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Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Breed: Maltese / Terrier (Yorkshire)
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: White
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Update 26 May 2014
Just a quick update on this adorable dog! He's over a week into this most recent set of medicine for his liver. I'm quite hopeful that everything will be well when we go back to the vet on Friday. The reason why? Fizzi is a trouper! He is taking his medicine well this time around (therefore actually getting it all) and he has so much more energy! He is playing and bouncing around the apartment and the park...just like any normal older puppy would. He is truly a sweet little joyful creature.

Update! 16 May 2014
I wish I had better news today :( Fizzy went back to the vet...and his liver enzyme level is still a little elevated :( So, more meds and tests again in a couple weeks. Also, waiting until this has cleared up to get him neutered. On a happier note, there are absolutely no symptoms of actual liver damage :D He's still gaining a little weight and has learned to play like crazy with his foster brother. He is such a smart and loving boy, he deserves a forever home sooner rather than later~

*Note on his fur I've noticed the past few weeks: He is a maltese/yorkie mix and has the best of both worlds. He is super super soft, with the texture and non-shedding of a maltese and the slower hair growth of a yorkie. So he is adorable and a little fuzzy, but wont need grooming as often and your house will love you ;)

Update! 11 May 2014
Today Fizzy met Sarang the golden retriever. He did so well^^ He was a little timid at first, but easily warmed up to the massively bigger dog :) He is also becoming so confident when I walk him into areas he has never gone before. He could be the most absolutely perfect dog out there~

Update: 8 May 2014
Fizzy's foster mom here. I thought I'd take a minute to give everyone a detailed update on Fizzy. He is an adorable little doll. When Fizzy first came to my house, almost 3 weeks ago, I'm not sure he had ever been in a home before. He had no idea about pee pads or house training, and didn't even know what dog food was, or how to eat out of bowl. His progress has been incredible! He is doing very well with house training, like he innately knew he was supposed to do his business outside. So we just skipped the pad step ;) He figured out dog food is tasty, and eating out of a bowl is a good thing. He does an adorable little dance while waiting for you to put the food down :D He gets along very well with my maltese, and will watch him to learn how to do something. Fizzy learned on his own, without any help from me, that he should sit to get his dog treats. His personality: Sweet and gentle. He is still pretty timid, but is learning to trust people...and want to go and meet them. He is very calm and loves being near you, whether that is curled up next to you while you are watching a movie or playing while you are up moving around. Is he loud? Nope~When he first came home, he had some separation anxiety and would bark when I left the apartment...but that worked itself out without any special training in a few days, when he realized I'd always come home to him. How is he on a leash? Very good! He is very attuned to what I am doing, and what his foster brother is doing. He walks well, and very seldom even goes the full length of the leash ahead of me. He looooovvvvveees going to the park so he can hop around and roll around in the grass. All the little kids love him, and he lets them pet him, and play with his fluffy tail without any comment. The vet estimates him at 6 months to a year old. He is in a perfect window to find his forever home, and this smart, gently baby really truly deserves it.

Update: 4 May 2014
Fizzgig is "insanely good with children", says his foster mom. He had a haircut and looks like a totally different dog, no less cute though! You can also see his sweet face and his pretty eyes. This little guy is precious. I was lucky enough to bump into him and his foster mom & doggy brother the other night. It was so good to see him looking so happy & loved! Thank you Rae!

Update: 19 April 2014
Sweet Fizzgig was so lucky and went into foster care with the same lady who sponsored his health check. He is SO happy to be in a home and he has a maltese brother to play with too! He received Heartguard on 19 April & will take his liver medication for a month. Thereafter he will be reassessed with some more bloodwork. He is eating Royal Canin Starter food to fatten up as he is skin & bones under all that fuzz. His foster mom says:

One more fabulous report about Fizzy. He just did all his business outside and met a million people and did soooooo well!! He was so calm, surrounded by half a dozen big, loud foreigners. Everyone thinks he is soooo adorable. ^^

Update: 15 April 2014
HUGE thanks to Rae Mullins, who sponsored this little man's health check today! And the results are in! Drum roll...heartworm negative!!
Pretty good antibody levels & received DHPPL & rabies vaccinations.
His liver enzyme levels are pretty out of whack but the doc had prescribed a month of medication.
He weighs 2.1kg.


(Google it!) Fizzgig is a teeny tiny little man. His photos say it all! He was recently rescued from death row and came to the shelter filthy, tangled and terrified. This little man will bring a smile to your face on a daily basis! I mean, look at him!!

He is still very young. I'm no good at guessing ages but I think he is probably around a year. We do not know anything about his health status. He is not neutered.

Fizzgig was bathed and given Frontline on 6th April 2014.

If you would like to help Fizzgig by sponsoring a health check, please contact me!

If you would like to foster Fizzgig, please read this:, then fill out this: and send it to the contacts listed below.

If you would like to adopt Fizzgig, please read this:, then fill out this: and send it to the contacts listed below.

Adoption Fee: ₩130,000
Location: Cheonan - 천안
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


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Very fitting name. :) His face looks like Chloe's in his main profile picture. :)

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He even has a cute butt ;) hehehe

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Aaawww!! <3 Yes he does!

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Hello!~~Fizzy's been with me a week now :) He is such a doll, and doing great! First off, the poor little guy needed a haircut. He's a whole new dog! He's smart too, learned his name within a day and is starting to pick up on commands like come and sit. He's also doing a great job learning to play with his foster brother who is twice his size! Here is a pic of the haircut! He isn't sure he likes selfies yet ;) but he definitely looooves giving face kisses!