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Quick Bio

Age: Adult (3-8 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Shih Tzu
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Good with kids
  • Good with dogs
  • House trained
  • Crate trained
  • Walks well on leash
  • Special needs
Adoption Status: Adopted

*** Healthier and Happy Babs needs a home in 1 MONTH!***
Babs the snuggle bunny has had a lovely winter vacation meeting new doggy friends on the street and at the vet office. Shes also loved having her foster mommy home for longer hours through out the day! However, she is still looking for her forever home. The health conditions that she came into foster care with, are no longer as much of a problem. Each morning and evening she requires a little clean with lotion on her paws and ears, and a few eye drops in each eye. THAT'S IT! She will need a new forever home very soon as I am leaving Korea and will be traveling and then entering a life of unknowns, therefore I can't take her with me. If I was leaving with a more stable situation in front of me I would keep this girl forever! PLEASE contact me or Clare Mills if you are interested in adopting or even taking over as long term foster care. I am also willing to meet anyone who has filled out the form and is seriously considering adopting Babs for a meet and greet with her so you can check her out in person and see how lovely she is!

*** Still looking for her FOREVER home with 1 month left in current foster home!*****
Babs has finally finished at the vet for her skin and vaccinations! She is as healthy as she is going to be for a 8ish year old dog! Her skins still requires some love here and there with some lotion and medicated baths, but both things you do for her in your home. Her eyes still need drops once-twice a day, but again not difficult. She is fully up to date with her vaccinations and she had one last test done while in my care for Cushings Syndrom, which came back as negative!!!!! So the vet felt she could finally say that at this point she is clear! She will however need to be tested again in 6 months to a year, but its great news for now! I would love to keep her forever and ever but at this point I can't but please consider this little sweetheart for your home!!! She will do amazing with anyone who just wants a cuddle buddy!

**** Home Needed STILL!!**** Less the 2 Months left in current foster home!!!!

Babs is incredible! Just look at the recent photos of her, and look at what she was like just a few months ago....
There isn't much left to say about this girl other than she's amazing and simply needs a warm home with a cozy bed for her. She is a low maintenance dog, who is very well trained. Being blind hasn't stopped her and the only training required for her is allowing her some time to get used to her surroundings. Once she knows where her bed is, where her water and food bowls are, and her peed pads are, she will know what to do! You just have to leave her things in the same spot and then she gets it (most of the time)! She went to the vet today for a final check up on her liver and kidney functions, and will get the test results back after the holiday. I have a feeling she will pass with flying colors! She has done so well in foster care please consider giving her the forever home she desperately needs!

**** Home Needed STILL!!**** 2 months left in current foster home!

It blows my mind that no one has shown any interest in rescuing this amazing little girl!
So I am going to try and give a simple run down of things that make her great!

1. She is a very easy maintenance dog! As in....2-3 walks a day that can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as 30 minutes is all she needs.
2. She just wants to be comfortable--> as long as she has blankets and or pillows if you want to really treat her then she is happy! She doesn't need much at all no fancy toys or crates or top of the line anything just a blanket and a pillow.
3. She doesn't bark or run or destroy anything--> She has never chewed on anything, ripped up anything or gotten into anything she wasn't supposed to get into (other then my sleeping space)
4. If you work long hours she is content and doesn't need a lot of attention--> As long as she has food, water, and pee mats and a pillow and a blanket....HAPPY BABS!
5. She does her #2 business outside only!!!!
6. She loves to cuddle and sleep beside you whenever she can!--> if you sit and do work she sits with you, you lay down she lays down, you are cleaning and doing laundry she lays on the floor till you are ready to move back to the couch or bed.
7. She doesn't bark, bite, or snap at people or children--> HOWEVER, she doesn't warm up to unfamiliar people quickly but over time she will like you, so if you have people over she will just sleep near you or in the corner away from the action, if you take her to a new place she will stick by you!
8. The only attention she requires is LOVE and CUDDLES! she doesn't need long hours of running and jumping and playing! SO PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE give this old girl a chance!

