Gummi Bear (Cheonan River Pup)

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Shih Tzu
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Good with cats
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Information about this puppy previously appeared in a blog posting on this site named Cheonan River Puppy.

Update, Tuesday 13 May. Well I've gone and fall for my own advertisements. In the hopes of making Gummi more attractive for others I lost my heart. I've devided to adopt Gummi. I suck at fostering! I want to thank Sofia for providing moral support during my indecision and lining up a foster with excellent chances of adoption in Canada so quickly. It wasn't until I got ready to send him away that I wanted him to stay. Thanks to Cathy too for helping with posters and hoping for a reunion with his owners. This story has a happy ending.

Update, Sunday 4 May. More posters went up today in case a broken-hearted owner is looking for their baby. Gummi Bear.
visited the "dog park" on the weekend and was a hit with everyone! His story pulled at the heartstrings of all the dog owners. He remained calm and non-confrontational with all kinds of dogs around him, but since he is unneutered, the ladies kind of excited him out of his usual demeanour. A toddler also scared him a bit by running up without warning, but thereafter we could introduce them to each other nicely. Anyone can pick him up... and he is quite willing to sit himself tightly against the rump of any stranger. Oh he is just crying out to be yours!

Update, Saturday 3 May. This adorable cutie reminds me of the estimable Tyrion of House Lannister (a really uncanny resemblance) and it would be great if I could head this post: "Adopt me and remember a Lannister always repays his debts!" but Tyrion seemed a big name for a little dog. I settled on the cuter sound of Gummi Bear (after the eighties television cartoon). Anyway it's just temporary until you give him his REAL name when he goes to his forever home.

Gummi Bear is the ideal for your family. He immediately adapted to a home environment with a large dog and two cats, and by night's end was peacefully sharing the jindo's bed with him. He has the heart-melting habit of sitting on his backlegs when I eat...probably his politest way to beg! He loves affection but prefers to sleep near me and not on my lap. He walks like a dream on the leash and even follows off leash. No headaches with this baby! He LOVES marking and does this rather thoroughly (four times on one spot) but he is learning that that's not necessary inside the house. I believe he is house trained since there were no accidents overnight and the few dribbles may just be part of the adjustment. He did his business nicely on the morning walk. If you want to adopt Gummi, he will dazzle you with his never ending cuteness. Those big soulful eyes and cute little body are irresistible! Please give Gummi a home!

Update, Wednesday 30 April. I have now spent four days with the pup and he hasn't barked once. He is always calm, but also curious and happy to chomp on meaty snacks. His soulful sad eyes keep looking around for his people, and that just melts my heart. Heartbreak Central! We have to keep trying to find a home for him, and on the weekend more posters will go up. My constant worry is that if no one can manage to take in this sweet baby, the very last option will be to send him to a shelter. Let's avoid that at all cost! If you can find a place in your heart (and pocket) for that pleading little face, please contact me!

Update, Tuesday 29 April. The puppy is healthy and less than three years old. There is an emergency foster lined up for him (thanks!), but only for a few weeks. Hopefully someone can offer him a more stable prospect? I made a poster and put up several around the area he was found as well as two pet shops, but I guess we need to put up many more to make an impact. His details will be registered on the Animal Protection Management System site before the end of the week, and I hope his owners will be looking for him. He has a distinct sadness in his eyes that just breaks my heart, and his worried little face is constantly on the look out for his humans. Please help give this little soul a brighter future if you can!

This little cutie just survived an ordeal after being rescued from a small river in Cheonan. I heard that two foreign guys fished him out of the water on Sunday afternoon. I found him a few hours later lying cold, wet, and shivering in the grass on the river bank. He was really scared but did not growl or bite once whilst I wrapped him in blankets and carried him off. He is currently boarding generously at the vet for one week. He is seemingly uninjured and in good health but updates will follow. I will be putting up posters in the area in case he has owners looking for him. His coat is in good condition and it looks like he has been groomed recently. I have spent a few hours with him and he has a very calm disposition lying sweetly next to my lap and being content to take in his surroundings. He does not snort or bark, and dealt tolerantly with my curious jindo's sniffing. I believe that indicates he is comfortable around other dogs. He also cuddled up to a lady at the vet and that shows he is trusting and friendly towards strangers. He seems unneutered but I will be able to give more information on his age and health condition once I've consulted the vet. Please consider helping this little buddy out! He has been traumatized but clearly wants to be loved very badly. We only have one week!

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Cheonan - 천안
Living Situation: In foster care


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Gummi is heartworm NEGATIVE! Negative people, negative! Celebrate with Feargal Sparkey's song:


"A good heart these days is hard to find...true love, the lasting please be gentle with this heart of mine!"

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That's really awesome news!

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We love cuddling in the morning!

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Ooh..Best Bully Sticks from the States personally flown over for us!

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I can sleep like a baby in your arms if you want me to...

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Today I think I'll be a cat!

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