Cherry, now Chingu

Cherry, tired out on the day he moved to my houseHappy Cherry! Let's mae him look like this again

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Maltese
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Cherry, now known as Chingu, has won me over and will be spending the next year with me and his best friend Theo the poodle here in Korea, before jetting off to Scotland with us to begin a new adventure. (He will be getting a job to pay for his very expensive ticket, of course ;-) ) My sincere thanks to everyone who loved and believed in him when he was in his worst state at Asan because I couldn't ask for a better best friend, and you made it possible.


Beautiful Cherry is just the best. He is perfect in every way. He is seriously easy going, very well behaved and so, so loving. He likes other dogs (even my poodle Theo, who challenges most peoples' tempers at times :-) ), but he loves people the best.

Whenever I take him a walk, passers by always make a fuss of him - he is super handsome. I would dearly love to keep him, but I already have one dog to take to the UK, and it's so expensive.

On my last post, I said that I would be fundraising for Cherry's cherry eye. I have since reached the decision that because it's just a cosmetic procedure, I really dont want to put him through it. Once you have known him for a short time, you don't even see it any more. He has been through so much, that he deserves a rest from mediccal procedures.

Cherry's just waiting patiently for his chance at a forever owner :-)

New Home Update: Cherry is doing amazingly well with me in his new foster home. He is just the perfect dog, he never barks, chews or demands attention. He loves his walks and snoozes and especially his belly rubs. He had a rough start in life and left the shelter in the poorest of health, but he has no separation anxiety, nor issues with people or other animals. All he wants is cuddles!

There is one reason I think that Cherry hasn't found his forever family yet. He has cherry eye, which diminishes his cuteness slightly. I have considered the treatment options with my vet and decided that a procedure which lets him keep his tear ducts is best. This treatment will cost W330,000 (there is a cheaper option for W50,000 with side effects). I would like to welcome donations for this procedure (blog with details to follow) so we can help Cherry to be as beautiful on the outside as he is inside. He is such as survivor and this is the final hurdle for him.

Cherry has a new foster home - stay tuned for updates!

It's Cherry!

UPDATE: Last weekend Cherry and Wombat and I went camping and kayaking and ferrying and hiking. He's a great traveling adventurer.

ANOTHER UPDATE!: Chery has been my best friend ever these last couple of days. I got really homesick for no apparent reason and felt like I was on the verge of tears all day. When I get home Cherry is usually all dancey and excited and jumping around but when I walked in the door yesterday he took one look at me then came and sat on the bed with me and put his feet on my shoulder and leaned his head on mine and stayed really still. He's NEVER done that before and I'm sure he was trying make me feel better. I don't think he could have done a better job, even if he was person.

UPDATE; It feels like winter is almost over! Spring is the best time to adopt becasue you can have lots of fun outside with your new pup - and Cherry is the pup for you!

Cherry is a happy guy, full of optimism and smiles. He's playful and loving but not demanding. He loved walks at the shelter but he's meant to be resting at the moment so he's not allowed walks, he just comes for rides in my bag when I take my other dog (Wombat) out. He loves coming with us and seeing all the things but he doesn't get wiggly and is happy to do the looking from his warm bag.

He never barks, plays nice with Wombat and is super friendly with visitors, vets and groomers.

Cherry's youngish (about 2 my vet thinks) but full grown at 6kgs. He's bigger than the average maltese but that just makes him stronger and capable of more active things without deminishing his maltese cute and snugglyness.

Cherry lived at Asan shelter for a long time - more than a year I think - in a pen on the hill, through the freezing winter and hot muggy summer so you know he's made of tough stuff. But there's only so much a little lap dog like him can take and recently he developed some skin problems so he came to live with me.

Cherry came to me with skin problems, an eye infection, cherry eye, and worst of all, heartworms. There was no way Cherry was giving up though, all his problems are treatable and he's now almostall better. He just needs his cherry eye treated and he'll be perfect.

