Quick Bio

Age: Puppy (under 1 year)
Gender: Male
Breed: Jindo
Size: Small (under 7kg)
Colour: White
  • Good with dogs
Adoption Status: Adopted

Scout is a 2-month-old Jindo-mix puppy. He is very playful and gets along well with the other dogs. He's very quiet, doesn't bark, and is just a squiggly, squishy bundle of joy. He seems healthy other than a few patches of skin that seems to be a mild infection. He likes people but doesn't like to be held for too long. That is all I know about him for now as he only very recently came to the shelter and I just met him for the first time today.

Adoption Fee: ₩100,000
Location: Yangju - 양주
Living Situation: In a shelter


mrsavena's picture

Hii im very interested in this dog, can i meet him tomorrow??????

Nadine's picture

How is Scout? has he been adopted?

simply_ulee's picture

Hi there, Scout has been in an adoptive home but we were awaiting for the 1 month trial period to pass. Now it has, and he is officially adopted by a wonderful family :)

clare_bell's picture

Yaaay! Congrats!!