Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Large (over 20 kg)
Colour: Orange & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
Adoption Status: Adopted

Feb 14, 2014
Valentine's day miracle!!!
Oh, wow!!! This lucky boy was adopted to a dog trainer!!!!


Here is a rock star, Doogi!!
His cuteness is killing me.

He has Jindo's body shape / coat color + Sapsaree's shaggy hair.

In case you don't know Sapsal dog. Sapsaree is another National treasure of Korea (just like Jindo).
Sapsarees were believed to expel ghost and bad luck and bring good luck to home.
Sapsaree lived with Koreans since AD400. They are incredibly patient and smart.
More info and pics about Sapsaree is available here:

Doogi is believed to be little less than 2 years old. He is very friendly and mischievous. :)
He has been waiting for his own family over a year at the shelter.
He wants somebody who has experience with big dogs or Jindos for success adoption.

Anybody interested in this boy???
Then, please do not hesitate email [email protected] (Ms. Kang).
Ms. Kang will be very happy to hear from you as she does not have high hope for this boy's adoption as he is BIG and MIXED. :/
Why don't you surprise Ms. Kang by saying "I would like to foster him" or "I would like to adopt him" ?

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Goyang - 고양
Living Situation: In a shelter
Adopted From: EFL (Empathy For Life)


lokogoyang's picture

Doogie is not good with other dogs though, so he would need to go to a dog-free home!

Duan98's picture

Thank you for the information. Is he not good with any dog? Or just with male dogs? One of my dogs does not like other male dog, but seems to be okay with female dogs. Any info about Doogi is welcomed for successful adoption!

lokogoyang's picture

It's hard to know what he's like outside of shelter situation, but as it is, he can't go near any dogs as he is aggressive towards them all. He would need an experienced owner.

lokogoyang's picture

Yaaaay for Doogie!!!

Duan98's picture

I am so happy for him that he found a family. He is also doing okay with other dog. What an amazing news!

Lucky boy, Doogi, is performing "stay" for his new dad.Guess what? He is doing okay with other dogs!!!! yay!!!