Regular Asan shelter volenteer and Cherry's best friend writes this about him:

"I'm a confident guy, but I'm also sweet like the fruit. I can hold my ground, but I'm really just a big ripe softy on the inside. I absolutely love walking and cuddling, but my favourite thing in the world is BELLY RUBS! Give him me belly rub and I'm yours! Like, for real. I'm living in Asan right now, but I've been here a while and I'd really like to get out now. I live in a pen on the hill so I have to endure all kinds of weather (snow, rain, sunshine) with little protection. I'm really sweet, just like the fruit, and I promise I will give all my love to my humans, especially if they give me belly rubs. For those of you who like spunk, I'm full of that too!"

For more information on Cherry, see the following link:

Adoption Fee: ₩70,000
Location: Mokpo - 목포
Living Situation: In foster care


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For more information on Cherry, see the following link:

How is Cherry?

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In foster care in Cheongju city (December, 3, 2011).

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I'm fostering sweet Cherry. His skin problem is not as bad as it looks thankfully, it's not an infection but casued by the conditions he was in at the shelter - mud and rain are no fun for a cuddly lap dog like Cherry. He has some medicine and special shampoo now and he should be white and fuzzy again in no time. But poor Cherry has other problems. His eyes are sore and infected, he is quite under weight and -worse - he has heartworms :(

His Cherry eye can't be treated until he's clear of heartworms and he can't start treatment for that until he's bulked up and feeling up to it so I guess it's going to be a while before he's in tip top shape again.

Some good things though - Cherry's only 2 years old and already neutered. He has a very positive attitude; even though he's obviously not feeling his best right now he still wags his tail non-stop whenever I talk to him, plays with his new toys and eats well. He was an angel on the 2 hour trip back from the shelter and very good while the vet checked him over.

HUGE thanks to everyone who paid for Cherry's vet care! If anyone would like to give Cherry-pie some money to go toward his heartworm treatment he'd be very thankfull (If I have to pay for it all myself his and my other foster dog's (Wombat) toys and treats fund is going to take a big hit...)

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Thank you, Kate.

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Cherry was looking pretty rough there. Great to hear that he's out of there now and getting treatment on his skin and getting his health back so he can get the heartworm treatment.

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Kate, thanks from the bottom of my heart for fostering Cherry. I miss the little guy a lot. I'm going to try and send some money to go towards his heartworm treatment. Just waiting for bank details (as I'm in Canada and I will need to wire the money). Please send Cherry my love!

And, yes, you can totally change the authorship on the thread. No problem.

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Hi Kate, I'm so happy that he is with you and Wombat. I was so worried about him. I hope Jam also gets someone amazing and dedicated like you. Well done and thank you!

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Cherry was full of beans today when I got home from school. He seems quite a bit better and had lots of smiles, dancey feet and demands for tummy rubs :)

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What a sweetheart! Looks like he's making up for lost time after his stay in the shelter :)

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Cherry went back to the vet on Friday for a checkup and a haircut. The vet recommended getting him shaved to help his skin and I thought I was totally prepared for him turning into a skinhead with some warm (and manly) dog jumpers. Unfortunately, although I thought I was overcompensating for his slightly-bigger-than-average Korean dog size by getting him large sized clothes, it turns out that a 5kg dog is actually size XL here! Who would have thought! Lucky for Cherry I messed up the order and ended up with one XL jumper that fits him. Unfortunately its pink and has a kitten on it. Sorry Cherry-pie!

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Super cute!! I'm sure he doesn't mind!! :) He looks so much better already, yay!

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He looks great Kate. Thanks for all the info on him- it's great to see his health and spirits improving! And thanks for being an amazing foster mom.

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Belated 'Merry Christmas' from sleepy Cherry-pie!

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so cute! How is his treatment going?

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Cherry is getting some fluff back after his skinhead haircut. It's really hard to get a good picture ot him because as soon as he spots me looking at him he rolls over for tummy rubs :p

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I luuurve the little tongue poking out :)

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hahaha, like i said, he loves his tummy rubs. how's the heartworm treatment going?

