Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: Grey
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash

Maybe Woofy was loved at some point in his life. We hope he was loved, but the fact that he found himself in a small cage in KARAMA, high-kill pound in Seoul, says maybe not. But whatever went on in Woofy's life, he's safe now. And he's happy. He's very friendly with everyone and eager to be loved. He would be a wonderful addition to any family.
Woofy is potty trained, walks great on a leash, and doesn't make a peep. He is one of the calmest and well-behaved pups we have ever met. Spread the word & let's find this guy a loving family!

Loving home where Woofy can be comfy and warm, with lots of affection (he loves being pet on the head and having side face rubs) is what we are looking for. The power of love does wonders.

Health status: approx. 5 year old, 10kg.

Rescue story: Woofy was rescued from KARAMA pound, South Korea.

You are a very handsome fellow, Woofy, and we hope someone decides you're the boy for them very soon! Someone to give you lots of love, treats and toys.


Sofia's picture
Sofia's picture

Poor Woofy tested positive for distemper.
We officially hate distemper.
Woofy received one shot of plasma, and the treatment will be continued.
Please pray for the little angel!

Woofy = Perfect Dog
Perfect Dog = Woofy

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Photos by Andrea R.

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Woofy was SUCH a good patient at the vet~ he was so co-operative and didn't try to fight any of the treatments or tests at all ~ not because he is sick, but because he is gentle.

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From Woofy's friend:
"I'm heartbroken to let you all know that our sweet boy, Woofy, has passed away. He was having a hard time breathing and all of a sudden suffered a seizure and passed away at about 6:30am. I'm so glad I stayed at the vet, he wasn't alone. I stroked his head and told him he was loved as he slipped away into peace. I so wish he could have made it, he was a beautiful soul. Rest in peace Woofy."

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Woofy has been cremated.
We ask everyone to light a candle in memory of Woofy.
R.I.P., Woofy.