Little Leaf

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Dachshund
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & Black
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Leaf is a young doxie boy who loves playing hours and hours of "fetch," "hide and go seek," or anything fun!

Leaf is about two years old. We have had him since early December of last year. His previous owners gave him to us because they wanted their daughter to be less distracted by him so that she could spend more time in her studies. Though he was not the "completely house trained puppy" that we had seen in the pictures, we have learned to love the little guy. He loves his before-bed walks with dad almost as much as dinner time. It was in our plans from the beginning to take him home to America with us. We were planning to at the end of our contracts next summer... but last week, we found out that life has taken a different turn of events and we will actually have to leave Korea immediately at Christmas due to work complications. We just found out that there is an embargo for flying during this time in the winter. We just got his rabies shot last Wednesday (Nov 27) before we fully understood what that implied. Leaf is too big (standard-sized doxie) to fit as a carry-on. Our flight is China Southern, which doesn't allow pets in the cabin regardless.

And so, with heavy hearts, we are posting up the little guy. He is a family man. He would love to have some kids to play with, but he would be happy with any kind friend. He likes interacting with the kids from our school. We are not sure how he would interact with babies or toddlers, however. He is trainable, but stubborn - food is his preferred motivation, as he is a doxie. Currently, he knows "sit," "down" (which resembles play dead for whatever reason...), "stay-until-you-get-too-bored," "stop," "drop-it-when-you-are-ready," and "come." His potty-training tends to depend on how long he can hold it. Some days we come home to no accidents, other days we aren't as fortunate. But, he tries! Whenever we are at home, he goes and sits by the door expectantly to let us know that he has to relieve himself. He tries his best to be a good dog, and loves hearing that said of him.

Leaf is also a lover at heart. While we have had him, he has always slept in our bed with us. He loves curling up against us and falling asleep. He likes to explore the house on his own, but will usually find his way into our laps as we are sitting or working. He doesn't like being alone as much as some other dogs, so whoever owns him can expect to have a good and loyal friend.

As we are his third known owner, we have observed some peculiar nervous tics he has. He licks stuff a lot, like the floor and his food bowl and mom's arm and his foot. Once he gets started, he gets absorbed in it, but eventually stops on his own. He also has times where he appears to get angry at his back feet and will nibble at them. We aren't sure what causes this, but he has gotten better about it during the time we've had him. Thankfully, he is not a big barker, and will usually only do so if he is startled or right when we leave the house. He may growl at times, but he is not a mean dog.

It hurts our hearts even thinking about adopting Leaf out to another family. Though there have been challenges at times, he has demonstrated a love and loyalty toward us that we will always remember and cherish. We hope and pray that there is another family out there that can be blessed by his fun and youthful spirit.

EDIT: While corresponding with some others, I have noticed that I was a bit unclear as to the energetic nature of Leaf. Leaf is definitely a puppy in body and at heart, and as such, he does have a lot of energy right now, as most young dachshunds do. As we mentioned above, he could spend hours playing fetch and hide-and-seek, and loves to run around the house playing with his ball and other toys. While he is definitely a cuddly dog, he is also an energetic boy who needs his exercise or else he will feel cooped up (which can lead him to chew on his toys more and do a couple of running laps around our apartment). I hope that makes it a bit more clear.

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Guri - 구리
Living Situation: With owners


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Why not just find a temporary foster home for him until you can fly him out? Sounds like you love him and his quirks and I would hate to see him go to yet another home!

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That would be ideal, and we definitely would if we could. The two big difficulties with that are:

1. I (the husband) have to do four straight months of student teaching from January to early May, so I will be staying with my parents in California while my wife is in another state. Our respective parents have recently expressed that they do not want any more animals at their homes right now, which leaves us little option for lodging. We had planned to stay here in Korea for a few more years, but circumstances changed so quickly and suddenly that we were left with no option but to go back to the States.

2. As our jobs have dissolved suddenly, our savings account is not the most robust. We've had to rely on the generosity of our parents in order to come back to the States this suddenly (otherwise it would be basically impossible to afford the plane tickets), and as we are not going back to paying jobs, it would take considerable time to get the funds necessary to pay for the ticket back (whether someone brings him back as checked baggage or if he flies on his own).

Now, if someone were to volunteer to foster him or if there was a very affordable location to house Leaf until the embargo is up (most likely in later January), there is a slight chance that I might be able to persuade my parents to allow us to have him, but if it will cost more than a few hundred dollars, it will be very difficult to provide that money when I have to be a non-paid teacher for several months.

That being said, if anybody has suggestions for what we can do that might be more affordable, I would be very thankful. We've researched the options as much as we can, but we keep arriving chiefly at the economic difficulty (among the other difficulties mentioned). I am certainly open to hearing if there are any more options available.

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I think there is definitely a chance you could find a temporary foster that would involve little or no cost for you. There are lots of people in Korea who would like to have a pet around but don't want the permanent commitment that adoption requires. You could certainly look here for a foster or what about friends in Korea who could keep him? There is no guarantee but it's worth a try! :)

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Marla has a good idea. It's a tough situation but I'm going to suggest if you have facebook that you go here:
There are lots of people who would charge little to nothing to help you out if you explain your situation. They just want a buddy for awhile to hang with. I know of several people who had to leave their pet then were reunited at a later time myself included.

And after you get home and get things sorted out, you can ask for a courier here:

Couriers bring the dog with them on their ticket (so much cheaper than shipping!). If he's a standard doxie and it's after the embargo, you can usually do excess baggage, which is about $100-200 depending on the airline. A lot of people will be flying to/through San Francisco and LA at the end of February when our public school contracts are up.

I'm also going to recommend you google some help on the Stateside. See if there are rescues or funds that could help you keep your pup. Pet pantries, discount vet services, foster homes, etc. Explain to your parents how important it is to you. 4 homes is a lot for a little dog. Good luck.