Sky (from the Fantastic 4)

Quick Bio

Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Medium (7-20kg)
Colour: White
Adoption Status: Adopted

Sky is one of the girls from the Fantastic 4. She is now in a training school but really needs a FOSTER or FOREVER HOME!


Sky is now in the US with her forever family! Yay for Sky!! Another happy ending =)

UPDATE: Feb 15

I went to visit Sky at the training school today. She is doing so well!

She is a little scared of people - I was easily able to pat her in the shelter while she was trained up, but when interacting with her in a large space, it is clear that she still needs to build some confidence with people. You can tell she really wants some attention and to play, she just gets a little shy when you try to touch her. It's really not a big problem, with a months training and continuous positive experiences she will become a cuddle bug in no time!

Today we were able to test Sky with other dogs, she did a fantastic job! She is friendly, sniffed them a little and kept doing her own thing. I will add videos to show this =) The trainer said Sky has a really great personality - one of the best. She is going to be a dream companion for some lucky person!!




UPDATE: Feb 13

Even better news, Sky is healthy!
She had her health check this week and she is perfect =) She just needs vaccinations!


Great news! Sky is now at the training school! YAY! A very generous person has sponsored her stay there and I am sure she is going to do amazingly well!

Sky will have her health check on Tuesday ~ fingers crossed that she has a clean bill of health! We have a lot of people interested in and following Sky's story! But she is yet to find that perfect home... could she be the perfect doggy companion for you??


Yesterday I went to visit Snow (sky's sister) at the vet and I met her foster family. Things are really looking up for Snow. But then... i went to the shelter and saw Sky. The last remaining pup of the 4 litttermates that came in together. Sky is absolutely AMAZING! She is probably the most 'adoptable' of all the siblings! Yet, she is still there... waiting and waiting :( As I am shortly leaving Korea, yesterday may have been my last chance to see Sky. I am broken hearted that this girl is still in the shelter. She is so full of life and so excited when she has visitors. She lets you oat her straight away and loves being rubbed under her ears. She is also really gentle! She jumped up and when her paw landed on my hand or leg she was so careful.

I'm sure Sky will really shine is someone just gives her the chance. Please consider fostering or adopting Sky ♥

UPDATE: January 1st

Yesterday I went to the shelter and saw Sky! My how she has grown! She is a big beautiful fluff ball now!

Sky has the sweetest personality! She still loves people and gets excited to see you - despite spending so much time at the shelter. Sky is still a little uncomfortable when you pet her but you can tell she likes it... she's just trying to figure out what to do. She isn't a scary dog at all, it is easy to approach her.

Sky still has so much potential! She would be such a great addition to any family! Please consider giving this gorgeous girl a chance!

UPDATE: December 20

Sky is still in the shelter. Still waiting, in the cold. Please consider helping her. Her brother, Beau, is now safely in a forever home. One of her sisters, Summer, is still missing in Seoul. SKY AND SNOW ARE STILL WAITING for that special person that is willing to give them a chance to come along! ARE YOU THAT AMAZING PERSON?

UPDATE: Dec 8th

Sky is still at the shelter.

She desperately needs a foster home. Her health status is unknown and she is losing her happy puppy nature fast. She is becoming scared and skittish. Please considering fostering this beautiful girl... she just needs someone to take a chance on her.

If you are interested in fostering or adopting, please contact me [email protected]




Say hello to the Fantastic 4 remade!

These 4 puppies aren't as lucky as the original fantastic 4.. They are all still in the shelter at this critical development stage.
There are 3 girls and 1 boy.

They have started their vaccinations and appear to be in good health. They are a little scared of people at first but once you are in their cage, they quickly come up to you. Two of them are really curious and excited! As puppies should be. The shelter life is starting to take it's toll on the other two though.... They keep their distance, but if you go to them and pat them they aren't aggressive at all, they just look really down on life and don't know what you are expecting from them.

These puppies need out of the shelter now!!!!
Forever homes would be great!!! International adoptions can be arranged!
Foster homes are also needed.. they are at the perfect age to be trained and to learn to live with a family.

Please please please consider these gorgeous puppies! Please share their profile and help them find homes.

Don't hesitate to contact myself or Clare Mills if you have any questions about them.


These beautiful puppies are spending some of their most important months in a bad environment~! Please consider them and help spread the word, the sooner they are out of the shelter and in loving homes the better!

Please consider fostering one of these babies! Their chance of finding a forever home with be drastically increased if they have someone taking cute photos of them. It is a truly rewarding experience.. Help change a life!

UPDATE: June 23rd

Yesterday we spent some time sitting in the cage with these puppies. They soon calmed down and relaxed with us. They seem to like being around people but are just unsure of what to do.

We hope that we can find forever or foster homes for them soon, so that they have the chance to experience living with people while they are young.

UPDATE July 13th.

Beau is halfway through his training at the dog school and doing really well!!! He really needs a home ASAP otherwise he will have to return to the shelter and will probably forget the good manners that he is learning! He is really a beautiful boy!

The girls are still in the shelter and doing ok. Of course their lives could be drastically improved if someone is willing to open their home to them and give them a chance!

UPDATE: July 20th

Beau has only one week left at the training center and his sisters are still at the shelter. These 4 sweethearts are all waiting patiently for someone would cares enough to save them to come along...

If you are interested in fostering or adopting, please contact me [email protected]

Adoption Fee: ₩130,000
Location: Asan - 아산
Living Situation: In a shelter
Adopted From: Asan Shelter


Duan98's picture

So sad that this cuttest puppy is still at the shelter. I would love to provide foster home to this girl. However, I live in the U.S.(Chicago).
Did anybody foster animals from Korea in the U.S.? If somebody did, I woluld like to know how that worked out; shipping fee, how to find foerever family, use of vet....etc...

Friendly Magpie's picture

I would love to adopt Sky and her sister Snow. Gotta work on the landlord and we'll be set!

...and getting an application approved ;D

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sky changed to a very pretty dog! so fluffy!