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Cherry has finished his heartworm treatment! He barely seemed to notice it (except for being mildly jealous that he wasn't allowed on walks with me and Wombat) I was a bit worried going into it after seeing Hamish's videos of Bambina crying after her shots but Cherry didn't seem to be in pain fro any part of the treatment.

Now that Cherry is better he's looking for his forever home...

Cherry is a brilliant guy and would be suitable for just about anyone I think. Here are some of Cherry's many positive qualities:

He's not at all aggressive (with dogs or people) He's definitely the dominant one in my two dog household but he doesn't lord over my other foster or beat him up. He was endlessly patient when he first moved in when Wombat would give him the cold shoulder and grumble when Cherry wanted to play and his patience paid off - he and Wombat are good buddies now. Cherry would be fine in a multi dog household but he's not at all relent on other dogs and doesn't;t mind at all if me and Wombat go out without him.

Cherry is the only foster dog I've had who doesn't bark or act up when new people visit. He loves everyone from the second he meets them.

He never breaks things or chews things he shouldn't. I thought having him cooped up inside during his heartworm treatment would make him a bit bored and frustrated but he's always very well behaved even though he hasn't been able to run round and let of steam for more than a month.

He is the most easy-to-wash and groom dog I have ever met. He LOVES getting brushed and is an angel when its shower time. He always stands still and even picks up his paws so I can wash his feet :)

He doesn't shed at all and has lovely fine, soft Maltese hair.

Cherry is a very special dog. I'm sure he will be a great friend to whoever adopts him.

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Cherry looks absolutely wonderful!! It's hard to believe this is the same dog from a couple of months ago! It looks like he's got a long and promising future ahead of him thanks to his awesome foster family!

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Cherry-pie is doing really well.

He's got a good amount of fuzz back and I'm really appriciating his no-shed maltese-ness. My other foster seems to have lost half his body weight in hair but Cherry isn't shedding at all! Yay malteses!

Cherry was never one of my favourites at the shelter (he got lost amongst all the other white dogs and he was all podgy :P), I took him becasue he needed someone and I thought I'd be sending him back when he got better but I have to say, now, I ADORE Cherry. He's like sunshine condensed into a dog. Always happy, always dancing round with a silly grin, always loving and friendly and patient. He really is rather great.

Cherry is awesome for lots of reasons, here are a few.
He's a girly breed but not a girly dog - I love that he's a bit of a scruf, that he's never totally white and that he's always getting food on his face. He's like a little kid :)
He's chill - Cherry is looow maintenance. Some days he only gets a very short walk but he doesn't mind. He is active when I'm playing with him (or Wombat, my other foster, is trying to eat his face) but the rest of the time he likes to laze round and doze or chew his bone.
He's an easy dog - everything is easy with Cherry. He never fusses at the vet, he WONDERFUL to bath, brush, clip, trim his nails, he doesn't bark, likes new people and dogs and is never naughty on purpose. He can keep himself entertained all day but is up for hiking, car rides, and meeting friends if that's whats on the cards.

If you're looking for a new buddy who will always be sweet and kind and make you smile every day then look no further :)

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Cherry and i went on our first spring adventure last weekend :)
We went down to Gwangju to drop my other foster off at his new home and then went out to that coast thinking we'd camp on an island. It was too cold and windy for that so we ended up staying at a minbak. Cherry was GREAT.

Up until now he hadn't had much car experience - just driving the 5 mins to the vet once or twice - so he was a bit shivery at first but now he's got a good 10 hours of riding-in-cars under his belt no and he's a pro. He's a great traveling buddy becasue he's always so calm. All he wants is to sit with you and have a cuddle, he's not fidgety at all and doesn't mind being left in the car while his people stop to get eats and whatnot. He's also really calm around new people, dogs, and things. Even the drunk adjoshis and fierce barking jindos.

I found out that he's not good off leash though. I'd never let him off before becasue having two dogs off leash would be asking for trouble and I knew I could trust Wombat to come back if I called him but, now Cherry is an only dog, I though it would be OK to try letting him have a run round on the beach. He wandered off and would NOT come back. Lucky he's kinda slow and not hard to catch...recalls are something we will definitly be working on.

