Marty McFly

Enjoy your journey Marty and Tara!!
Martys new adventures begin!Take your picture from my good sideI like to sit on lapsI LOVE a good chew boneSuch a handsome boy!I may be small buy i am mighty!Team Marty McFlyMarty McFly gives kisses to his angelStarting to like outdoors againA tiny Dobie indeed!Got a new shirt...i'm growing into itHi guys!Just woke up from a napThis is MY bear friendIm growing!Recharging my batteriesOh heyBlue is MY colorEARS!!Don't even think about it!Filling out my new shirt nicelyI LOVE chasing down toysHandsome Marty McFlyMy favorite spot is on a lapPhotobombing my sister EthelBig and LittleThat face!Hi!a good snuggle before going homeWe sure will miss you buddy be so happy for youOff to Martys new home!

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Pinscher (Miniature)
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & Black
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Microchipped
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

May 11 2014 Update: Marty has been ADOPTED!! Hooray!!! This young man starts his new journey and we couldn't be happier for him and his new mom. He and his forever mom, Tara, make the most perfect pair! So, although I was so sad to see my sweet boy go.... I'm so happy for him and Tara. Happy tears!! Marty and Tara will be in South Korea for a few more months, then off to the US they will go :) Today was a great day! Check out the pictures :)

April 16 2014 Update: Marty is STILL awaiting his forever home! He is just a joy to have around.... however, his foster parents don't have much time left in Korea- they leave the country in May. We would love nothing more than to find a wonderful family to continue giving him the love that he deserves. Marty went to the vet today and got his microchip and his rabies shot... he is good to travel now and checking in at 8lbs. He is right on track for his weight gain- could even gain a couple more pounds, but is perfectly healthy! Marty has come such a long way since being rescued- yay Marty!!

March 27 2014 Update: This handsome young man is still looking for his forever home! Could that be YOU?!! If you like to play, cuddle and have a little buddy of happiness to come home to everyday... this is your guy! I will be very picky on who this lovebug gets to call "mom" and/or "dad". He needs someone(s) who can devote lots of time and patience toward Marty's house training and playing nicely training. He has already come so far!

March 18 2014 Update: Marty.....oh man is this guy playful!! If you are searching for some energy in your life- look no further! This little party boy is always up for a good time. He is a tiny ball of spark... but also loves to take a break from the toys to recharge his batteries on his human's lap. He was recently introduced to sleeping in the bed with his foster parents and now hates getting out in the morning. He is more adventurous outside, now that he has a foster sister (Ethel) he can follow around. This handsome boy would do well in a home with doggie siblings or on his own. He really is such a fun dude! Please consider adopting Marty- he will bring such joy to your home!!

March 7th Update: Marty is such a fun guy!! Gaining weight....almost to his ideal weight! Yay Marty!! Although, i think he will miss his morning breakfast feast of a fried egg- that will just have to be a special treat maybe a couple times a week, once he is at a healthy weight. This little guy is doing so great- I just still can't believe that someone would abandon this sweetheart. He really is such a good companion- he's become my little shadow. A typical min pin.... loves to burrow in blankets and take naps on his foster mom and dad laps or in the sun. He doesn't like waking up in the morning....and yawns the whole elevator ride downstairs to the bathroom. He adores toys! He plays fetch and tug of war..and will keep playing and playing as long as he has an audience. He loves his little "den" when its bedtime or when when foster mom and dad are away. He is crate trained and we are working very hard on house training. He will do his business on potty pads, but is doing very well and learning what "lets go potty outside" means. Marty is so very sweet and wants nothing more than to make his human(s) happy. Please consider this handsome boy for adoption.

Marty is on track for his weight gain!! He is now a whopping 7lbs!! This little sweetheart is so much fun..... plays as long as you keep him entertained- his favorite game is to have his foster parents throw his rope toy from the couch, he goes and gets it (usually with a good slide on the wood floors) and brings it up on the couch for you to throw again or play tug-of-war. As you can see in his pics....he is a little snuggler! He prefers he "sleeps" in his kennel at night time tho, with it mostly covered and of course lots of soft fluffy blankies to burrow in. He is good with kids- although he needs to be supervised with young children, as he is still so very small and still very much a puppy at heart :) He hasn't had too much interaction with other pets... but the encounters he has had, have gone well. This young man is waiting for his furrever home!