BABS ONLY HAS 2 (two) MORE MONTHS LEFT IN FOSTER CARE!!! after that she will need a new foster home or hopefully a forever home by then. The vet has already said that she would not cope well in the shelter and would probably pass away with in the first few months there. If she were to continue to have the love and care she has been receiving the vet seems to think she has 4-8 years ahead of her!


BABS is doing so well! We went to the vet yesterday and health wise she is fine! Everything seems to be getting under control. But her skin condition is flaring up again due to the weather, but got some new lotions and washes that should help her! Also my little gift to her for Christmas is we started updating all of her shots and vaccinations!!! Her Cushings syndrome tests came back inconclusive...not high enough to be put on medication just yet so as long as her symptoms and or signs don't get worse she should be fine and can get tested in maybe 3 to 6 months or even a year! She loves to sleep and lounge around in bed or on the floor now that the floor heat is always on. She is such an easy going dog, and her minor skin irritations and eyes need taking care of, but if you have 20 minutes each morning and evening to rub some lotion on her and put eye drops in her eyes then that's the only extra care she needs!!! On that note keep in mind Babs will have to leave me by early to mid Feb. and my vet said she will not do well in a shelter so lets hope we find her somewhere before then! PLEASE CONSIDER TAKING THIS SWEETHEART AND GIVING HER THE FOREVER HOME SHE NEEDS!

****** BABS UPDATE NOV. 12th******

It's official Babs maybe is one of the smartest dogs I've come across. She is still showing off everyday that her blindness is not an issue. She is walking a bit more and a bit further on a leash. She still manages to get out of her fenced in area once in awhile if I haven't double checked it to make sure its locked down. She is still working on peeing on the pee pads and not just sniffing them, but she is getting better.

Her health conditions are still getting looked into and slowly getting worked on. The warts on her one back paw have been removed and she is fully recovered from that. Her skin conditions are getting better and her hair is starting to grown in nicely. Her ears are cleared. Her eyes still need drops in everyday or they go crusty. Her heart condition that the first vet that saw her, thought he detected is non existent at this time as far as my vet can tell. She has an enlarged liver, which they were concerned about so she had many scans and test done looking for Cushings syndrome. However, her test came back showing as just slightly over the normal range. Meaning my vet could not definitively say its Cushings Syndrome. So as of right now, other then being blind Bab's is healthy and wont need to go to the vet for anything major in the next month or so. They will however check again for Cushings in the next few months and monitor her.

Please don't let her age, and eye sight throw you off.
Babs is a super amazing wonderful dog who is full of love!

***********OCTOBER 30th A LONG OVER-DUE UPDATE***********************
Okay this is long overdue and I apologize to anyone waiting to hear about BABS!
She is doing very well in foster care at my house. She loves to cuddle in bed and make a nest out of my blankets and pillows when I am in the house. She sleeps a lot and isn't big on playing and running around. She is just an old sweet lady who likes to be warm and cozy. When I am not at home or if I am busy and can't keep a close eye on her she spends her time in a pend up area connected to her large cage. The door stays open on the cage so she goes in and sleeps on her cushion in there. In her pen she knows where her food area is and now for the most part her pee-pad area. She sometimes misses the actual pad but is getting much better.
She likes to go outside on her leash and does walk but not far and not quick. She just likes to go out and do her number 2 business and sniff around and feel the fresh air.
She has met a few dogs and a few kids in her time at my place. She doesn't have aggression towards them but she also just doesn't bother with them. If the other dog is excited and snapping at her she might snap back but that only happened once with my friends dog as Babs tried to eat his treat and he snapped at her first. But for the most part she just stands there and lets the dogs sniff her and then she just walks away. She lets people pet her and touch her but I think because she can't see she can't be bothered really until she warms up to them and they spend long periods of time with her.
She is just the sweetest little dog that needs someone who can give her a lot of love and TLC.
Her medical problems are starting to clear up if they are treatable, such as her skin condition and the warts on her paws. The ones that come from old age and a rough life such as her eyes, heart, and trachea will always be with her but do not seem to be causing any immediate risks or problems.
This girl really just wants a home that will show her love and attention! Any home with lots of pillows ready for her will be perfect!
Update: 2 Oct 2013
OK, I went to see little Babs yesterday. Here is what was established:
1. Age is about 6-7 years.
2. Heartworm negative. Distemper, Parvo, Corona negative.
3. Malassezia yeast skin disease all over and horribly infected ears with the same yeast. Very uncomfortable, sore and itchy!
4. She is blind. Her left eye is basically "dead" and small, while the right eye is enlarged, grey and has low pressure. At the moment, I don't think it's causing too much pain. (This little girl was found wandering around near an E-mart. She's BLIND!! The poor love!!!)
5. She has kidney stones. Not a huge problem.
6. She has bronchitis.
7. The biggest bummer is this. She has a heart murmur. She had x-rays which showed she has an extra bone around her sternum (a congenital defect) which suggests the heart problem is also congenital. DAMN these puppy mills and their inbreeding. I hate them!!!
7a. Her heart murmur is at a grade one or two. (Three is the worst). If she is not coughing (which we don't know yet as we haven't monitored her for long enough) then it's a grade 1. This can be controlled fairly easily with diet & supplements.
If it's grade 2, she needs to have dietary support as well as medicine.
This is sad, because it means her life span will be shorter than it should BUT, she still has some GOOD years ahead of her with proper care of her heart. She is NOT a lost cause!!
8. She has either been debarked or her bronchitis has made her lose her voice. She barked twice when the other dogs were barking and she's got hardly any voice. :(

