Kukhwa 국화

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Siberian Husky
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Grey

Kukhwa didn't make it... very sad.
She died from distemper last week.


Her name is Kukhwa.
국화 (kukhwa) means "chrysanthemum". Kukhwa is our dear beautiful flower.

Kukhwa is a medium sized Husky cross. She is a gorgeous girl. Kukhwa is friendly with people that she meets and enjoys being told how beautiful she is. She is loving and will make a fantastic addition to someone's life.
We will do whatever’s needed to give this dog a healthy life in a happy home. Please help us.

Health status: Kukhwa is approx. 1 year old, 15kg, heartworm negative; at the moment she stays at the vet where she is recovering from severe injury caused by a rope. So far so good.

Location: at the vet clinic in Goyang city.

Rescue story: Kukhwa was rescued from Cheongju city pound in March, 2014. Original profile: http://www.animal.go.kr/portal_rnl/abandonment/public_view.jsp?desertion...

If you think that you can offer Kukhwa the loving home (foster or adoptive) that she deserves, then please contact Mrs. Kang at [email protected].
Adoption/foster application: http://www.animalrescuekorea.org/adoption-application.
Thank you.


jandrewill's picture

how long do you think she'll take to recover? she's a beautiful dog. I'd be interested in her if you think she'll do well in an apartment. Ideally, I'd walk her every morning before work, and evening when I return.

Sofia's picture

Hello jandrewill, maybe you could visit Kukhwa in Goyang city?
This way you could talk to the vet and get the latest info.
Let me know, if you are interested. Thank you.

Sofia's picture

Kukhwa is friendly and loving to all humans she's met. We love her warm brown eyes and gorgeous coloring. Kukhwa is good and we think she'll be the perfect addition to one special lucky family.

angela's picture

WOW...she is absolutely gorgeous.

lokogoyang's picture

Poor kukwha:(