Update February 20: Marty McFly (formerly "mini"), the small little speedy boy, is awaiting his forever home!! This super sweet, tiny guy has such a fun personality. He's spunky when he plays and a little snuggle bug when he's resting. He needs to add some serious weight as he was rescued from a sad situation by a fellow ARK member. Marty was found tied to a doggie house outside with hardly anything to keep him warm. But! He was saved!! Big thank you to Kathrina for saving Marty's life! Now.... He just needs his forever home to keep him warm, well fed and loved. If that is you, please fill out an adoption application...he will bring a lot of joy to your life!

Please consider adding this sweet little guy to your family....he wants nothing more than his very own home!

Basic background: He is potty pad trained (meaning, he will relieve himself on a potty pad that you provide and show him where it is located). We are working on his house training but this shouldn't take long at all! He walks well on a leash. He rides really well in a carrier on trains (he made a 3 hour trip in his carrier with not one complaint!) and walking. I.e. He could be your little partner in crime when you go on trips or adventures. He is pretty food obsessed, so you will need to keep his diet in check, as he has very little self-control (common in a formerly starved dog). He's a love bug! He's so happy to sit on your lap or next to you, and of course get carried around in your arms or a carrier bag. He's playful. He likes to sleep next to his human(s) but is OK in a crate/kennel. He loves toys and most of all, fluffy soft blankets. He only weighs 4.5 pounds, but at a healthy weight he will more like 8-9 pounds. He's estimated to be about 2 years old. He is very quiet. He is OK is other dogs, not sure about cars yet. A home with small children should be very careful, as this guy is so small he could get hurt very easily. Mostly....he's just a little love bug.

Original description by Keady11
This sweet min pin is located in Waegwan about 30 minutes outside of Daegu. He was rescued from the being tied up outside, freezing and starving. He is very skinny and food obsessed. Not much is known about his temperament as I (the recuer) hasn't been able to have him in my home (I have another dog). He is currently being boarded at a local vet. He has to wait 10 days to be released as we are waiting to see if owners claim him. I saw him located in an area by an abandoned building and farm land and he was freezing. I took him to the vet and left a note for the owners as to what happened and where he is. So far no one has contacted the vet. Luckily we do have a foster set up for when he is able to leave on Wednesday February 19, 2014. But what we really need is a forever home! He is very sweet, loves to snuggle, and also play. Please contact me for more information. Thank you!!

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Osan - 오산
Living Situation: With owners


marlajoy's picture

Poor litle thing. It's hard to imagine what would make someone think he is suited to a life outdoors. Hope you find someone great for him! :)

Robyn's picture

Hi! Quick update on the mini.... He is in my home (foster) while he awaits his forever family to adopt him. I will be making a new profile for this sweet boy today (2/21/14). I think he's going to go fast, so please get your adoption app filled out and sent into ARK as soon as possible. He has such a fun personality. Hasn't barked once since I've had him, which is good for apartment dwellers.

Karen's picture

Great to hear this little pup has a foster home! Please don't make a new profile for him, here's how to switch this profile over to Robyn:

Also, ARK doesn't take adoption applications. Robyn and Keady11, you'll have to decide between the two of you who will be screening potential adopters. More info about screening is here:

Fingers crossed everything works out for Mini :)

Robyn's picture

Hi Karen... I already made him a new profile.... Any way that I can merge the two? If not that's okay....I can copy and paste ;) thank you!!

Karen's picture

The two listings have now been merged :)

Robyn's picture

To anyone interested in Mini (now Marty McFly), you are welcome to email me: [email protected] with any questions about this boy! The current profile of the little dude is maintained by Keady11.... We are in the process of switching it over to me ;)
This sweetheart is currently (as of 2/21/14) located in Pyeongtaek, near Osan Air Base while he awaits his furrever home!

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Check out my new pics!!

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Love the new pics! What a cute little fleecy jacket :)

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Looks amazing!! WELL DONE!!!

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Check out my update guys!! I've some new cute photos too!

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Robyn, I sent you an email :)

Robyn's picture

Hi Liz, I have not received it yet.... maybe you could try emailing again?
([email protected])

Liz's picture

Done~ please check the spam mail aswell~^^) if it does not work.. please mail me at [email protected] and I will rwply to your mail. Thank you!!

clare_bell's picture

Congratulations all round!! So happy for everyone! Marty, you were a lucky kid being fostered by such awesome parents. :) Good luck little man!