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Cherry came on another adventure last weekend. He was, as always, a good boy. He likes car rides and gets on really well with my other foster even when theyre squished together on my knee in the car for hours and hours. He's very calm and mostly just sleeps or looks out the window when were driving.

He's still not very good at sticking around when I let him off the leash. I think becasue he's so confident and sure of himself he thinks he'll be fine on his own. It's a good thing he's quite lazy so he's happy to be tied up somewhere close by so he can't go adventuring by himself.

Here are some pictures

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I had Cherry for about 10 days due to Kate's foster situation--and wow, he is a great little guy. First off, it's hard to wrap my brain around how different he looks, and truly what a survivor he is. He looks so beautiful now. He is full of life, fun, bounding around the house. He and my dog played constantly, running all around, leaping, and having fun with each other. Cherry is extremely cuddly and affectionate, very in-tune to what's happening. My dog was called the cuddle monster at the shelter, and Cherry is even more affectionate than Comet is. Did not *ever* bark, did not *ever* resist when it was time to go in his kennel, not an aggressive bone in his body. He had a rough few days at first as he was missing Kate, but he loves walks, so we took lots of those for distraction.

I look forward to hearing how this little guy is doing and I hope he can find a forever home soon. I know Kate is missing him lots. He is a really special dog.

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Does Cherry have a new foster home yet?

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Handsome Cherry is staying with me and my poodle, Theo. He is doing great, he is probably the most affectionate dog I have ever met and yet he's not demanding in the least. He doesn't shed at all and he never barks. He loves his walks and treats and wrestling with Theo! His eye condition is not serious and I will be looking into the treatment options shortly, otherwise he is in great health. I'll post some photos soon to show just how far he has come :-)

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THANK YOU ALLIE! Please send my love to him.

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I cant believe this sweetie has been in foster care for over a year! (I checked out the above links to his old profile.)

Cherry looks like a sweetheart and great companion buddy. In almost every picture he is smiling and attentive to his person. I bet Cherry would make a great lifetime friend!

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Thank you Ailie! So glad Cherry and Theo are getting along :)

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Thank you for taking care of sweet Cherry!

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How is it possible that this guy isn't adopted yet?! He seems so sweet, lovable and well-adjusted! What's not to like? :)

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Congratulations sweet boy!!

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Hey Noelle, you seem to have known him the longest. Do you know anything about his background story?

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I'm afraid I really don't know anything about his history. I just showed up at the shelter one day and there he was. In fact, he's the first dog (along with his cagemate at the time) that I ever walked at that shelter. Now, I'm happy to say that BOTH dogs have been given homes. He was one of the pups that caught my heartstrings so I was sure to walk him, and spend time with him on every visit to the shelter. Thanks for giving him a wonderful new home.

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!!!! Thanks so so so much man! I have an airline approved crate you can have that will knock some $$ of his traveling cost. If you want it I can bring it down to you (and give him one last hug) Thanks again! Youre the BEST!

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Wait, so I missed something. Did Cherry/Chingu get adopted???? I hope, I hope, I hope.........

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OMG, I just read the top top. This is AMAZING!!!! Thank you and congrats sweet, sweet boy.

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Thanks for all the lovely comments everyone :-) Kate: you are more than welcome, and Cherry/Chingu would love to see you! I'm finally getting his eyes fixed so you wont recognise him. The crate would be much appreciated! Thanks for everything you did for him.

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OMG!!!! This just made my day! Yay Ailie! The poodle lady! OMG! Sending you and your lovely babies lots of love right now!!! Thank you!!!! I am so happy for you and the pups! <3

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Hi Cherry lovers. I was just wondering if there's been any updates on Cherry? How's the lovely little guy doing these days? I hope he's still happy?

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Hi Noelle, Chingu is doing great thanks. He had his cherry eyes fixed and looks more handsome than ever, he still loves belly rubs and boiled chicken! Here is a wee photo from this summer - Ailie

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thanks so much for the prompt response. thank you so much for caring for the beautiful little guy. i'm glad to hear and see that he's doing so well. please give him big bear hugs for me!