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Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • House trained
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

--> Marty is a scruff ball of cuteness. He's one of a litter of four. Born around Late October 2013 (estimated around the 25th). He was bottle fed by various foster parents from only about 10 days old since his mother is thought to have been hit by a car. He has been in foster care since ~ please consider this little boy to be part of your family! Anyone interested in fostering/adopting Marty will need to fill out an application first. Found here:

26 June 2014:
Marty has found a family in Canada!!!!! We now just need to get him there... and hopefully sooner than later as his foster mom is moving to a place they don't really allow dogs this August!!! If you know of someone flying on an airline with no heat embargoes PLEASE contact us so this little guy can be transported - all expenses covered!!!!

03 June 2014
Waiting patiently... very patiently for his forever family to notice him and take him home!
This guy is literally a perfect furry friend. Yes, he is a little timid at first, and has been known to bark at strangers once in a while, or shy away from new people... but can you blame him? 5 homes in only 7months of his short life. He must be kinda confused. Loyalty should be his second name because if you see how trusting and loving he is to his foster parents you would have no doubt that Marty is a quality, life-long companion. He is a medium size, good-looking dog, with a beautiful clean white coat and spunky little character.
His foster mum is very proud of how nicely he waits for his food, and only eats when he gets the go-ahead, and how he can play fetch for hours... when you get tired (which is bound to happen) he will throw his toy for himself. Marty LOVES the outdoors!!! He would love a yard and long walks... come on forever family... Marty's ready to go home!

27 May 2014:
From Marty's foster mom ---- Marty, can't seem to catch a break even though he is a great little dog. He has been in several different foster homes since he was born (last October), yet he's still waiting patiently (with a smile on his face and a scruffy "beard") for his forever home. He can't get enough of the outdoors, so I would love for him to have a backyard to romp around and play in.

21 May 2014:
From Marty's foster mum: Sweet little Marty is still waiting for his forever home! He's done with all his vaccinations now and has really been enjoying exploring at the park. When he was first introduced to his new leash, he was very scared. Now whenever he sees his leash he gets super excited because he knows he gets to go for a walk! Marty listens very well. As expected, he loves playing fetch outside with lots of space to run. He's also very curious of everything outside, especially all the birds! Everyone he meets loves him and at first he is very timid toward strangers, he won't easily come up to you, but he is slowly becoming less shy and is fiercely loyal toward his foster mom and dad, so once you gain his trust he will love and protect you forever. At home, he is constantly playing with his toys and asking for his toys to be thrown to him. He will only bark when there is a noise outside and his parents are home, so he is a very good guard dog!

22 April 2014:
This puppy is too much cute! he has this adorable fuzzy halo of hair and a scruffy little beard with looong legs - little assets that add so much character to his appearance.
His foster mom was having some trouble with separation anxiety but for the past month Marty has been doing SO much better. He even waits patiently for a signal before he is allowed to start eating his food. His new milestone is losing all his baby puppy teeth - so far his mommy has found 5 of them in and around the apartment. Marty continues to be a great mix of a lap-dog and a play mate... and we are pretty sure he is just dying to be able to run around outside and play fetch with his beloved ball, he will be able to safely go out after 1 more (final) round of shots.

24 March 2014:
From Marty's foster mommy:
Little scruffy-faced Marty is still waiting for his forever home. He received a clean bill of health at a recent vet appointment and has begun vaccinations. He now weighs in at 6.8kg (15pounds). He's quite a mama's boy and loves to give lots of cuddles. He tends to be shy when meeting new people, so the fastest way into his heart is by throwing his ball to him. His new favorite activity is to walk his foster dad to the elevator every morning and then run as fast as he can back to the apartment. He continues to do a great job pottying on his puppy pads and sitting when asked. Marty is ready to give all his love to his forever family!!

March 3, 2014:
From Marty's current foster mom: "Marty is just the right mix of playful, energetic puppy and sweet, cuddly, lap dog. His favorite activities include playing fetch with his beloved ball and going around and around in circles chasing his own tail! When he finally tires himself out, Marty loves nothing more than to cuddle on the couch. Whether he is curled up on your lap or letting you cuddle him like a teddy bear, Marty will fall asleep and be content in your presence. Marty has been learning to potty in the house on pads, which is going pretty well. He almost always does his business on the pads, although sometimes his aim will be slightly off (I’m sure other guys can relate?!). Marty has also been working on the commands “sit” and “stay.” Three-week old Marty hated to see his siblings being bottle-fed first... Similarly, three-month old Marty loves to eat and gets very excited when it is time to do so. He shows his patience though by “sitting” and “staying” until he is told he can eat. What a guy! Marty will undoubtedly bring lots of happiness and love to his forever home."

Marty is a big baby! So full of life and he likes to stick with what he knows. As a bit of a shy pup, Marty is cautious, and requires that you prove yourself to a be a real friend before he completely warms up to you...d'awww!