As a side note, I fostered a blind dog for 6 months and she brightened my life and taught me SO much. She was an absolute joy!

When she was at the vet yesterday she just lay down on the table and let me put my arms around her. I'm actually in love with her. Babs will go into foster care next week and I cannot WAIT to see her transformation!


Babs is an adorable, scruffy, dirty little lady who has had a tough time. She is in very bad condition and needs a foster home ASAP! She was found roaming the streets by the shelter director, and attempts at finding her owners proved unsuccessful. It's clear that she has been on the streets for a very long time.

I pulled her from the shelter yesterday and took her straight to the vet for a health check and treatment.

- Heartworm negative
- Nasty dermatitis all over her body
- Distemper, Parvo and Corona negative
- Eye problems, most likely caused by the skin infection attacking her eyes and tear ducts :( She is almost blind but the vet thinks that this could change with treatment of her ailments
- right eye is enlarged and possible glaucoma - again, this may improve with treatment of her skin
*** I will visit her tomorrow and get more updates and photos. ***

She was given a bath and some food by the vet after I left her and I went back to see her about 2 hours later. ALREADY her energy had improved by 100%! I couldn't believe it! Before she had been lethargic, shivering and confused.

This scruffy little lady is a diamond in the rough. She needs a chance! A warm, loving home in which to recover.

***All medical costs will be covered by the generosity of the Seoul Brew Club members*** so please don't let finances deter you. If you have the capacity to foster - this is your chance!!

Please complete the form found here: if you would like to foster or adopt Babs, and send it to my e-mail.


Adoption Fee: ₩130,000
Location: Cheonan - 천안
Living Situation: In foster care


sarah24's picture

Babs reminds me of fionna.

I adopted her from a city shelter... she looked so raggedy but ended up being a gem.
She is literally the love of my life!!

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Oh she is precious!!! <3

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Thank god Babs has a foster home to go to!!!! I'll be thinking about her and hoping for the best regarding the murmur! :)

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Beautiful girl. She reminds me so much of Ginger at KAPS. Glad she has a foster home and getting treatment.

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Does anyone have updated pictures on her? She's so precious.

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I will be updating Babs information and pictures very soon! Sorry just trying to find some time, hopefully this afternoon!

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What a great update! She looks so adorable! And the picture of her with the stuffed animal is SO CUTE! She seems like a great dog with a lot of life and love! :)

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Wonderful update. :-)

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Loooooooooooooooooove her winter sweater!!!

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I <3 Babs! She's definitely one of the prettiest (and totally the coolest!) dog EVER!