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Age: Young (1-3 years old)
Gender: Male
Breed: Mix
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: Brown & White
  • Up-to-date with vaccinations
  • Walks well on leash
Adoption Status: Adopted

Kimchi has found a wonderful new forever home! It is such a happy thing to see such a promising young pup go to such a loving new mommy! Congratulations to you both!!! :-D

Hello! This is Kimchi! Just look at those beautiful golden eyes! :D Where in the world can I get me a set of eyes like those!? Kim is a very very very sweet Korean mix. He was found wandering the streets all alone at the beginning of September. An older woman was throwing rocks at our poor little guy. =( Not cool! However, Kimchi hasn't let his previous situation damper his spirits! He's a young man with lots of energy. Would make an excellent running partner. ;) He will need someone active and we think he will do best in a home with no small children. Sometimes little ones can be a bit overwhelming, and he gets excited easily. There has been NO aggression present. He absolutely loved his little yard to run around in, but with a little patience and training he can adapt to being indoors full time. Some dogs enjoy a safe and quiet space when things get a little too loud or rambunctious in the house. Kimchi being one of those dogs has enjoyed a small crate with a blanket although a nice bed in the corner would probably work fine. :) There has been no barking or growling to report. Kim is just a nice and quiet kinda guy. Gotta love that! With a nice stimulating environment, a little love and patience, food, and water any dog can thrive!

He has had his first round of vaccinations and has as a 6 month supply of Heartguard heartworm prevention. Kimchi will need to be on this prevention long term because he is in the very early stages of a heartworm infestation. The vet at Hyundae animal hospital gave him a very aggressive dose of prevention to kill all of the larva (and any other internal parasites). If there are any adult heartworms they will be killed within a few years so long as he is given the Heartguard every month on time! This is very important, but it's a very easy and inexpensive treatment. Yay! A leash, collar, toys, and whatever food/treats he has will be provided.
The 50,000 won fee is not a serious fee. Money is not an issue. An adoption would be wonderful! Unfortunately with him being a mix it is very hard for him not get overlooked. :(

Please consider giving sweet Kimchi a second chance! Thank you for checking out his profile! :)

*** October 5, 2013 Update:

Here are a few new things going on with me right now:

- My goal is to have a forever home by Christmas!! My foster mom will be moving to a smaller apartment in December, and unfortunately won't be able to take care of me then... so I really am in need of a good home soon. Can you help by letting your friends know about me?

- I am fully house trained now! If I don't get the chance to go outside, and I'm in dire need of a potty break, I know to use my Puppy Pads

- I now have a Facebook page with more photos and videos! :-D Check me out at:

<3 Kimchi

***September 19, 2013 Update:

Happy Chuseok!
Here are some things that I've learned while being in my new foster home:
- I LOVE people! Every new person who walks through the door, or I see on my walks, is my new best friend
- I love to play with my ball. If you throw it, I'll pounce on it and bring it right back for more
- I go crazy for cooked salmon!
- Although I enjoy having quiet time at home, I also love to go hiking and exploring
I'm also learning that there are so many rules for living in an apartment! Good thing I am learning fast. I am already excellent at staying quiet and only going to the bathroom outside, but now I know that this foster mommy doesn't want me on the bed or sofa. Aren't I good? :-D I am learning so many new things every day! Be sure to check back soon to see what else I have been learning!

Kimchi <3

Adoption Fee: ₩50,000
Location: Daegu - 대구
Living Situation: In foster care


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First night with me and so far so good! He's a bit of a night owl. :) He is every bit as gorgeous as his pix. He loves his new chew toy.