Se Al (Three kibbles)

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Orange & White
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
Adoption Status: Adopted

Apr 14, 2014
She is now 6 month old.
She completed 4th round of DHPPL.
Playing/eating poo issue is getting better. Still needs to be worked on.

Apr 1,2014
Update from the vet. She is currently at 2.7kg. Very healthy.
Comepleted 3 round of DHPPL.
She still eats and plays with poo. The foster mom continues to work on it.
According to a foster mom, she is quite a jumper! :)

March 22 2014
Se Al, and the other foster dog (Coo) had fun at the park the other day.
According to a foster mom, it took only a day for putty training. Isn't she smart?
Although she sometimes eats and plays with poo...She must have eaten own poo when she was a stray dog.

Here is more of her story.
She was sent to the city pound, and fortunately, she caught EFL volunteers eye.
Thanks to EFL, she was sent to the vet for health check and boarding.
She was found to have underweight and poor nutrition.
She sent to a foster home, and now she is gaining weight and started to receive vaccinations.

March 11 2014
Yes, her name is temporarily Se Al (Three Kibbles).
Her foster mom named her as she mastered 'sit' with only three kibbles. Then, next day, she learned "Paw".
And she is only 5 month old! What a smart girl!

She is potty trained. What a good girl! :)

She is very playful, spayed, good with other dogs, almost done with vaccination and so darn cute!
What do we ask more?!?!?!

She is currently in Bundang.

Se Al, playing with other foster dog.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: EFL (Empathy For Life)


Andrea Rusu's picture

Hello, can Se Al be adopted by students? We are out of house only 4 hours per day during weekdays^^

Duan98's picture

Thank you for having interest in Se al. However, the foster mom recently decided to adopt Se Al.