Atta - 29 Sept 2013Atta - 29 Sept 2013Atta - 29 Sept 2013Atta - 29 Sept 2013

Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & Black
Adoption Status: Adopted

UPDATE: October 20th

Atta went to her new foster home last night! She is now living in Bundang. Keep checking her profile for updates!

She still needs her forever home!!

UPDATE: October 14th

Atta is still doing well. No terribly undesirable behaviors. The one big problem is that she has to always be in her pen here... she is not having the chance to get used to living in a house. We are also quite busy so she isn't getting enough love and attention...

Atta really needs a foster home that can let her be a puppy! She needs the chance to learn and grow! She's only here as an urgent foster and needs another foster ASAP.

Please consider helping Atta. If you can, please email me at [email protected]

UPDATE: October 12th

Atta is settling in well. We aren't having any noise problems and she is using her pee pads all the time! She can now sit for treats! ^^ She is a really fast learner!

Atta had another bath again today, she actually did pretty well. I gave her a good massage while I was rubbing in the shampoo so I think she figured out that it actually feels nice. However, she is not a fan of being brushed! She cries a little and tries to wiggle away.

Atta will fine in a home with other animals or alone. She is a little possessive of her treats. She growls and warns my dog, but I think she could overcome this with a little training. She isn't attacking my dog, it's just a lot of growling.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting Atta please email me: [email protected]

UPDATE: October 9th

Today Atta went to the vet to have another fecal test, her bacteria is almost gone ^^ No more medicine required. She also had her first DHPPL and Corona virus vaccinations. So her health is looking good.

Home Life
Atta is settling in well. We have moved her pen into the living room as she became quite noisy on day two in the spare room. She is much happier in the living room and isn't noisy. I guess she just wanted to feel closer and more included. She can however climb out of her pen!!! She's good at climbing and jumping! But since being moved into the living room she has stopped trying to climb out. She is having one or two toilet accidents a day, but mostly uses the pee pad holder. I've also spent time holding her and letting her play with my dog. I can't just put her down at the moment because my dog is a little too big and full on for her. She loves playing! She loves playing with other dogs, people and toys! She always sleeps in her crate. She is ready for outside toilet training and crate training.

Please contact [email protected] is you are interested in fostering or adopting Atta!

UPDATE: October 6th

Night one is over~! Atta did SO well! Not a peep out of her all night long! When I checked on her at about 7:30 this morning she was asleep in her crate! She did rip up her wee pads... It's clear that she is more than ready to be toilet trained to go outside, but unfortunately she hasn't had any vaccinations yet so we can't risk her health. I am hoping to get her first round of vaccinations on Wednesday.

Something I haven't mentioned yet is that she is SOOOOO soft! She has the most amazing coat! I've never felt dog fur quite like it! She had a bath this morning, she wasn't thrilled by it but she did okay and was ready to run around after she was all clean.

She is still quiet. I only have problems with noise when Atta and my own dog are trying to interact and it's my dog making most of the noise. In her pen she can't see me and is totally quiet. When she can see me she whines a little if I get up and move around - she must think I'm coming to pick her up. If I sit down and relax, she does too.

She is an amazing little furball!

UPDATE: October 5th

Today Atta arrived at my house as an urgent foster. So far, she is doing ok ^^
She is interested in my bigger Jindo puppy, but he is just too big and rough for her at the moment. She is staying in a pen in a spare room and has only barked once or twice but gave up very very quickly.

The vet thinks that she is less than 5 months old, probably closer to 3 months. She has camplylobacter - a bacteria. But it is easy to treat. She has a few more days of medicine and then she will be ready to have her first vaccinations. Other than the bacteria she is healthy ^^

She is a sweet little girl! It feels like she is clinging to you when you cuddle her ^^ she is more than happy to be in your arms. She also is really happy exploring by herself.

She is only with me as an urgent foster and does need a foster that can take her in and help her find her forever family. Or better yet, she is at a perfect age to settle into her forever family right now!

October 1st

Atta is a desperate puppy in a desperate situation. She is currently being housed in a cage at the shelter, which is a stressful and unpleasant environment for all dogs, but more-so for this little baby who has no idea what is going on! She has no toys, no mental stimulation, no nothing but water and food.

Please don't be deterred by her barking in the video. The shelter is a high-stress environment and she is craving stability and care. I've no doubt that she will settle very nicely into a home. The sooner we get her into one the better!! These are important formative months for a puppy!

Please open your home to an abandoned dog in need.

***A full health check and her first round of vaccinations has been kindly sponsored by the Seoul Brew Club***

Please complete the application form in full and send it to me via e-mail if you would like to foster or adopt Atta. You can find the form here: which we use for both fostering and adoptions.


Adoption Fee: ₩130,000
Location: Seoul - 서울
Living Situation: In a shelter


marlajoy's picture

Oh no! Man, my new home can't come fast enough! There are SO MANY dogs who desperately need out of the shelter. I hope this little dear is lucky soon! :)

clare_bell's picture

Tell me about it! I can't wait for your new home either!!

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5 more months and I'll have a house in the countryside of my own! :) (as long as all goes according to plan!) Cross your fingers!

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Baby Atta the lovebug!!

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She is SO sweet and cute!

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Atta is doing so well in her forever home! She is now fully vaccinated and weighing in at 4kgs. Her adult teeth are coming through and potty training is going well~! Yay Atta ^^

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She looks fantastic!

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What a lucky little baby!! :)