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Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

--> Donna is extremely loving and curious. She's one of a litter of four. Born around Late October 2013 (estimated around the 25th). She was bottle fed by various foster parents from only about 10 days old since her mother is thought to have been hit by a car. She has been in foster care since ~ please consider this little girl to be part of your family! Anyone interested in fostering/adopting Donna will need to fill out an application first. Found here:

16 June 2014
Donna's trial adoption is going very well and her new family are incredibly kind and generous.
They have helped not only Donna but have given special donations toward Moira's health check as well ~~ Thank you amazing people!!! Donna must be loving every moment of her new life.

3 June 2014
Donna is meeting her potential new family this weekend, and if all goes well will go on a trial adoption period for about 2 weeks.
This little girl has been waiting her whole life (she is only 7 months old and was born into foster care) for people that will love her and take her in as a permanent member of the family... holding thumbs!! You deserve the best life little one.

27 May 2014
A note from Donna^^ ----
Please can someone adopt me?... I am a little bigger than "small" but have a light frame and can make myself very small and cuddly. I get really excited to see people so when they tell me to sit my butt can't stop wiggling - even while I sit - I just can't contain how overjoyed I am to see you!
I promise to love you forever, and I will work hard to become a good, obedient puppy if you help me and can be a little patient sometimes. In another 6 months I will turn 1... I hope someone wants me before then.

07 May 2014
Donna really needs to be spayed soon, for her to have the best health possible she should be spayed before her first heat... which is probably going to be pretty soon. Unfortunately in Korea it is very costly to do this and her foster mom cannot afford it on her own... is there anyone willing to sponsor Donna being spayed?

Other than this she is just as sprightly and loving as always. She loves cuddle time with mom, and she is very excited to walk and play outside. This little dear is waiting patiently for her forever home...

23 April 2014:
Little Donna is doing so well.... Her foster mommy is totally in love!
It seems that Donna's ears have grown, but her body hasn't, making her resemble something similar to a cute little Fennec Fox (just bigger).
Donna is not quite a medium sized dog, but she is a bigger small sized pup, and has lots of energy! She has started going for walks, and got a brand new harness the other day so she can run and play outside like she loves.
Donna deserves a loving, caring home with someone who is going to take lots of time to cuddle and train her well.
At the moment her foster mom feels bad coz it's a busy semester and she is not home all that much.
If you are interested in Donna please send an application form to [email protected]

24 March 2014:
Donna is has spent 2 weeks in a new foster home while her usual foster mum had to make a trip home to the USA.
She behaved very well and got used to her surroundings in no time, but is extremely happy to be back with Sarah, and in her comfy foster home in Bundang.
Donna is a very young little girl - about 5, going on 6months old. She is much smaller than her brother, Marty, and more adventurous and outgoing. Her favourite is to be with people, and as soon as her vaccinations are completed I imagine this little lady being a GREAT fan of the outdoors.
She is small, light and swift on her little feet... a big dog spirit, in a little doggy body!
Please consider adopting this sweetheart!

March 3, 2014:
Donna is learning to sit. She responds very well to vocal reprimanding too. She is an energetic little lady and is happiest and most calm when perched comfortably in her foster mom's arms. Donna would be a great dog for someone looking for a mix between having a lap dog, as well as a jogging or walking buddy. She loves to play with the puppy in the mirror :P and will yap, hide and crouch and play with her reflection for ages.

February 2, 2014: ((***Donna is ready for vaccinations! Money is a bit tight, so if anyone is willing and able to sponsor a vaccination or several, please contact me! Thank you!***))
"Donna is a mad little thing. She is always wiggling about and on your lap wanting love and affection. She is a real attention sponge! And she has so much love; she will bounce onto anyone who walks through the door!"

Both Donna and her brother Marty are being treated for ringworm, but are doing very well!

January 1, 2014:
Well, Donna is starting the year off right -- bein' a total sweetheart and stealing the heart of her new foster mom. She loves to lick and cuddle and playfully chew on your fingers. She loves to play, especially with her brother, Marty. In regards to them both, their foster mom said, "They are both very loving, and especially when I get home are very excited to greet me with lots of love and kisses. They both love to play, especially with each other and run around. Then they get tired and like to nap together. They love chewing on things, especially paper things..."

December 21:
Donna (along with her brother Marty) moved into her new foster home this weekend! Her new foster mum is caring for the little darlings, and said they are settling in well!

December 16:
Donna had a few skin irritations and went to the vet. After her visit, she got her very first bath! With that, and some oral meds, her skin is now healing well. The scabs have dried and come off, but not without taking a few hairs with it :p

November 30:
Donna will be due for her first round of general vaccinations when she is 8 weeks old (currently 5 weeks), and can be fostered/adopted separately from her siblings at that time.

From the pups' (current) absolutely wonderful foster mom -- "Donna, the little tail wagging, growly, feisty one is just the same...she is the perfect mix of cute, cuddles, and independence. She is very curious."

Donna is a sweet-natured, docile little pup, as seen from the pictures of her in a pink sweater (try not to explode from the preciousness of it all!). She and her sister Rose look quite a bit alike, but Donna has a tiny, pink speckled nose to set her apart.

Donna and the other pups only get breakfast and dinner from the bottle. During the day, they eat and drink on their own, and have recently been taking to a few pellets in their milk. With no hesitation! They are doing really well with knowing when to go to the pee pad, even if they're outside their pen boppin' around.

November 23:
Donna, along with her siblings, visited the vet today (11/23) and he was impressed with how healthy they all are given their circumstances (born to a mother who was a stray). The vet tested a stool sample from one of the pups which was negative for worms and parasites. In approximately 3 weeks the pups will need to have their vaccinations.

Anyone interested in fostering/adopting Donna will need to fill out an application first. Found here: ***((Even if you want to just VISIT the dogs, an application needs to be filled out and approved first))*** This inquisitive cutie deserves only the best!

Adoption Fee: ₩150,000
Location: Yongin - 용인
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


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Have the puppies been adopted/fostered? How are they with barking/biting?

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The puppies have been separated into new foster homes this week! Donna and Marty together into one home, and Rose and Doctor together into another.

According to their first foster mom, Marty bites a little but he is just learning to play. Puppy bites are pretty harmless and expected. They bark a little when they are playing and chasing each other, but again, nothing excessive or unmanageable. They're sweethearts.