Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Greyhound
Size: Large (over 20 kg)
Colour: Black
  • Spayed/Neutered
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Poor Ghandi just can't catch a break. He's being evicted from his foster home and is in urgent need of another warm place to go to. He just CAN'T go back to the shelter, poor boy.
He's been doing so much better these past few weeks! He also got spayed last week and is recovering nicely.
Won't you consider helping our poor boy out? He needs a few months to get ready to move to Canada to a rescue...
I'm sorry, I didn't update sooner! After two weeks back in the shelter, Ghandi is once again living it up in a warm home! He's recovering, and being trained into the PERFECT house dog! Check him out!
Look, folks, Ghandi really needs your help! Would you consider committing to a month of caring for this fellow? PLEASE! His current foster can't keep him much longer. I'd hate to see him end up back in the shelter- especially after he's made such improvements in a home environment. Sending him back to the shelter would be almost a death sentence- he can't live long in that kind of environment. Please consider saving this sweet boy's life.
UPDATE: ghandi is in need of a foster home again! His lovely foster mum took such good care of him through his distemper treatment. However, she can only keep him a little longer. Right now, ghandi needs a temporary foster- for a month, maybe two until he can head to a rescue in Canada. Can you help out this little boy?
Update: Ghandi's foster mommy reports that he is doing well and responding to his distemper treatments. He also likes to wear his foster mommy's sweater on the colder nights. How adorable!
Update: Ghandi went to a foster home today! He's under a vet's care now for his distemper and is really happy to be out of the shelter. Stay tuned for the next steps in Ghandi's adventure!
Ghandi is a beautiful, well-trained greyhound with a lot of life left in him. However, at this moment he is very ill with distemper. This disease can be controlled and overcome, many dogs recover- but, in the shelter, he has no chance. He is in urgent, urgent need of a safe, clean foster home for him to recover in.

Greyhounds, despite their size, make excellent apartment dogs. Ghandi is calm and well-mannered, and would love to rest quietly in your home.

Please, help Ghandi have a second chance at life.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: In a shelter
Adopted From: KAPS: Daegu


megs's picture

That's awful. I really want to help. I wish I could take him!

veganofdoom's picture

We can always take donations! Vet care for sick pups is always pricey.

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We have Cynthia in Calgary who will do the intake through her Chinook Greyhound Rescue and will find a 'forever' home for Ghandi. A large or x-large crate for international air travel will be needed but my concern is his weight as accompanied luggage is under 32 kgs for dog and crate. If overweight, excess baggage cost. A vounteer coruier will be needed who is flying to Vancovuer direct before December 10th. Please contact me. thanks, Louise

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Is Ghandi still ill? I have a male dog, however he has been the only dog in the house for 8 months now... Is he neutered?

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Hi Margaretmaigret, I'm the one emergency fostering Gandhi. He shows no signs of illness anymore, though distemper's neurological symptoms like twitches and even seizures are still a possibility within the next weeks or month. But as I understand it, there's not much to do about those one way or another beyond feeding him well. He is not currently neutered, though I'm guessing that could happen before too long since he's about a year old and now in pretty good health.

At the shelter he was in a cell with a male border collie for at least a couple weeks and seemed to do fine. He does have a prey drive toward smaller animals, and possibly small kids (anything that moves fast or suddenly). He is super sweet and gentle with older kids and adults who want to pet him.

As a sighthound it would be very helpful for him to be able to see out of a window at your apartment to avoid boredom and therefore loud or destructive behavior...we don't have this option in our tiny apartment, so he's getting a little stir crazy even with a decent amount of exercise. He's got some separation anxiety, but we're working on it. With a little training, he's going to be a truly excellent dog for the right family. Hope this helps!

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We'd be happy to come over for a supervised playdate to see how the dogs would interact together. You can email me at lbrhoades(at)gmail(dot)com with your general location and work schedule. I work from home and don't have a car, but we can probably take a taxi to you...

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Laura: I am the person arranged with a greyhound rescue group in Canada to take Ghandi with a volunteer courier for 23rd in Seattle. The flight is direct with Korea Air who have heated cargo for pets. Corrie from KAPS Taegu replied back that Ghandi isn't ready to fly yet. When will he be ready to travel?
We then rescued a greyhound yesterday from Incheon City Pound but his previous owner severely abused him so he has severe bruising on his hindquarters, was starved, and tested positive for HW but negative for distemper, parvo and corona. He was hospitalised at the director of a no kill shelter's vet in Incheon with arrangements for a temp foster for 3 weeks at the no kill shelter. If Inch is not OK to fly out on the 23rd as he has issues breathign right now, we need someone living in the Seoul to foster him too.
With the flight on the 23rd, I won't like to lose this volunteer courier. Evelyn checked and KA will allow 1 pet in cabin and 1 in the hold per passenger. Cost of 200,000 won in cargo. Do you have any cats or dogs who need to get to the west coast soon before winter settles in where a home has been lined and someone can do pick up at SeaTac?

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Just verifying, this is the 23rd of November? Like 10 days away?

Louise's picture

Yes, 10 days from now. Can we pull it together?

laurarhoades's picture

Sorry, we just don't see that working. There are certain shots that need to be had at least 30 days before departing Korea, and he won't meet that requirement. And he hasn't been prepared to ride in a crate for that long, either. Sorry for any confusion!

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how old

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I live in California and rescued 3 greyhounds from the racing track in Mexico. They have the best temperaments of all of the dogs I have known and they were truly grateful to have a forever home. They are very clean because they have so little hair and have no odor. Mine were easy to housebreak, great on leash, and easy to train because they are sensitive. You should not use harsh methods of training on them because of this. The group I worked with was "" in California. They have a lot of good information about greyhounds on their website. Greyhounds are very affectionate, loving and calm. We affectionately call them "45 mile per hour couch potatoes". Hope the this information is helpful. I am trying to adopt another greyhound in Korea as all of the ones here are in California find there forever homes fairly soon.

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Maggie: I and others have been in correspondence with KAPS for over 6 weeks. We have been waiting for Ghandi to recover his distemper treatment so he is healthy enough to fly out. A greyhound rescue group in Canada will take Ghandi, Chinook Greyhound Rescue, out of Calgary. We have been trying to find a volunteer courier with a direct flight to Seattle or Vancouver. Ghandi would rest for a few days in Vancouver before going on to Calgary. I may now have someone. Still, if someone domestically is willing to adopt Ghandi and his or her application form is approved by KAPS, then wonderful.^^

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Ghandi is in a happy new foster home, and I believe he's going to wait out the colder months there before we try moving him. He has a lot of recovery and training to do before he's ready for such a long journey.

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How is Ghandi doing now? I did send a message to Corrie to see when he will be able to go to Seattle. Moira of GPI in WA has a potential volunteer courier for Seattle around the end of January or beginning of February.

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Where is Ghandi now?