Jindo mix puppy! (1 of 5) MAY


Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Female
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: White
Adoption Status: Adopted

This adorable little puppy is one of five that I have taken in to foster from the dirty, junk filled yard they were born in. Their mom wanders the neighborhood and is treated kindly by the local ajummas and the 'owner' farmer. She's a gentle, lovely doggie who I've also taken in so that I can get her spayed as soon as she's able.

The puppies are about 12 weeks old now. I'm busy house training and they're being weaned by their mom so once all that's sorted they'll be ready to go. Since they've grown up until now completely outdoors and without much contact with people, I want to socialize them properly and make sure they'll be awesome little puppies for you to take home! Maybe in a few weeks to a month, they'll be at that point.

In July, I took in a puppy from her last litter. The other puppies had been given out to other farmers or had passed away (I tried to save one - nursed it for days - but it was just too sick). This guy was the coolest puppy ever - gorgeous and playful and loving. I adopted him out on here and his new family just adores him!

Their mom is a small sized Jindo mix - long limbed and slim with the curly tail and sweet eyelashes. I have no idea who the father is, but he must be a Jindo mix as well, if not totally pure. The larger puppies will probably grow a bit bigger than their mum - taller and broader. The smaller ones will probably be about the same sized as their mom. She probably weighs about 15lbs.

I've only just taken these puppies home Sept 29th, so unfortunately I can't give much info about each of their personalities yet. I need to keep a journal or something 'cause they're difficult to keep track of! I'll update this profile though when I've studied them more!

I'd be up for delivering this puppy to you anywhere in Korea, as long as you cover the bus fare. We could have a week long trail period too, or longer, just to be sure you and the puppy are well suited for each other!

Here are descriptions of each puppy so you can compare...

They're all sweet and playful, clumsy and a little dim witted, whiny and hungry, adorable puppies!

They all love to climb over me and lay against me when they're chewing on their toys or playing or sleeping. All of them climb up onto my chest when I'm sitting with them and want to give me kisses and nestle up into my neck and be held close for me to whisper sweet nothings into their little, eager ears. They're all teething, so are obsessed with chewing on stuff - toys, my jeans, each other and their favourite - me! All of them have this super cute habit of raising a paw in the air then slapping it down in a playful gesture that melts my heart! They enjoy licking me like crazy, as well!

She's the most beige of them all and she's one of the bigger puppies. She's super laid back - she just goes slack in my arms and I can hold her any which way and she never squirms or is bothered in any way! She's also playful and bounces around clumsily between my legs and chases toys running this way and that. She's the most fluffy, and chubby. She's sometimes spacey, which is adorable! She can entertain herself easily. She has the cutest behaviours - has these bursts of energy/excitement where she bounces all over the place. She's aware that there's more out there that she's not privy to yet - she jumps up on the barricades to see over or tries to climb out - she just wants to explore!

He's one of the bigger puppies and he's the whitest of them all, with darker beige on the tips of his ears. He's quite confident compared to the others - he approaches my cats fearlessly and starts to play even when they're freaking out! He seems the most developed - he looks you in the eye and you can sense the gears turning. Bill's the most clever. He's active and playful - chases after toys and balls, which the other puppies are a little slow at realizing what's going on and what they should do! He's super curious about stuff and getting out to explore. He needs less sleep and he's hungrier than the others so he demands a bit more of me that the others do so far. He's the biggest and he takes advantage of it - in a totally natural, puppy way - by grabbing at toys from the others or by eating food that isn't meant for him... but this is because he's the biggest here, he could keep that or lose it depending on the next situation.

He's the smallest of the litter. He's a soft beige/white with a little darker beige on the ears. I took him home a few weeks ago because he was weak and seriously ill. I nursed him for about 24hours and he bounced back really well! He's playful and super cuddly! Tom's a loving, licking, cuddle bunny. He loves to be held and lick my face all over. He's fearless - he stands his ground against the bigger puppies. He's playful and sweet and is great at chasing after balls, he just needs some help with the idea of retrieving! He loves to crawl over me and be near. He's the smallest of them but has now grown mostly caught up with the others. He's gentle and quiet and plays easily alone or with others.

Sue's gorgeous! She's feminine and silky soft. Her fur is longer and a different texture than the others - it's not fuzzy but wavy like hair... incredibly unique! I've noticed a little more personality in her than the others... she goes for what she wants and isn't as easily distracted! She loves to be in on the action! She's a light, soft beige all over except for the edges of her ears.She wishes she could go out and explore and be near me more checking out what I'm doing. She adores attention and excitement. She calls out the most and wants to join in and roam around. She's drawn to people for affection and hugs. She loves to be held and could stay in my arms for hours! She crawls all over me then lounges draped across me.

Will's a cool guy - he's playful but laid back at the same time. He's big and beige and super cuddly! He casually plays here or there or tussles with his litter mates. He seems to be drawn to me - he always comes at me and crawls into my lap to gnaw on my fingers or chill out. He loves to lick me all over and cuddle up in the crook of my neck. He bounces around after balls and jumps between my legs and over them just to entertain himself. He's cuddly but still independent. He's loves chewing, even on my friend's yucky, smelly shoes.

Here's some info from the new owner of the last puppy I fostered from this mom. So this is about these puppies half (or full?) brother, named Happy. Now this little guy was a giant compared to his litter mates so maybe Will, Bill and May will grow to about the same size. Sue and Tom will be smaller I bet.

Happy is totally living the life, he is world famous around our neighborhood, it seems like everyone knows him and we are frequently mobbed by kids who pet and cuddle him, he loves the attention. He weighs just shy of 20 kilos (now 8 months old), he was 13 kilos when we brought him home two months ago and if our age estimate is accurate, I figure he might put on another 5 kilos by the time he is a year old. Happy is very confident and headstrong like all the breed and he needs A LOT of exercise and rawhide chew toys (or he eats the wallpaper off the walls) but he is very good-natured and he allows all the neighborhood kids to cuddle, tug and pull him around. I'll take a good heart over obedient but temperamental, any day of the week!

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Samcheok - 삼척
Living Situation: In foster care


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I brought May up to Seoul today to meet her new family! I could tell that she was going to a lovely home and they admitted there's no doubt in their minds she'll be spoiled rotten!! Yay!