home, foster or forever, to help her get well! Imagine being sick for months!? She's a fighter-- but calm and stoic. She almost had a foster home, but that incredible foster had another dog who needed her help too. Please consider Ginger. Come and meet her at the KAPS shelter. Snap some pictures if you can and post them here... let's get Ginger out of the shelter. ^^

(Marla and Clare-- you ladies rock! Sorry, I didn't see your comments earlier!)

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Man, I wish I could take her out of there! That must be terrible for her! Please someone step up! It must be so horrible to be sick and have no one around to comfort you :( If I didn't have such a full house I'd take her in a second!

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Thanks, Marla! You have such a big heart, and such a full house! I'm grateful that you stepped up to fund Ginger's health check... now all we need is a foster/adoptive home! Fingers crossed.

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Is there an application form for fostering in Korean? I tried looking for one, but couldn't find it.

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We would ask that the interested party contact Gwiran Kim at KAPS -- she's an amazing (Korean-speaking!) volunteer who used to be employed by KAPS. I will send you her contact information, Lindsey. Thanks so much for advocating for our sweet girl!

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Check out Ginger in the latest KAPS video for 5 August 2012 (around the 4:30 mark):

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Sad news yesterday. Niyi, Ginger's new adopter, emailed to say Ginger passed away. For the last couple of weeks she was in and out of the vet, still no clear word on exactly what her coughing and sickness was (the vet said Pneumonia). She was home with Niyi for 5 days but yesterday morning she began coughing up blood. He rushed her to the vet but the vet called him later to say her heart had stopped.
Ginger was at the shelter the whole time I have been volunteering (5 years) and was sick on and off the whole time. KAPS had taken her to the vet numerous times and she had various medicines, they would work for a short time and then the coughing would be back.
She will be sorely missed by Sunnan (KAPS founder and Chairwoman), Ms Moon (who manages the dog shelter) and many of the volunteers who grew to know her during the dog walks. A very sad day.

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Poor Ginger! I'm so happy she found a home before passing away though! Thanks Niyi for loving her in her final days!! Bye, Ginger.

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I'm so sad to hear this! Poor little girl... I'm so sorry for her adoptive family and for all the people who grew to love her.

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She was a lovely lady. Thanks to Niyi for giving her a chance. We will miss her :(

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:-( She was such a sweet girl. She had a loving home finally, even for a very short period.