Marty had a bit of a bout with worms, but is currently being treated and doing just fine!

His foster mom describes him as a big sweetheart, so loving, and clever. He isn't technically house-trained yet, but he almost always pees on his pee pads when inside his pen, and will typically pee in the bathroom when he's outside of it :D

January 1, 2014:
Marty's foster mom is so taken with him! She said he's very playful and does well at peeing on the pee pad, for the most part. In regards to Marty and his sister, Donna, their foster mom said, "They are both very loving, and especially when I get home are very excited to greet me with lots of love and kisses. They both love to play, especially with each other and run around. Then they get tired and like to nap together. They love chewing on things, especially paper things..."

December 21:
Marty (along with his sister Donna) moved into his new foster home this weekend! His new foster mum is caring for the little darlings and said they are settling in well!

December 16:
Marty had a few skin irritations and went to the vet. After his visit, he got his very first bath! With that, and some oral meds, his skin is now healing well. The scabs have dried and come off, but not without taking a few hairs with it :p It's already growing back though ^^

November 30:
Marty will be due for his first round of general vaccinations when he is 8 weeks old (currently 5 weeks), and can be fostered/adopted separately from his siblings. His little paw scabs (one on front and back) are being treated with a topical ointment. Nothing to worry about, these kinds of skin irritations are common among puppies.

From the pups' (current) absolutely wonderful foster mom -- "Marty is very loving, and when the others are sleeping he will come waddling out and crawl into my lap instead of staying with his siblings. He also seems the most fearless."

If Marty could talk, I'm sure he'd be a self-proclaimed Mama's Boy. He's the first to whimper for attention and beg for some lovin'. Being the biggest and only boy, he loves to eat. He just can't handle it if you feed his sisters first, it drives him crazy! It is so cute! Marty and the other pups only get breakfast and dinner from the bottle. During the day, they eat and drink on their own, and have recently been taking to a few pellets in their milk. With no hesitation! They are doing really well with knowing when to go to the pee pad, even if they're outside their pen boppin' around.

November 23:
Marty, along with his sisters, visited the vet today, and he was impressed with how healthy they all are given their circumstances (born to a mother who was a stray). The vet tested a stool sample from one of the pups which was negative for worms and parasites. In approximately 3 weeks the pups will need to have their vaccinations.

Anyone interested in fostering/adopting Marty will need to fill out an application first. Found here: ***((Even if you just want to VISIT the dogs, an application must be filled out and approved first))*** This little guy deserves only the best! Please send your application to the email addresses listed below.

Adoption Fee: ₩150,000
Location: Anyang - 안양
Living Situation: In foster care
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


teapuddles's picture

Those names are perfect!

megs's picture

Haha, what a cute nose!

allisondyoung's picture

Has Marty been around other dogs?

kim_j's picture

His interaction with other dogs has been mostly limited to his siblings. He was born at the end of October and was with his three sisters until the end of December, I believe. At that time the siblings were split into pairs, so he still had interaction with one sibling until I began fostering him in the middle of February. Since I have had him, his only interaction has been with other curious dogs at the park or at the vet. I was told to keep him inside until all of his vaccinations were complete (which took awhile!) so he has only been going to the park for about a month now. On his first park visits, he was pretty scared of everything, including the other dogs. Now he is kind of indifferent or he just sniffs them a little bit. He has never shown any aggression to other dogs and I've never even heard him bark at other dogs. He will, however, bark at some people, although rarely, but I think it's him trying to protect me because the people he barks at outside are the people staring at us with unwelcoming scowls on their faces. They look like mean people, so I understand him! He has really opened up to the more friendly looking people though, whereas his first park visits he was kind of scared of everybody.

elimiller76's picture

It sounds like he is about 7.5 months now - how much does he weigh? Just wanting to try to project his adult size.

And how much of a shedder is he?

kim_j's picture

Nadine was correct about his weight. He weighed in at 8.8 kg at his vet appointment about a week ago. He doesn't really seem to be getting any taller, just gaining a little bit of weight in between appointments. As for his shedding, I find it to be quite minimal in comparison to other dogs. He sheds less than any other dog I've had previously, and I grew up with dogs my whole life. Marty's the first dog my husband has ever lived with though and he'll sometimes complain about finding Marty's hair on the floor, so I guess the perception of his shedding really depends on the person... Marty does seem to be loosing a little bit more hair now that it's getting hot out, but it's still not enough to bother me. When it's cold out, he doesn't really shed much at all.

Nadine's picture

He weighs 8.8kg I think... and hasn't done much growing for a while. Smaller-Medium dogs usually reach their fully grown size around 6month-1year and i think Marty has pretty much reached his... His foster mum would be able to answer better though (about the shedding too)