Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: White
Adoption Status: Adopted

Snow is one of the girls from the Fantastic 4. She is still in need of a forever home.


From Snow's foster family:

"Snow played with a dog toy for the first time! She just nibbles on it a bit so far. Complete success with puppy pads. Focusing on getting her to trust us. She's doing amazingly with me. She is unsure about Mark, as she hasn't been able to spend as much time with him. She usually won't let him pet her. She is playful with me, lets me pet her, leans into my hand when I pet her. Loves to be petted around her face and chin, leans herself over to encourage where she wants to be petted. Trusts me enough that she will go so close as to sniff my nose. Lets me lean in and hug her. She loves to bring her toys/chewies to her bed, so she definitely knows it is hers. She let me lay down near her with my face near her face, relaxing with her. Her tail is just about always up now. She loves everything she has, including her food, treats, and rawhide bones. Every once in awhile, she has a moment where she doesn't want to be petted by me, but I think she is doing remarkable for it only being day 3! "

UPDATE: February 5

Snow is now in foster care in Daegu. She arrived this evening and so far she is settling in well =)
Snow now has 2 feline siblings~ we are really hoping that they all get along well!

Keep checking back for updates!

UPDATE: January 28

Snow arrived at the vet in Cheonan today and I am so happy to say that she is looking okay =)

Amazingly, she has tested negative for distemper, parvo, heartworm and now even corona virus! Her body has beaten it =)
This means that it is safe for Snow to go into a foster or adoptive home with other vaccinated dogs!!

Snow is at the vet and is being watched. We can't say whether her surgery was successful just yet. There is a chance she could push some intestine out again when she tries to poo. If this happens she will need surgery again. If it doesn't happen, then she will be safe to leave the vet.

Snow is terrified but she isn't aggressive! She will let you pat her and I'm sure she will warm up to her owners and be just as lovable as her adopted brother and sister, Beau and Summer.

We still only have very short term emergency plans for her... PLEASE CONSIDER FOSTERING OR ADOPTING this beautiful girl! Again, medical costs will be covered.

UPDATE: January 27

Today, we found out that Snow is in a much more serious situation than we thought. She has pushed out some intestine while trying to poop. She has had surgery to push it back in, but this may not be successful. She may need another surgery. Tomorrow she will leave the shelter and we are DESPERATE for a warm safe place for her! We have extremely short term plans but we REALLY REALLY NEED A FOSTER!


I WILL SORT OUT THE MONEY SIDE OF THINGS! I will fundraise and cover the medical costs. Please contact me if you can help or would like to donate towards her medical costs.

UPDATE: January 26

Sadly Snow is battling corona virus. She is on an IV and we hope she will be okay soon. She really needs out of the shelter and into a warm, loving home! Please foster or adopt!!

UPDATE: December 20

Snow is still in the shelter. Still waiting, in the cold. Please consider helping her. Her brother, Beau, is now safely in a forever home. One of her sisters, Summer, is still missing in Seoul. SKY AND SNOW ARE STILL WAITING for that special person that is willing to give them a chance to come along! ARE YOU THAT AMAZING PERSON?

UPDATE: January 1st

I went to the shelter yesterday and I am sad to say that Snow is not handling the shelter environment well. She has become timid and stressed. She will allow you to pet her but you need to take time just being with her to calm her down and relax her first.

Snow is no longer a little puppy! She is a big beautiful fluff ball! She looks like a teddy bear ♥

Snow really needs a foster or forever home asap! She will need someone that is willing to spend the first month or so just letting her be while she slowly builds her confidence. Snow has so much potential and she is just beautiful! Please give her a chance!

If you are interested in fostering or adopting, please contact me [email protected]

Say hello to the Fantastic 4 remade!

These 4 puppies aren't as lucky as the original fantastic 4.. They are all still in the shelter at this critical development stage.
There are 3 girls and 1 boy.

They have started their vaccinations and appear to be in good health. They are a little scared of people at first but once you are in their cage, they quickly come up to you. Two of them are really curious and excited! As puppies should be. The shelter life is starting to take it's toll on the other two though.... They keep their distance, but if you go to them and pat them they aren't aggressive at all, they just look really down on life and don't know what you are expecting from them.

These puppies need out of the shelter now!!!!
Forever homes would be great!!! International adoptions can be arranged!
Foster homes are also needed.. they are at the perfect age to be trained and to learn to live with a family.

Please please please consider these gorgeous puppies! Please share their profile and help them find homes.

Don't hesitate to contact myself or Clare Mills if you have any questions about them.


These beautiful puppies are spending some of their most important months in a bad environment~! Please consider them and help spread the word, the sooner they are out of the shelter and in loving homes the better!

Please consider fostering one of these babies! Their chance of finding a forever home with be drastically increased if they have someone taking cute photos of them. It is a truly rewarding experience.. Help change a life!

UPDATE: June 23rd

Yesterday we spent some time sitting in the cage with these puppies. They soon calmed down and relaxed with us. They seem to like being around people but are just unsure of what to do.

We hope that we can find forever or foster homes for them soon, so that they have the chance to experience living with people while they are young.

UPDATE July 13th.

Beau is halfway through his training at the dog school and doing really well!!! He really needs a home ASAP otherwise he will have to return to the shelter and will probably forget the good manners that he is learning! He is really a beautiful boy!

The girls are still in the shelter and doing ok. Of course their lives could be drastically improved if someone is willing to open their home to them and give them a chance.

Adoption Fee: ₩130,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In a shelter
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


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